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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Piedmont, Missouri
Member since: Fri Dec 21, 2018, 08:35 AM
Number of posts: 984

About Me

I am Conservative Democrat that believes in the rights of all people, but also believes in fiscal responsibility. Government programs that support the poor should be protected, but not abused. Government subsidies should also be brought back and the dependencies of quick junk food be abolished for the health of our Nation.

Journal Archives

Copyright. Gov

"Copyright does not protect facts, ideas, systems, or methods of operation, although it may protect the way these things are expressed."

That is from our government webpage.

? Make America Great Again

That sure sounds like an idea to me.

We should get a judge and rule it to be so!
Posted by Smackdown2019 | Wed Jun 24, 2020, 10:37 PM (1 replies)

Make America Great Again

That slogan has been around long before Trump used it on his red hats. Now after Four Years, trumpers THINK it is a wonderful message and is instantly a battle cry to wear at BLM or on their Facebook posts.

If anyone needs to wear it, it be the REAL AMERICANS who are the Anti-fascism. We should have BLUE hats with MAGA on it since trump has turn our nations and world upside down.

Since trumps fascism reign, we have:

1. Civil rights removed.
2. Untrust government.
3. Injustice - protection of the guilty, prosecution of innocence
4. Corruption
5. Fanaticism
6. Above the law.
7. Financial collapse
8. Plaque

I want Obama's America Back! Make America Great Again!
Posted by Smackdown2019 | Wed Jun 24, 2020, 10:25 PM (1 replies)

Disrespectful to our military!

Last night, I watched MSNBC trump stepping down from air force one coming from his Nazi rally. Just after he descended from the air force one staircase, in his undid tie, he was met with an Air Force Serviceman in full salute, waiting for his commander and chief to return the salute. Quickly he return a salute that would assure would make a drill sergeant stand on his tip toes if any cadet salutes him as trump did to our serviceman.

BUT that is what is NOT disheartening!

Quickly after he return his salute, he dropped his arms and then waved them out with body language, Ok Now What, towards the serviceman who was still position. It was very apparent that this President that Trumpers support, was taking it out on our serviceman.


That video should be used over and over as a campaign ad, kicking off the military men and women!
Posted by Smackdown2019 | Sun Jun 21, 2020, 05:56 PM (7 replies)

Stock Market and the new C19 steriod

So the stock market sees that a steroid is the cure for C19... which does HELP, but is FAR from the cure. Most people are reading it as a cure. FACT is that it only lowers a chance of dying. Does not prevent the spread, nor make you immune to it. It also does NOT guarentee the you will not die. So why is the market believing it a cure?
Posted by Smackdown2019 | Tue Jun 16, 2020, 02:03 PM (27 replies)

Note to Trump

Near YOUR airport of Boston, soldiers gathered to quell a protest. They killed 5 Americans! Do you know the outcome of that engagement Game Show Host Trump? United States of America! That was the outcome of that massacre we Americans call "the Boston Massacre" on March 5, 1770.

Know what else Trump? A 747 did not land at YOUR airport that night. It is still flying around in your dense head of yours!

Know what else Trump? My second grader speaks better English that your kindergarten gibberish!
Posted by Smackdown2019 | Sun Jun 7, 2020, 02:19 PM (0 replies)

Ted Nugent

First time I have seen this program, Americas Voice on dish 219 and has the program The invisible enemy.
They have Ted Nugent with Musician and Conservative Political Activist.... they have him talking and my eyes immediately went his background of I am guessing his study..... He has a FREAKIN Picture of HITLER on his shelf! A true freaking NAZI! Took a picture of the screen
Posted by Smackdown2019 | Sat Jun 6, 2020, 09:00 AM (8 replies)

Today we saw our New President

Today, VP Biden spoke to our Nation as our TRUE US President; whereas President Trump spoke to his Nazi Nation.

Our nation is in a current civil war among its citizens. We will have many battles before November 4, we will prevail as Victor's over the second coming of the Nazis scumbags. Remember folks, Hitler only brainwashed his followers, so did trump.

We have one true American Right, that is to VOTE. Do not let that right be taken!
Posted by Smackdown2019 | Fri May 29, 2020, 07:16 PM (1 replies)

Anti-Trumpism C19

We have people who do not like be told what to do for their and others safety. If one feels their rights are taken away, they cast you as a liberal. Most of them do not know what the true definition of a liberal is.

Those telling others to use mask and limit your movements are fighting the virus, not the trump nation.

One day, out in the future, fate will reveal how trumpers have been hoodwinked.
Posted by Smackdown2019 | Thu May 28, 2020, 06:51 AM (1 replies)

St Louis Children's Hospital

Can not say enough how appreciative my family and I are for the care they have provided for my three children when they were our babies. They have EXCELLENT staff and do diligent work to ensure our kids would overcome the issue that brought them to their Hospital. Two of those babies are young girls now and their baby brother is in now for what they had went through at his age. This C-19 has been a big change since the last time we were here Pre-C-19 era. Keep the good work up and again thank you.
Posted by Smackdown2019 | Wed May 27, 2020, 12:17 PM (2 replies)

Idiot vs Moron

There is a difference!

Humor is the factor to differentiate between the two.

For instance, we all love GW Bush "Bushisms" he left behind. Why? They are funny. Idiots would only say them, morons would not be able to make them funny.

Prime example.... "Too many OB-GYNs aren't able to practice their love with women" Poplar Bluff 2004 Bush.

Trump 2020, Presidential Swamp, I see the disinfectant that knocks it out in a minute, one minute, And is there a way we can do something like that by injection inside, or almost a cleaning? Because you see it gets inside the lungs and it does a tremendous number on the lungs, so it would be interesting to check that. That is not funny, only a MORON would say that.
Posted by Smackdown2019 | Fri May 22, 2020, 07:27 AM (6 replies)
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