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Member since: Sat Dec 16, 2017, 01:51 PM
Number of posts: 4,848

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I have to wonder if tfg is being considered as a flight risk.

Considering he's buddy-buddy with Saudi Arabia, is DOJ keeping an eye on him?

I wonder if tfg is having an apoplectic fit

watching the pageantry in London. Probably green with envy.

Abbott and DeSantis

remind me of spoiled little brats trying to figure out how much they can get away with.

You go, Dark Brandon, show them who the adults are.

I've never "gotten it" about reparations for slavery and such.

Granted what happened in many cases was dead wrong on many counts according to modern thinking. But I don't understand how giving money or something to people two or three hundred years later helps anyone or rights the wrongs. In courtroom terms, it's more like punitive damages instead of compensatory damages -- long after the responsible parties are dead. I must be missing part of the story. Anyone care to elaborate?

I dunno... given recent news from Russia,

should we be thinking that Vlad would probably want to avoid open windows on upper floors?

Well, if any of these secret docs lead back to a certain Russian politician,

we may be hearing soon that tfg suffered a terrible fall from his golf cart.

Has anyone watched "The Man Who Never Was?"

A 1956 British film based on a true WWII story of how the British planted a "drowned courier" in Spain with misinformation about the location of the invasion of Sicily. The book was better, but the film was well done. The recent re-make, "Operation Mincemeat," not so good.

Anyway, the recent goings-on at Merde Lago reminded me of this film, and made me wonder what our intelligence agencies may have been doing in preparation for tfg's possible hand-off of secret documents.

I have to believe the intelligence agencies

aren't sitting around waiting to see what's in those files and what they can do about it. They probably already know at least some of it and are in damage-control mode.

If this were a Tom Clancy novel, they would already be planning to use some of the compromised stuff as misinformation.

I am so sorry the FBI served that search warrant.

Because now that fucking piece of shit is on the news every day, and, worse, his photo is all over the media. Aaaaarggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

I almost don't want to check the news anymore. His photo makes me want to puke.

Slow/dropping internet conection?

It's me again. I was able to get into my Win 10 computer, but hit another snag.

The internet connection is slow as molasses in January, and the computer keeps dropping it. We have a new modem/router from Comcast, and this doesn't happen on the other desktop, the laptop, the tablet, or the phone. First it wouldn't connect at all, then it kept dropping the connection, like the thing has a mind of its own.

So I'm wondering if it's Edge (I tried downloading Chrome, but didn't get anywhere with that), or the comm card, or Win 10 itself. I tried looking online, but obviously wasn't asking the right question or using the right terminology.

Any thoughts?
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