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Member since: Wed Dec 4, 2019, 05:28 PM
Number of posts: 783

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Oh where oh where has the baby tRump balloon gone...

Oh where or where could it be?

It needs to be brought out and flown outside the White House, Mar a Lago, along the route to the golf course and anywhere the impotus can see it.

The crazies are EVERYWHERE!!

A little background...Ive been in the hospital now for a couple of days with Covid and blood clots in my lungs...fun times...anyhow, my new nurse this morning came into my room and first thing she says is "So did Trump win the election?"...I responded, "ummm...no.." Then she says " Have you heard of the new world order? You know that Biden is the leader of a pedophile sex traficing ring and the truth will soon come out and Trump will once again be our president"....Im like GREAT!! I have a Qanon nutjob in charge of my well being!! I diddnt even respond, I wanted her out of my room as fast as humanly possible. WTF??

Wouldn't it just be poetic justice...

..if the Orange Anus formerly known as IMPOTUS contracted Covid for a second time??? Its possible, it could happen with all his close minions coming down with it.

The look on Jim Sciutto's face

coming out of that abomination of a lie-fest was absolutely priceless.

Shithead is doing a press conference in 30 mins

should be interesting.....

I dont know about the rest of you....

...but im absolutely LOVING this slow slooowwww slllooooowwwww defeat of the orange anus....the slower the better!! I want to see him descend into loser-ville in the most drawn out way possible.

Theres something seriously wrong with Moscow Mitch

I just ran across this tweet...What the heck would cause this??

Oh God how I have forgotten

how much of a man crush I have on President Obama!
His speech right now is exactly what I need to lift me up today!

Im so angry right now

My oncologists office called me last week and told me that my nurse had tested positive for covid. I now have a fever of 100, a little short of breath, achey, runny nose....so I called my dr to see if I could get approved for a test...have not heard back...so I go to the Test Iowa website, do their questionnaire and Im approved to get tested but the nearest test location is over 100 miles away!! I knew that there were 2 locations very close to me so I talk to an online representative and am told that those locations have been closed down....WTF...just as the case numbers are increasing they are closing testing sites???? God forbid that the numbers go up before the damn election!! Im so mad right now!

Since she is a member of this Praise cult

and has vowed to obey her husband unequivocally, has he been investigated as to his beliefs and political and personal background? This is something I see as being very important.
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