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SmartVoter22's Journal
SmartVoter22's Journal
January 29, 2021

Hows the 2022 GOP House & Senate Fundraising going?

Anyone have resources to follow GOP political fundraising for the 2022 fundraising for each state?

The FEC (Federal Elections Commission) website is the official open records resource. And a very good one.
All official fundraising efforts are here:

Now that Biden has seated a new Commissioner and Dems have chosen the new FEC Chair is fully staffed and has a new chair.

It can officially call a meeting, restart the normal oversight processes and start new investigations. Trump stopped the FEC on his 'day one' back in 2017. The FEC could not do anything since 2017, and there has been many elections and campaigns since then.
GOP fundraising has always been a bit shady.

Is there any campaign finance group(s) that is tracking each state's fundraising efforts by the GOP? ...GOP supporting PACs/527's/etc?

I think that following the money has always been one of the best ways to find and expose those candidates that intend to cheat, to game the system and bypass the honest and legal methods of campaign finance. Finding them and targeting every GOP House, Senate, Statewide and Local candidate for 2022 will show the 'conservatives' are up to no good and following Trump's lead will use illegal and shady finance practices because if Trump can get away with it, so can they.

January 29, 2021

Auto makers going electric - so why Keystone Pipeline again?

GM announced on Jan 28, and most of the world's car makers are all setting a target of 2030 for all-electric vehicles.
GM, VW, BMW, Ford, Chrysler-Fiat, Honda, Nissan, Peugeot have all announced an 'all-electric' goal. Most cars have smaller and smaller engine options. Any hybrid car has more horsepower and torque than a fuel-only based counterpart.
The fastest cars are electric only, or electric-assisted.

Once professional transportation, ie: the trucking industry, switches to all-electric, it becomes less clear as to what this pipeline is going to be providing. An 18-wheeled semi will use those non-driving wheels to keep recharging it's batteries. Almost all electrics use the braking systems for a recharging supplement. Batteries are getting better, 500 mile 'tank range' is common. Apple makes the longest lived phone batteries and has enough cash-on-hand to purchase GM & Ford outright.

Does TransCanada or the American Petroleum groups have any information on the electric cars affect on it's long term business plan or won't it 'go there'?

Why do we need the Keystone XL pipeline again?

Gasoline consumption will decrease annually as more electric cars are produced. This will also increase the price of gasoline & diesel fueled vehicles as they loose the models that will continue to use gasoline & diesel. This is simple business 101.

Many GOPs are screaming about 10,000 jobs with the pipeline. None have provided any actual proof for that 10,000 number.
Are there any professional studies or surveys, that support that 10K number over the next decade?
Are we really going to need that many grocery shopping bags?

January 25, 2021

Packers Still Are Winningest Ever

The Superbowl is the World Championship between the AFC & NFC.
Before they made the TV show, "The Superbowl" it was called the World Chamionship. This happened when the AFC & NFC merged to create the NFL... "the League". Superbowl wins are tied at 6 wins each, for Steelers & Patriots.

So who has won the most World Championships overall?

The Packers... with 13 wins.

January 22, 2021

117th Congress - Who's on What Committees?

Every two years Congress, the House & Senate reassign members to all Committees.
Every committee gets a new assignment with each session of Congress (every 2 years).

Here is the listing, thank you Wikipedia, of every major committee, House & Senate's Chairs (D) and Ranking Membes (R).

Hope this helps everyone find more information about who is where and on what committee.
There will be a flurry of changes coming, and the dedication DU members show in following our federal government's activity and actions.

We cannot get enough information and we can help each other, by sharing good and comprehensive resources like the Congressional Committee membership lists. Good Luck and keep 'poking it with a stick'.


January 21, 2021

Good God! A Normal Press Briefing

it's been sooo long since we saw an actual, normal press briefing.
That was as normal as it gets.

Even with the Fox/Right winger 'pseudo-critical' questions. Which added the humor, I was looking forward to:

How come he didn't talk about Trump? (Airplane paint colors)
How come he didn't talk about Trump? (Impeachment)
How come he didn't talk about Trump? (She did mention General Services cleaning the White House of 'organisms')

Thurs Breaking FoxNews...

Biden White House Silent on Not Protecting Trump's Departing Letter. Claims telephony conspiracy!
(Any bets on whether Biden knows, or even wants to know, Trump's phone number?)

