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Member since: Thu Oct 10, 2019, 05:13 PM
Number of posts: 639

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Former Election Official, voting rights wonk. We need lifetime voter registration from birth & citizenship, without any abridgments and a weekend national voting holiday. Let's get the 30% who never vote back voting for Dems.

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CoVid reinfection is likely

Like the seasonal flu, CoVid is a virus.
You can catch it, more than once.

There are cases of re-infection of CoVid and some have had serious hospitalizations & complications, after secondary exposure.

Reinfection of CoVid is likely (not guarateed) to have less severe symptoms and shorter durations of illnesses, but that does not mean immune.
It may only mean that your own immunity may provide some resistance to CoVid's symptoms; but not it's more severe complications.

If our immunity could stop it, we would not need to develop a vaccine.
Posted by SmartVoter22 | Tue Oct 6, 2020, 07:51 AM (5 replies)

Sen Ron Johnson has CoVid-19

Watching MSNBC, 8am Sat, and they announced that Wisc Sen Ron Johnson is positive for CoVid-19.

Am sure more news will be coming in print newspapers ( which validate every claim).

Wisc Early Voting Started Sep 17

The 1,000,000+ absentee ballots are in the mail.

Early voting has also begun in Wisconsin, meaning you can vote now.

If you live there and vote there, find everything online at the link below.


You simply enter your name and birth date, and everything you can do comes up;
inc: your registration status, where to vote on Nov 3, absentee & early voting info

Come on Wisconsin, let's send Trump packing and end the GOP subversion of democracy in every office.

Wisc Voting Started Sept 17th

Get ready because here comes over one million absentee ballots.

What this also means is that 'early voting' has started.
In Wisconsin, early voting is the same as absentee voting. You go to your municipal clerk's office and fill out the absentee application (and register if you need to) and then are given the ballot for your voting ward, which you can fill out, on the spot, and the clerk signs your ballot envelope.

The very same process as if your ballot was mailed to your home ( except who you have sign the envelope).

Find your clerk's office, or apply online at:


(You enter your name and birthdate. It will see if you are registered to vote first, if you are it will show you your clerk's name, contact info and office address)

I missed football more than I thought

It is nice watching a Packer game.

A break from stupid, more stupid and orange stupid.

Certified Election Results Due In December

Why worry about getting the Nov election results faster than a drive-thru burger?

Sure, a quick result is nice and we've been able to make the 'call' within several hours, after the polls close.

But, let's talk about the legally defined CERTIFIED final election results. This gives each state the time to handle voter challenges, tie races and any other legal steps that may arise for every election.
The Certification is the official results the state's must report. Not one is due on Nov 3rd, 4th or 5th! The earliest date is Nov 10th.

The link below, shows the 'certification dates due' for each state.

The final results are not due until well after the election and some states report in December.

The certification dates rranges from Nov 10, 2020 to Dec 8, 2020.
So, who won? Officially we will not know until Dec 8, 2020...the last date for any state to report the certified results.
Posted by SmartVoter22 | Tue Sep 8, 2020, 09:35 AM (1 replies)

Kenosha Shooting: Proof Cops are Not Trained

The Kenosha shooting, of a man in the back 8 times is proof that Wisconsin, and most other states, are not TRAINING POLICE.
We must stop fast tracking soliders into civilian law enforcement, and train officers to provide help.
That means not arresting the homeless, but helping them get social services help for that night.
That means not arming them with military equipment, but the minimal forces needed in a civil society.
That means using bolos instead of tasers...but they grab a 45 first, because they were trained that way in war.

Keep peacful protesting, don't allow the right wing to find one small idiot throwing a rock. Find the thousands of citizens who march, in peace for peace.

Wisconsin was the leader in environmental protections, civil rights and respect.
Since Walker and the fringe radical facist right, Wisconsin has lost that standing and Kenosha's shooting will further send our status into the shithole nation that Trump has created.

Keep Diligent and find the "Good Trouble"

RNC Convention on COvid response

That clip after clip of Dems saying things that appeare to support Trump's efforts on CoVid were really a bizarre sequence.
I doubt if one of those clips were in the same context as the RNC wants to imply it did.

Someone will dig them up, to prove the context was taken out and replaced with propaganda fantasy island speak.

Trump invented TeleHealth? It has been allowed only after mid-May when the Trumps were FORCED to pay for it.
Only one hour into this, and it is gonna be a bumpy ride.

Nov 3 Vote Guide- Register & Mail Voting

OK, here's the new deadlines to; register to vote and/or get an absentee/mail ballot, in WIsconsin.

The GOP wrote the election laws and has made sure that even typos can be considered an attempt at fraud, which is a felony in Wisconsin.
Here's some major things to remember when registering to vote:
1) Your postal mailing address may not be your residence municipality, so check your address online at https://myvote.wi.gov/en-us/
2) You name must match what is on your WI Driver's License/State ID, be precise and double check everything.
3) If in doubt, go to myvotewi.gov and put your home address in to find you municipal clerk...then call them. Do not wait until Nov 1st to get started.

Ok, so here is the deadline dates, downloadable registration form, and
Voter Registration Deadlines:

October 14, 2020 - To register to vote online (by 11:59pm) or by-mail (postmarked).
October 30, 2020 at 5pm - To register to vote, in person, at your clerk's office or other designated location.
You can register at your polling place on Election Day (November 3, 2020).

This link is for the fillable Registration Form that you can fill in, on a computer/smartphone.

Absentee Vote-By-Mail Deadlines: You must first be registered to vote to apply for an absentee ballot.

October 29, 2020 at 5pm - The deadline to request an absentee ballot by-mail for regular and overseas voters.
October 30, 2020 at 5pm - The deadline to request an absentee ballot by-mail for indefinitely confined voters and military voters (not on active duty).
Please request your absentee ballot as soon as possible by visiting myvote.wi.gov.

(This link is a PDF of every municipal clerk in the entire state of WIsconsin - all 1850 of them!
Listed alphabetically by County, with municipalities. There are over 400 pages in the PDF listing. Current to Aug 7, 2020.

Good Luck Everyone and please share this with new voters, younger voters and new WIsconsin residents.
Let's take back our state from the worst gerrymandered state in America and fix the mess the GOP created.
Be safe and Be Confident.

Seattle Police Defund is a 1% budget cut

Seattle's CIty Council did not defund the police. It cut the police budget by 1%.
The cut worked out to a $3M of a $400M budget. Far less than the 50% the protesters were calling for.

Conservative pundits & cable news groups have used the word 'defund' which implies a complete elimination of all monies.
Semi-defund would be a more accurate term for what actually occurred. A 1% budget cut is not a de-funding, it's a small step...a very small step.

Seattle City Council made all departments, not just the police, cut the current and next year's budgets to help the city recover some of the CoVid costs.

If you see and respond to a 'defund' posting anywhere, make sure you correct the nut-jobs explaining it was a 1% budget cut, not a defund.
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