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How about changing elections in all states to at-roam legislatures (no geo boundaries), limits on $?

Not really sure how 'at-roam' works (someone maybe fill me in?), but since gerrymandering seems to be rampant, and done for multiple reasons (deny the voting rights of fellow citizens, and preserve a seat for a particular party), why not go to a total 'at-roam' process in all states, w/ no geo boundaries?

Also, dark money is flooding our election processes, especially since 'Citizens United'. If corporate or the like can donate unlimited amounts of $, and the other side/parties are forced to raise similar amounts of dark money, in order to effectively compete, the average citizen is left in the dust, w/ effectively no voice. This seems wrong and contrary to what the US Constitution and Amendments suggest (one person/one vote), and is impeding our freedom of speech kind of, isn't it?

There needs to be either limits on donations since the donating has evolved far beyond the abilities of what an average citizen with a median income in within a particular jurisdiction can donate, resulting in effect, elections up for sale to the highest bidder, possibly by folks / entities not even closely representing the views of the citizens of these jurisdictions.

There was a time that elections were somewhat dependent on public financing, but that went by the wayside as more and more candidates bypassed this since they could raise more money going a different route.

Perhaps make public money only means of campaign financing (as well as limiting amount of $ and length of election cycles). This would somewhat ensure no conflicts of interests exist against those of a particular jurisdiction, that is, what the actual citizens of a state want/do not want.

Or, in interests of 'Citizens United' concept, allow money (no more dark money) in up to a certain limit, and then after each election cycle, all unused campaign money goes immediately to each jurisdiction (instead of candidates, since money is really for the office being run for, and not the candidate themselves), kind of like the lottery, where winnings supposedly finances our schools, etc.

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