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FM123's Journal
FM123's Journal
October 31, 2020

Tell your friends: if you can't find your mail-in ballot go vote in person!

Can I vote in person even though I requested a ballot?

Yes. However, depending on whether you already returned your ballot and if the supervisor of elections’ office has received your ballot, you may vote either a regular ballot or a provisional ballot. Visit our webpage on Vote-by-Mail for information on How to Vote in Person if You Already Requested a Ballot.


October 30, 2020

Floridians: you have 2 days after election day to "fix" / "cure" your rejected ballots so they count

Election officials have flagged more than 30,000 vote-by-mail ballots in Florida for signature issues. With 1.8 million mail-in ballots yet to be returned, that number is expected to grow.


October 21, 2020

Senate Democrats Plan To Boycott Amy Coney Barrett's Committee Vote

Their plan is to fill their empty seats with photos of people who would be hurt by Barrett casting a deciding vote against the Affordable Care Act.

(HuffPost) Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee plan to boycott Thursday’s committee vote on Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court nomination as a protest against Republican efforts to rush her through before the election.

The plan hasn’t been finalized yet, according to a Democratic aide, but Democrats are preparing to fill their empty seats with poster-sized photos of people who would be hurt by Barrett potentially casting a deciding vote against the Affordable Care Act. These would be the same pictures of people Democrats had on display during Barrett’s confirmation hearing last week.

Democrats also intend to hold two press conferences to push back on Barrett’s confirmation ― one on the Capitol steps and one on the Supreme Court steps. They will go to one or both of these pressers during the committee vote, according to the Democratic aide.

The offices of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (N.Y.) and committee ranking member Dianne Feinstein (Calif.) declined to comment.

(Read More)

October 20, 2020

'If I am alive, the exam will be moved': Professor's shocking email explaining that he has to cancel

class because he has been SHOT, has COVID-19, and is going through a divorce goes viral.

(Daily Mail) A professor's alleged email claiming he had to cancel class because he got shot, has COVID-19, and is going through a 'messy' divorce has gone viral — and people have a lot of questions. Twitter user @decentbirthday shared a screenshot of the wild message that was purportedly sent by an English teacher named Patrick Wilson last Monday, writing: 'Just received this rollercoaster of an email from one of my professors.'

Hello All
Unfortunately, I have to reschedule the exam, and I will have to cancel class on Thursday. Against my best wishes, I have been shot and being treated in the ER,' 'I also have Covid, and the divorce is getting messy. Office hours are still 11-12 on Mon/Wed, with your TA. If I am alive, the exam will be moved to Monday of next week. Keep reviewing the texts, and remember to look over your IDs!'
Prof Wilson

The post has received more than 133,000 retweets and 817,000 likes. Shortly after the message went viral, the professor allegedly sent a follow-up reassuring his students that he will be fine — while revealing his wife had cheated on him.

Hello All
It seems that my last email went viral on the internet,' the second email reads. 'I appreciate all the replies letting me know. Fortunately, the injury wasn't serious, and none of my Covid symptoms are serious.
'The exam is still Monday, and it is asynchronous. Unlike my wife, I expect you not to cheat. Good luck to all!'
Prof Wilson

(His students' reactions are hysterical)


October 18, 2020

If Trump Was In Hamilton!!!

October 17, 2020

It's Not 'Court Packing.' Don't Be A Moron and Call It That.

(Josh Marshall - Talking Points Memo) I wrote this tweet because I thought I would become apoplectic when I saw that some Democrats were referring to expanding the Supreme Court as “court packing” or tacitly accepting the use of the phrase when asked about it by reporters. Any Democrat who uses this phrase should be, metaphorically at least, hit over the head with a stick.

The simple fact is that “court packing” is a pejorative phrase. It is nonsensical to use it as a description of something you’re considering supporting or actively supporting. If you decide to support a certain politician you don’t refer to deciding to ‘carry their water.’ Someone who supports expanding the estate tax doesn’t call it the ‘death tax’. This is obvious. Doing so is an act of comical political negligence. But of course the error is far more than semantic. No one should be using this phrase because it is false and turns the entire reality of the situation on its head.


Few things show how much Washington DC remains wired for Republican power than the idea that anyone can with a straight face call the possibility of Democrats taking some remedial action “court packing.”

