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wnylib's Journal
wnylib's Journal
November 7, 2023

How do I appeal a hidden post?

I received notification in my in box, with a link to appeal, but when I click on link, all I get is a blank screen except for the top heading which says, Home > Latest Discussions > Appeal a Post.


November 7, 2023

How do you search for a forum using an android phone?

I have looked in the correct grouping, in this case, the Alliance group. I have found other forums that I know are related to it but not the one that I want.

Specifically, there was an OP in the Religion forum that showed up in Latest Threads that I wanted to respond to, but got interrupted before I could. When I went back to look for it, I could not find the Religion forum anywhere. The list of forums on my phone looked incomplete, like there should be a 2nd page.

November 7, 2023

November is Native American heritage month.

There are many online sources of current political and social issues that Native Americans face today, as well as sources on cultures and Native American history.


As with any ethnic or cultural group, not all Native Americans agree on politics, but they are a significant voting group when motivated to turn out, and often lean Democratic. Following is an analysis of Native votes in recent elections.


You can learn more about this often overlooked part of our big tent this month through Native American Heritage Month programs and celebrations.

October 29, 2023

Freaked out my cat tonight by trying on my Halloween costume.

She (the cat) was ok when I put on the satiny white nightgown, with ragged, gauzy white pieces hanging from the sleeves.

It's when I tried out the face makeup that she crawled under a table and peaked out at me nervously. I had sprayed my face (eyes closed) with shimmery white colored hairspray and surrounded my eyes with dark charcoal eye shadow. The final straw for kitty was when I draped white cheesecloth over my head and shoulders to match the gauzy, ragged pieces hanging from the sleeves. Kitty ran and kept backing away from me when I tried to get near her so that she could see that it was still me.

I guess she got "spooked" seeing me as a spook.

October 26, 2023

Shooting - Buffalo NPR just interrupted programming to announce

that shots were fired on the I-190 near an exit to the Peace Bridge that connects NY with Ontario, Canada.

Two persons known to have been shot.


EDIT TO ADD: One person dead, 2 others in the hospital in serious condition. Several shots fired at their car. They are all Sewer Authority employees who were in an official car.


October 18, 2023

Does anyone here remember a Yahoo political message board about the 2000 election?

It was called the Y2K Election message board, or the Yahoo Election 2000 board. It began as reader comments at the end of a Yahoo article about the fiasco in Florida.

Initially there were hundreds of readers commenting on it with dozens of threads. Eventually the numbers dwindled down to several regulars from all political stripes who continued discussing and arguing the issues.

When the election was finally decided by SCOTUS and Bush was inaugurated, we expected that the board would be closed down, but it wasn't. It continued into the 2012 election before Yahoo finally disbanded it.

I only remember a few of the handles used on that board. They were dunndat, bushvgore, soopadoopa, and northcoast citizen (NCC). We were dedicated political junkies, so I thought that some of the lefties from that board would have found their way here to DU.

Any former Y2K Election posters here on DU?

October 18, 2023

NYC tonight - dueling protests, separated by a police line

Pro Palestinian protesters and pro Israel protesters face off in Washington Square Park in NYC, near NYU.

2 hours ago. CBS

Peaceful so far but very vocal. Palestinian group was largest initially, but Jewish group is growing.




October 17, 2023

Cats and pianos


October 14, 2023

Description of the Hamas attack from a survivor.

This is from the half hour long NYT radio program called The Daily. My local NPR station carries it. The link is an audio, no video, but it is worth listening to. The survivor tells how people in the kibbutz texted each other during the attack on where the attackers were and how to escape.

A sad irony is that victims were advocates for peace and humanitarian concern for Palestinians.


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