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Scottie Mom

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Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Home country: USA
Member since: Thu Sep 27, 2018, 04:11 PM
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Who is this KAREN?

I have Googled a few times to see if she has been identified yet. It's still early on the West Coast and as I post this and no one has come forward yet to give her name and identity.

I live within less than 10 miles of Manhattan Beach in South Bay Los Angeles County. It is not unusual for me to use PCH and not the 405 Frwy on my way back from LA at prime commute times. PCH goes right through Manhattan Beach. There are pet supply stores, fast food restaurants and gas station and grocery and hardware stores along the way that I travel to get home. I find it convenient at times to stop at these places and shop on my way home.

If this latest Karen is working for someone or for an industry or business in my area and travel route, I wish to know so that I make it known how disgusted I am by her conduct by not patronizing this business or organization. There is no excuse for her bad behavior and unwarranted racist rant.

Yes, striking, shooting, killing, teargassing, etc., is worse...but IMO this is the beginning of where this violent racist behavior starts and is allowed to escalate and continue. IMO, adverse consequences for this kind of lying and racist language and totally unwarranted 911 call should be immediate. It may help to stem and prevent more violent and offensive conduct at a later time. As to 911...someone may have needed immediate aid and this Karen may have prevented a valid 911 emergency response.

No, I don't believe that it will make the offender less racist or hateful. However, economic consequences such as an immediate firing and loss of income may prevent this kind of horrible treatment based on race and the use of emergency public service hot lines for lying racists rants and lies.

Let's face it...everyone has an absolute right to be a racist...in his or her mind and heart. These assholes just DO NOT have a right of any nature to interfere with the rights of others based solely on hatred of that person's demographic characteristics.

Here she is:


Here is a link to what she did:

California Beach ‘Karen’ Goes On Racist Rant, Calls Cops On Black Woman


Thanks for letting me get this off my chest.

Yep, that's exactly how I feel, too.




I am so glad this is the last day of the Repuke shit storm.

SNL could not have done a better impression of a GOP convention IMO.

The concern of voters over "the lawlessness in the cities."

Watching MSNBC and some elderly Fla voters were interviewed. This is their concern -- alleged by the MSNBC viewers -- violence in the streets. It even tops CV19 concerns.

Perhaps the Lincoln Project might wish to disabuse voters of this notion? The violence which is going on NOW is taking place during the Trump Admin. Yes, many major "democrat" run cities are involved, but how has Trump SUCCESSFULLY lessened, curbed and/or eliminated this violence?

The answer, IMO, is that he has NOT. He has exacerbated in by sending his federal bullies. Yes...bullies...who target the peaceful protesters and who ignore the ones (read RWNJ) who really truly are the problem. IMO, Trump has given an OK to RW violence and it has been directed by him toward large cities which are primarily under the control of state and local Dem Admins. Yes, there are some baddies on the left side, but not all protesters are left wing, liberal radical street violence perpetrators.

I cannot believe that is is just happenstance that the outbreaks of violence is coincidentally only in blue cities. We all know what is happening and the supposed "liberal MSM" is just stepping back and not doing one damn thing about telling WHY it's happening.


DJT, Jr., seemed to REALLY enjoy his speach.


Poster Boy for the New Right Wing, Party of the Cult of DJT, Sr.

DeJoy is so slimy I am surprised that the did not slither into the committee room.

IMO, he said "um" more times than he provided truthful information.

The thing that galled me the most? His firm REFUSAL without hesitation to reverse his rape of the USPS.

I have no words to describe what I am feeling...

...the goodness I saw tonight is over-powering.

Thank you, Joe Biden!

This Conventions is soooooooooo about everybody!!!!


I am loving this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TRUMP 2020


One picture is worth a thousand words.

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