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Member since: Fri Oct 25, 2019, 04:02 PM
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I guess we need to get up to speed on Sweden.

I don't know anything about Sweden. All I know about is the Swedish Chef.

Here is a link to a YouTube video that will show you about Gotland Island. It doesn't start there, so don't give up. Keep watching:

I want Sweden and Finland brought under NATO. They are NOT at war currently, but I could see this plan that if they are technically fighting with Russia, then they cannot join. That's what this video talked about.

Apparently, Swedish people do not want their country in NATO. And yet they talk about having friends who will come to their aid if Russia took Gotland Island. They mentioned the US. Well, sure, we like Sweden, but we are NOT going to fight in Sweden if they are not a member of NATO. Sweden and Finland, here's your chance: Join NATO today.

Why in the world would Russia want to take Gotland Island? As shown, it is opposite Kaliningrad and is a strategic spot in the Baltic Sea. I think they would be quite happy to control the Baltic Sea as well as the Azov Sea on the other side.

I feel that Poland is still at huge risk, but since it is NATO, maybe people are right, they won't go there. But, Sweden is very vulnerable. Maybe they just want Gotland Island. It belongs to Sweden, and they fortified it. That wouldn't be pretty.


UN General Assembly vote

This just goes on and on. I did not get to watch Part Four, but it seems it is finally over. The vote will take place on Wednesday afternoon. It only requires 2/3 of majority to pass. Russia can't veto it. The bill is similar to what Russia vetoed on Friday. There were 120 speeches out of 193 members. Almost every one that I saw condemned Russian aggression.

It won't change anything, but at least we know all the nations that object to this blatant aggression against a country that did not provoke it. Some of the speech givers detailed what their countries had given to the relief efforts ongoing at this time. I think we're pretty up to date on that. It's going to get worse.

I think we learned from WWII. People in the unaffected border countries showed up in their vehicles to assist refugees, just like at Dunkirk. Awfully proud of them.

So, I am going to try to watch the vote tomorrow. If anyone has a brighter idea of what if anything this vote means, please post. I am not a UN expert. Just trying to understand as much as I can.

Dear UN: Please send silver iodide generators.

If you can't send actual soldiers to help us, then please send silver iodide generators, so that we can make mud.

Thank you. Looking forward to receiving cargo of important war materials.

Love, Kiev.


"So how much rain can a cloud produce? This is perhaps a better question than how much rain a cloud can hold. Scientists estimate that one inch of rain falling over an area of one square mile is equal to 17.4 million gallons of water. That much water would weigh 143 million pounds!"

We are prepared to shelter in our homes, while rotten Russian invaders cope with rain and mud, hunger, and no money for gas. Thank you.

We can't lose the House in November.

Can we please keep in mind that we have an election to win in November of this year. We can't allow Republicans to take control of anything. It would behoove us to keep lively on this issue.

Dr. Ironfist

Your challenge is to find out who Dr. Ironfist is. Use this link:


No cheating!

Meanwhile, also look at the convoy on the road to Kiev. We are not amused. We have to help Ukraine fight off this onslaught. It was good news that it was bogged down, but that won't last.

It seems to me that, even if Putin does not accomplish the take over of all of Ukraine, he will at least destroy Kiev. Perhaps his mission all along was just to replace that government. Nobody knows what this astonishing assault is all about. It sure isn't any humanitarian concern for Donbas.

The best news I've heard is that the EU may accept Ukraine as a member.


Grateful for little visiting bird.

I have a chicken coop near my back door. There is a little bird that visits daily. I don't know what kind he/she is, but it is small and perky. It comes every day to sit for awhile up on the corner braces. I don't know why. He seems to be surveying his domain. There are no current chickens in there, no food or anything. He couldn't get in there, anyway. I know this is silly, but I always see that bird and pretend that he is visiting me to check on me.

It's plausible. I am hooked on seeing this bird. Occasionally, he doesn't come, and I worry about him. I have thought of leaving him food, but I can't reach up there anymore. So, I am thinking of fixing a table for him. Still a month or so of Winter left. Wish I had thought of it sooner.

"Access Denied"

I was waiting for the "stakeout" presser, and then suddenly the message "Access Denied" came up, and that was the end of that.
I'll be honest. I want to see if any politico loses patience and whacks that Ambassador over the head. If they kick Russia out of the UN, I want to witness that.

So, we shall see. Not the first time I have been rejected with an "Access denied" message. We have all had that happen.

US expels 12 diplomats?

I am listening to the Russian ambassador's presser just prior to resumption of the UN meeting. He got a phone call during the questioning. He told the reporters that the US has expelled 12 Russian diplomats and given them until March 7th to leave. This is big news. No, he didn't know who among them were told to leave.

I am watching the UN meeting this morning

I have noticed how they are managing the speeches. They have two guys out there cleaning the podium after every speaker. It takes two. One to spray the cleaning fluid, and the other to wipe it down. It takes TWO guys to do that. (I applaud them for that act of cleaning.)

See, it takes more than one to clean up a bad thing...it will take ALL of us.


The Turkish ship that was hit

First, I'd like to apologize for usurping someone's thread; I believe that someone else mentioned this incident, but I can't locate it.

A Turkish ship was hit by a shell or a missile:


Turkey is a member of NATO. This is all that NATO needs to insert itself into the fight. It doesn't matter that no one got hurt. It wouldn't even matter if Turkey didn't care, although the article includes:

"Turkey's president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, however, issued a stronger statement denouncing the attack on the ship and the assault. Calling it a violation of Ukrainian sovereignty and an unjustified attack he said that “Turkey supports Ukraine’s struggle to preserve its territorial integrity,"

But, nothing happened. No response. Who was Russia shooting at and why? Are their gunners so inept that they shot a missile at a ship transiting the sea? They certainly weren't crawling along the shore area. And to nail the wheelhouse?

Don't tell me that it was an accident. Ukraine is not the one that massacred all those border guards on that island. If it was an accident, it still was a hit on a NATO member. Does no one care?

No, apparently not. Yet if excuse were needed, this is it. This is an example of a slow, confused response. Turkey should be complaining bigtime at the UN and at NATO, perhaps tomorrow. At least get it on record for posterity.

But, I'll just say, repeating words previously said like an automaton, and then doing no protest with the proper authorities, kinda indicates that you don't really care if someone shot up your ship without provocation. This is all NATO needs to justify helping Ukraine. Yet, there will be nothing. Did Turkey close those two straits yet? No.
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