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Lettuce Be

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Member since: Fri Nov 2, 2018, 12:12 PM
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Trump is setting up Governors for the fall

Since they are unlikely to simply comply and "reopen" their states, when the economy goes to pot, which it will in either scenario, he can claim that HE wanted them to go back to work. HE was working for them, etc. barf, etc.

Typical Trump set-up. If we do not do all we can to mitigate this, tens of thousands (they even say up to 2 million) people will die. If he doesn't think that will mess up the economy, he's dumber than he looks

Moth traps have unexpected benefit for house spiders

I bought some and put them here and there. Don't seem to be terribly effective but yesterday I noticed a nice house spider, waiting patiently by one. Like a restaurant! This morn he is still there, so apparently it's worth his time.

Bernie has signaled his intention to support Biden

by telling him in advance the questions he wants answered at the debate. He wants his followers to be reassured Biden will at least work on "some" of his policies. Why Biden won't just say that obviously the US would be better off with a Universal Health Care system, and that obviously that won't happen overnight but we will work towards it. If he'd say anything along those lines it would go a long way

I know he's still "old-school" and will probably never agree that health insurance as it exists needs to go but he needs to understand there is a fundamental problem with health insurance. Mine is $12,000/yr in premiums (for myself), and then a nearly $3000 deductible. Meaning, if I don't even see a doctor I still have to pay $12,000 but what am I getting for that? Nothing, nothing at all. It's catastrophic insurance at this point.

Last year I did have an event that put me in intensive care for a week, so I ended up with my deductible and max out-of-pocket being paid by May. The shock the first time I filled a prescription and was told "no cost" I was floored. Took me awhile to figure out why.
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