January 20, 2021

SkyNews UK calling Trump's leave "schmultzy"

hahahaha. shmultzy.

Watching on YouTube's SkyNews Live.

Can't wait to go watch France 24, it's English live news broadcast. Those French really like to call a bluff.
January 20, 2021

Smile more on Inauguration Day

We all deserve to have a good day today.
Share our happiness with everyone...by smiling more.

Smile at strangers.

Let every kid know, things are going to be better, just by smiling at them.

January 18, 2021

Rioters seeking pardons admitting guilt?

We all know how misinformation leads some into very dark actions.
The Capitol Insurgency is a perfect example of 'lemmings over the cliff' brainwashing.
Not understanding is not an excuse. There is 'cause & effect' for any action in our nation.

Knowingly entering a secure site (the capitol) which is clearly signed and guarded, and then after warnings to not enter..one decides to enter could not be misunderstood. Every single person, at the capitol, on Jan 6th violated at least one law.
Since then, there are many who are realizing the fact that actions have consequences.

Now, there is a flood of people seeking last minute pardons from Trump for their part in the coup attempt.
The pardon requests, since the coup attempt, will help the FBI find and indict many of the traitors.

When you request a pardon, you are admitting guilt to committing a serious crime.

January 15, 2021

Federal Elections Commission's Dark Era

Trump famously, or infamously, refused to fill the vacant seats on the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) since he took office in 2017.
He finally nominated two, just a week before the 2020 Nov election. They were approved by the Senate on Dec 9, 2020.

The FEC could not monitor, manage or investigate
during the entire 2017-2020 period of time.

During Trump's term, they could not hold any meetings of any kind, as they did not have a quorum.
Only now, since mid-Dec 2020, the FEC can legally meet to discuss complaints, violations and give direction to it's investigative division to see if there might be any problems with any federal election campaign.

This includes many federal elections; the Trump-Biden race, but also one-third of the US Senate, which had two cycles and all 435 seats in the House, which also had two cycles-- all of which ran campaigns that the FEC is charged with monitoring and assuring that any criminal, unethical or even suspicious activity would be addressed immediately.
We had over 900 federal seats elected on during this 'dark era'.
...without any oversight!

Does anyone have any idea of how the new administration will 'play catch-up' and do a thorough review of all those campaigns?

I would like to see a complete audit of all GOPs campaigns.
Trump's history with money should always be 'suspect'and if the 527 (Citizens United) groups were funneling money into the insurrection, funding shady PACs and paying for things that are not allowed under FEC rules. We need prosecutions and prison time assured.

I do hope that Biden will bring attention to the FECs 'dark era' under Trump and we can see that all monies, were raised legally, spent legally and that any shady or criminal activity will be immediately and forcefully investigated and prosecuted.

January 14, 2021

Trump's Senate Impeachment is a good test for America

America has not fully impeached, with a Senate conviction and formal removal from office, an elected officer ever.

The highest ranking officer was Secy of War, Belknap, who was only a nominee with Senate approval.
He was not elected by a citizen vote. That case was a very different time, under very different sets of laws and precedents. We should move forward to prove our legal system can handle this simple, yet important, legal processes.
This is just a trial for a crime. The Senators are jurors.
Senators must respect being a juror and honor the law, over their own political 'futures'.
(This is the one slippery slope we face... A Senator who votes to protect their own re-election and not the crime's conviction or acquittal may be worse than a traitor. We have not tested this aspect, and we must let that occur to see if we can trust the Senate with an impeachment trial, or need to amend the Constitution to find a better pool of jurors)

A Senate Trial, should be given a full opportunity to be 'tested' and we wrangle through the complexities, which we've never confronted before.
If we can experience the variables, the legal challenges and set some new precedence; our republic will be better off going forward. We will be able to develop a more precise set of procedures for future impeachments.

This will be a learning experience, because it's un-chartered territory.
The trial could create important aspects of our Constitution.
We must be diligent about every step we take, so that;
--the defendants are given the greatest opportunity to prove innocence with tangible evidence, so we have greater confidence in our system's ability to assure the nation is protected from insurgencies, from the very bad actors who make take future office and that we can reduce another Civil War from occurring, and from unwarranted prosecutions, for less than serious reasons.

This impeachment, IMO, should go forward with remarkable and intentional transparency, remarkable protections for both defendant & prosecutors of the indictment. We can prove that America is fully prepared to calmly and effectively handle an impeachment of a duly-elected office holder.

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