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Bev54's Journal
Bev54's Journal
April 30, 2022

Help Ukraine by playing their Ukraine tractor video game

"This simple game is available for download for "pay what you want," with all donations and proceeds from this game will go to volunteer efforts and NGOs working in Ukraine to help those in need."

"The Ukrainian tractor is starring in its own video game. Ukrainian Farmy is an indie game on Itch.io that lets players use tractors to haul away destroyed Russian tanks, APCs, and other armored vehicles."


April 20, 2022

Trump waited too long to file his big RICO case against Clinton et al

Hillary Clinton moves to dismiss case, it should have been brought within 4 years.

“These allegations form the gravamen of all of [Trump’s] claims,” the filing says. “But notwithstanding his rousing, all-caps call to action, [Trump] waited four years, four months, and twenty-four days before filing suit. His delay renders each of his claims untimely.”

The motion to dismiss also briefly disputes Trump’s 16 counts on the merits.

As for the RICO allegations, the motion to dismiss argues that Clinton “is not a proper defendant” because she did not engage “in any cognizable RICO enterprise” or a sustained pattern of RICO predicate crimes."


April 20, 2022

On Ari's show right now

Breaking News out of the "Obama" administration - He was talking about the DOJ going to fight the mask mandate decision. He got it right the second time but I had to play it back, wondering if I heard him correctly. I did.

April 1, 2022

Judge refuses to pause $25,000 daily fines for Alex Jones

Alex Jones's lawyers requested the Judge pause his fines that were implemented as of April 1, 2022 even though Jones has agreed to be deposed on April 11th.
Because a new deposition date of April 11 has — according to the court record — been promised by Jones, his attorneys moved to stay the fines. The defense cited the fear of having to pay $525,000 in sum total under an order which would, in their words, “force Mr. Jones to produce, on a daily basis, liquid financial assets in excess of $100,000 per day if they so choose – a difficult task for anyone.” That amount — more than half a million dollars — would include six days of sanctions under the judge’s escalating order.

The judges order as filed:
Contempt sanctions must remain in effect until Mr. Jones is deposed. Counsel for Mr. Jones now informs the Court that Mr. Jones is willing to start his deposition on April 11. Perhaps Mr. Jones will appear for his deposition on April 11. But Mr. Jones also agreed to be deposed on March 23 and March 24. As his actions have shown, a representation from Mr. Jones does not amount to real-life attendance at a deposition. The escalating fines were imposed to compel his appearance and should not be set aside merely because Mr. Jones has yet again said he will appear. Mr. Jones cannot avoid contempt penalties with more court filings: “y its very nature the court’s contempt power, ‘to be effectual, must be immediate and peremptory, and not subject to suspension at the mere will of the offender.’ . . . .” No stay is appropriate or warranted, and the Motion for Stay should be denied.


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