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Member since: Sun Dec 16, 2018, 04:03 PM
Number of posts: 933

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The is just an attempt to seize the conversation to talk about anything but the capitol attack

This is nonsense.

How do we fast forward through this to get to any substance? Is there any substance? Or is this the entire defense because thereís nothing useful here. Itís ridiculous to spend time on this. Itís clear they have nothing.

I want to print Red's entire speech on paper

So I can use it to wipe my ass.

This is contemptible - how is this a defense?

And yes, the monster IS A RUSSIAN ASSET.

John King all over Nikki Haley

He just jumped up in the air and came down all over her like rain.

Asking why she didnít stand up to him when he lost the election.

Thank you for my recent heart!

I am humbled again to have received one. Thank you!

I'm sorry, I'm just not seeing the math here

Itís a failed presidency, a bunch of people leading failed lives and think they are somehow owed something and a bunch of senators who claim a desperate fear or remain willfully blind to their constitutional duty.

Why are these people even in office? Itís clear they wonít do their duty under the constitution and they deflect to death threats and whatever else. Not one will plant a stake in the ground for the sake of the country and somehow think this will protect their re-election.

Yet, people put them in places of leadership TO PROVIDE LEADERSHIP. They arenít seeing it and that worthless president isnít coming back and canít reach them, the people who feel they are owed something were recorded on take chanting ďDestroy the GOPĒ, so no votes there. And the thing that goes undone - THE WORK OF THEIR OFFICE - their constitutional duty to convict this monster and state unequivocally to the rabble that attacked the capitol that their actions are WRONG AND UNHELPFUL.

There is no strategy short of conviction and removal that serves any of these senators. For the rabble, there is no strategy, short of prosecution and conviction that serves any of these senators. Their failure of leadership in the very moment the country REQUIRES THEIR LEADERSHIP will forever shadow their steps. Thereís no way Iím voting for a leader that hides, or one that cuts and runs.

Rand called the rabble that attacked the capitol ballast, the heavy weight used to right the ship of state. Weight jettisoned when more valuable cargo serves the same purpose. ITíS TIME TO JETTISON THE RABBLE. And her words cut both ways: If my representative fails to convict this EVIDENT CRIMINAL and that rabble, then itís time for me to jettison ballast, the dead weight that seems to want to use my vote to cash a check in my name yet fail to provide me with representation. Itís time for my ship to sail to reach my destination without all the dead weight of worthless leadership and itís time for me to provide new guards for my protection.

Nicolle Wallace just asked Mark warner if McConnell should just call it off and summon his caucus

Her intention suggested he do this for love of country, warner stated her implied intention.

I don't like the post-legal phase of the country idea...

Letís see, this is a litigious, trading country. That means we rely EXCLUSIVELY on a founding document and a body of laws that help us live. It also means that when we go to war, we treat the ďenemyĒ as a correcting action, meaning we do not just kill everybody. The US military relies on decimation, that is, a 10% loss. Why? Because it is a trading country - they acknowledge that a military mission is automatically a failed mission. They want the war over so they can get back to selling you cheap goods from China.

So, in a country like this a ďpost-legalĒ phase would look like two people jousting on motorcycles over a gallon of gasoline while wearing jackets made of human skin.

Iím not over-anxious for post-legal anything. I enjoy air conditioning in summer and heating in winter and working from home and ordering dinner delivered hot, or at least warm. I enjoy going to school online and looking for funny cat graphics and porn.

Sorry, if you want to go invade someone, pick another country - oh, wait! The Latin American countries wonít let you do that any more. Hmmm, Asiaís out, Europeís out...where, oh where can we invade to satisfy your bullshit? Maybe the FBI can just invade you and lock you up! Yeah! That fixes the ďpost-legal phaseĒ of the country!

And the rest of us get on with living a busy, fulfilling life based on internet kitten shorts!

I like this part - destroy the gop, destroy the gop - these are the voter base, huh?

Iím thinking that if this is your base, you have absolutely no basis for retaining that monster tRump. Thereís no clear reason to me to list yourself as a co-conspirator complicit with an evident criminal president because you want those votes.

Iím thinking by straddling the fence, you wonít see those votes, say ummmm, eeeever. I mean ďdestroy the gopĒ has meaning to someone, anyway, and Iím thinking they wonít be rushing to a voting booth for you. And the law and order crowd - thatíd be EVERYONE ELSE - would likely welcome your vote. So would the history books and generations of children yet born.

And yet, regardless of these events, none of these complicit senators will vote the future. Theyíre still fighting WWII from the wrong side. These were probably the same people who told me as a kid that they always thought the US fought for the wrong side. I told the they were dead wrong then and I stand today to say that these COMPLICIT, CRIMINAL SENATORS are wrong today.

Worry about the future, you will spend the rest of your life there.

Thank you for my new heart!

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