People can call things anything they want. Partisans will use phrases to advance their partisan interests. It is comically inept to use the phrasing your opponents adopt in the hopes of knee-capping you. “Court packing” on its face means an illegitimate action. It means acting to secure favorable judicial decisions by political means. But this is not what’s happening. The point of expanding the Court – in addition to being a good idea in general – is simply to get the Court out of the business of overruling majority legislation for corrupt partisan purposes, a power they have acquired through a perversion and abuse of the constitutional process.

We have gotten to this point by Republicans using every political power that is not expressly illegal to maximize their drive to dominate the courts to retain power while losing elections. That illegitimate gain can only continue if Democrats refuse to use legitimate and expressly constitutional means to undo the damage. Not doing so is not only political folly it is a danger to the constitutional order inasmuch as it encourages more Republican abuses.

(Read More)

October 16, 2020

GOP tries to pull a fast one on Broward County mail in ballots today!

Just saw on local tv news (Local10) that when the Dems & repubs came to the Broward County election headquarters in Lauderhill to inspect the ballots (make sure everything was printed correctly) the repugs out of the blue demanded an additional inspection: of the signatures! All of a sudden they decided they need to make sure the signatures on the ballots matched exactly to the signatures on file. Of course the supervisor who was appointed by repugs enthusiastically complied. So the repugs got to pick 15 random ballots to inspect. Guess what - they ALL matched 100%. Nice try you slimy repugs! The attorney from the Democratic Party said this was not only unprecedented but illegal and unauthorized by statutes.

We have the largest number of blue voters in any county in Florida (over 600,000) and they know that - the repugs were hoping to find something anything that they could point to, to frame their narrative of mail in ballot fraud. Big Fail!!!

October 14, 2020

Ft. Laud Fire & Rescue treats elderly Army Vet suffering from heat exhaustion (then cuts his grass)

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) - Some dedicated firefighters and paramedics became a lawn crew after they responded to a Fort Lauderdale home to help an elderly Army veteran suffering from heat exhaustion.

A Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue crew jumped into action and went the extra mile to render aid to 83-year-old Prince Pinkney, Monday. According to Pinkney, he and his wife Rebecca were doing some yardwork earlier in the day when he started feeling ill. “It was hot, and I got overheated,” he said. Pinkney said his leg, which never fully recovered from a stroke years ago, gave out on him. “When it gave out, I just fell right in the yard out there,” he said.

“He slipped, he just fell,” said Rebecca. “I had him by the arm, but I couldn’t hold him up.” A passer-by saw the couple struggling and Pinkney on the ground, and that was when FLFR was called. The crew of three responded to the home, located along Southwest Third Court, within minutes. “We treated them and checked them out,” said FLFR Lt. Matthew Wells.

After the treatment came the trim job. Cellphone video captured the moment two paramedics decided to pick up where the couple had left off, as one of the paramedics mowed their lawn.


The first responders were just as appreciative for Pinkney’s service to the country. A missile tech in Vietnam, Pinkney and his wife were saluted by the three front-line workers. “Their story is amazing in itself,” said FLFR Capt. Terry Maylor. “Their age, what they’ve gone through, his history as a veteran serving this country. If that doesn’t move you to go ahead and do what you’re capable of, then nothing will.”

Read More: https://wsvn.com/news/local/broward/flfr-crew-treats-elderly-army-vet-suffering-from-heat-exhaustion-cut-his-grass/

October 14, 2020

How to Correct a Missing or Mismatched Signature on Your FL Vote-by-Mail Ballot:

How to Correct a Missing or Mismatched Signature on Your Vote-by-Mail Ballot:

A Supervisor of Elections is required to notify a voter as soon as it is practical if a voter's signature is missing or does not match the one on record. Once a voter learns about the missing or mismatched signature, the voter may complete and return a “Vote-by-Mail Ballot Cure” Affidavit (Form DS-DE 139 (English PDF / Español PDF) with a copy of identification. The documentation can be returned by mail, email, fax, or in person. The deadline to submit the form and the ID is no later than 5 p.m. (local time) on the 2nd day after an election. Failure to follow the instructions may cause the ballot not to be counted.


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