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FlyingPiggy's Journal
FlyingPiggy's Journal
March 21, 2020

How the fuck can a healthcare worker making their own masks defend Trump?!!?!!

I just lost my shit arguing w a nurse that Trump is completely incompetent. She says "it's a very tough job and I don't know what he's going through. Poor trump. His job is hell right now.". I told her, his job is hell bc he created that hell w his stupidity and incompetence. The fact that we are even making our own masks is a tribute to the gross negligence of our leadership. Smdh. Honest to god. How can people be so damn stupid.

March 4, 2020

Why Elizabeth Warren lost her home state of Massachusetts

Warren has struggled to capture independent voters — especially men. As I wrote in July, Warren has long had a complicated relationship with voters in Massachusetts, a state she’s lived in for more than two decades and represented in the US Senate since 2012. The fact that she’s on Morning Consult’s list of the 10 most unpopular senators has raised eyebrows. If Warren’s such a great candidate, some have wondered, why didn’t she have better favorability ratings in her home state?

The answer is complex, and has to do with the gender politics Warren also has experienced nationally in the 2020 primary.

Gender politics have long been an issue for Warren
Warren has had a consistent gender imbalance when it comes to male and female voters. While she typically performs well among women (both in her home state and nationally), men present much more of a challenge. That was true on Super Tuesday as well.


March 4, 2020


March 1, 2020

Latino vote helped elect the 1st democratic AZ senator since 1988.

The hispanic vote will be a force in 2020 here in fastly turning blue AZ. Moderates do very well here. I expect Biden to do equally as well.


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