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Hometown: South Florida
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Insecure, Indicted Man Checks In With His Friends

Great headline, btw

TalkingPointsMemo - Caught off guard. The New York Times and the Washington Post both used that same language last night to describe how Donald Trump and his team at Mar-a-Lago felt as news broke that the former president had been indicted by the Manhattan’s DA’s office. No one was expecting it.

While Trump has reportedly been in frequent communication in recent weeks with several of his friends on Capitol Hill who are using their new House majority to do little more than breathe life into Trump’s grievances, the former president reportedly spent his first night as an indicted man making sure his friendships weren’t fair-weather.


Graham appeared enthusiastic, emotional even, as he urged viewers to donate to Trump’s campaign and described the indictment as a “ballot box” issue. Earlier in the night, Trump’s campaign not only released a statement chalking the whole indictment thing up to “Election Interference at the highest level in history,” his campaign also began fundraising off of the moment, selling $47 indictment t-shirts.

Even if they didn’t speak, the loyal foot soldiers clearly got the memo.


Thank you so much for the hearts!

So sweet of you to think of me.

Thank you for the sweet hearts!

I am not on DU as much as I used to be, but what a happy surprise to find hearts when I get here!

Thank you so much for the hearts!

Haven't been able to spend as much time here on DU lately, but what a pleasant surprise to find! Thank you my dear DU friends.
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