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LizBeth's Journal
LizBeth's Journal
February 27, 2023

People, I need help with cheapest long term tv entertainment.

Here is the issue. I got rid of cable over a decade ago. Maybe 15 yrs. I got Netflix when it was $7 a month. That is all I had. My son set it up on my tv and if I watched tv, that is what I used. I had no channels, news, anything, just Netflix and dvds. About 3 yrs ago my son put a fire stick on my tv and I got other options for freetv. Again, he explained nothing so I had no idea what it was about.

A couple weeks ago I started getting text from Amazon saying something was wrong with account and if I did not address I would be canceled. Zillions of text over a period but thought it a scam. I have not been paying for anything. I do not know that I have ever bought anything from Amazon, not big on shopping so was clueless. Then the other day everything was shut off and told I had to call them to fix. Totally clueless. But son said when he moved to Ecuador 7 months ago he closed the account, so I am assuming that is what happened and just took a while to catch up with me.

Now... All my stuff is about two decades old. Way expired on what is happening today. As you can tell from this post, I have no idea or information on what is out there and the best cheapest way to set stuff up. I have a fire. I am paying monthly for Netflix at about $15 a month but do not know how to get Netflix on tv now. I have no one that can help me. I go long periods, like 6 months, without watching tv then will watched continuously then stop again for long periods. I do not want to put much monthly money into watching tv but I want something simple, that will give me some channels that I set up so I understand it this time and not dependent on another to fix any problems. I am even good with getting a new tv if need be and they are not too expensive. I mean clueless what tv is going for too.

Can you give me some ideas please? I tried googling for info, but this is a vague question and when there is no knowledge at all makes it hard to put in search.


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