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Gender: Male
Hometown: TX-Texas
Home country: United States
Member since: Sun Dec 10, 2017, 02:39 PM
Number of posts: 2,338

About Me

old. Boring. Too complacent to realize my full potential.

Journal Archives

Which character in a movie do you identify

most with? The character I most identify with is Peter Gibbons from the movie Office Space. When he says that every day is worse than the day before and that each day you see him is on the worst day of his life, that is totally familiar! Not only that, but he says that if he had a million dollars, he would do nothing. He would sit on his ass and do nothing all day. That totally sounds like me!
There seriously is no other character from a movie that more closely resembles myself than that one. Plus, I forgot to put the new cover sheet on my TPS report that one time...

I guess

it'll be the Astros in 9.

Congrats Nats. Much deserved championship.

Someone started a thread about perfect movies.

Well, what songs would you describe as perfect? I've got 2 right off the top of my head, both from Soundgarden:

Birth Ritual
The Day I Tried to Live

What's your's?

Just watched Donnie Brasco again.

Then I went online and started researching some things. I ended up on a page talking about how the Fertitta family who owns Landry's restaurant group is part of the mafia. They got in when a family member married his girlfriend who was part of the Maceo family out of Galveston. Maceo was a mafia crime family and eventually handed over the reins to the Fertittas. Also Dana White of MMA fame is supposedly connected to the Fertittas. Anyone else heard of this?

Also, I hope this was ok to post in the lounge. I just found it interesting. Hell, it may not even be true.

Alejandro Bedoya

of Philadelphia Union just scored a goal, grabbed one of the sideline mics, and yelled into it "end gun violence! Do something now!".

I love this game.

Premier League

starts up next weekend. Back to school where I live is August 12. I work in retail, and this year the company decided we have to work the Saturday AND Sunday leading up to back to school. That means I'm going to miss the first weekend of Premier League action. Guess I'll quit my job. Go Hammers!!!

Jane Campbell!!!

She is the greatest penalty kick stopper in the world!!! Stopped a penalty kick from World Cup team member Mallory Pugh to seal the win for the Houston Dash!!! I loves me some Campbell!

I'm just making an unscientific guess.

And attack me if you will. I welcome your anger and hatred, much like Emperor Palpatine. Looking at all these polls (which I'm not going to give a rip about until about Nov. 1 2020), my brilliant brain just thought of something. I could be wrong, but what segment of the population always answers their phone regardless if they recognize the number or not? It's older folks! They tend to be more conservative, right?

So, can these polls be at all accurate when most younger people aren't answering these calls? I know after getting several calls from numbers I don't recognize, sometimes I'll finally answer but just yell nonsense for a few seconds before hanging up. Who are these pollsters talking to? Seriously?!

Like I said, this is just my unscientific guessing at work. I'm just not understanding how we can get an accurate gauge nowadays. Maybe before cell phones and caller ID, more people would answer these calls.

One other thing: with this country now being a troll nation, couldn't people be giving false answers in order to give the other side false hope?

Ugh. Even writing this is upping my anxiety to unsafe levels.

I've got a question.

Why is that awful chik-fil-a company advertising all over the World Cup? Lots of the players are our LGBTQ sisters. Doesn't that go against that rancid chicken chain's belief system?

I'm currently watching season 7 of Arrow

on Netflix. At this point, I don't care about spoilers. Can someone please tell me if that bastard Diaz finally gets killed?! I hate him!!! The anxiety! It's killing me!!!
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