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Member since: Thu Oct 10, 2019, 04:48 PM
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Cuomo declares 100% work force shut down

Essential workers only.

And I am p.o.'d at Buffalo NPR station because they are not covering Cuomo's conference in order to cover Trump instead.

Trump has nothing useful to say. I know this before he speaks. Cuomo's decisions have a more direct bearing on my life and well being. Trump will only spout worthless lies and personal attacks.

It does not matter what title Trump holds. A station in NY should cover NY . The Trump BS will be available ad nauseum everywhere all day.

At the very least, NPR in Buffalo should cut one of its programs later today in order to play the Cuomo conference.

Should schools be closed?

Local schools closed today. Droves of kids on the streets and hanging out in stores. How does this contain spread? I understand that working parents cannot control their movements. Also hard to find babysitters for young ones.

So isn't it better to keep kids in schools unless there is a big outbreak in the area?

If we are going to close the schools, should we resort to law enforcement to stop kids from hanging out in groups where more vulnerable adults are trying to get supplies?

Maybe we need a "Protect grandma" slogan and campaign to drive it home. (Grandpa, too, but it has more effect to focus on little old ladies.) if anyone is carrying the virus, every door and item they touch becomes a transmission point for everyone afterward for one to three days.

Very worthy pasttime.

Western NY updates, schools, churches, cases

CONFIRMED CASES - Allegheny Co. 2, Erie Co. 7, Monroe Co. 2

Chautauqua Co. tested 4, with 3 negative, 1 pending. Most schools in the county closed for 30 days, starting on 3/18, with some closed today. State of emergency declared to prepare for eventual cases.

Erie Co. schools closed today (3/16/20), open tomorrow for students to pick up books and personal items, then closed for 30 days.

Western NY Catholic Church masses are suspended until further notice.

40 NY counties in state of emergency.

What's your favorite home isolation activity?

I keep busy catching up on procrastinated projects (cleaning closets, desk) but for entertainment there are movies, books, online contact, phone chats, playing with cat, who is delighted to have the company.

Erie County, NY 3 confirmed covid cases

Late on Saturday, March 14, Erie County Health Department reported 3 confirmed cases of covid 19. The 3 people are now in mandatory quarantine and their contacts are being traced.

For people not familiar with the western NY region, Buffalo is in Erie County. Most communities in Erie County are suburbs of Buffalo or small towns nearby.

Buffalo schools were already scheduled to close for one day on Monday while the scool district decided what to do in case the virus showed up in the area. Then on Tuesday, they were supposed to open so teachers could distribute "materials" (what kind?) to students.

Anybody else in this area who has heard more? My info is that more details will be released today.

Coronavirus special program tonight

At 10:00 pm tonight, 3/13, NPR is hosting an hour long special on what people need to know about the corona virus.

NIH: Coronavirus on surfaces/packages

NIH research studies indicate how long this new coronavirus remains active on various surfaces:

Copper, 4 hours
Cardboard, 24 hours.
Stainless steel and plastic, 2 to 3 days.

Aerosoized virus (from coughing, sneezing, or exhaling) remains active in the air for 3 hours.

Therefore, it can be picked up from touching door handles. This includes indoor handles on frozen and refrigerated items in convenience and grocery stores. Also elevator buttons.

This virus can also be picked up from packages shipped in cardboard within 24 hours of being touched by an infected person.

You transmit it to yourself if you touch an infected surface and then rub your eyes, touch your mouth.

The NIH said it is unclear whether the coronavirus can be spread from person to person through the air (aerosolized form). They didn't say why, but I am guessing there is doubt about whether it can remain suspended in air after being coughed or exhaled out. Some weeks ago I read that this new coronavirus is weightier than other viruses, making it less likely to be spread by airborne transmission, unless you are very close to an infected person.

RE: Who is at risk?

Older adults and people with underlying conditions are called the most vulnerable. Part of the reason for senior vulnerability is due to the underlying conditions that often come with age.

But young children, teens, and young adults are also vulnerable if they have asthma, chronic allergies (chest congestion), diabetes, or a heart condition.

Asthma and allergies are common among children. Type 1diabetes is not as common as asthma, but does affect quite a few young people. Sone children are born with heart disorders that require surgery.

So when we take precautions with the elderly, let's not forget that there are other vulnerable people.

Western NY - Uh-oh

Hamburg, NY, just outside of Buffalo. A class and their teacher returned from trip to northern Italy. Teacher informed public health officials who recommended 2 week quarantine.

But the kids had already been in school for a week by then.
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