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Profile Information

Name: J
Gender: Male
Hometown: SoCal
Home country: USA
Current location: Socal
Member since: Mon Feb 1, 2021, 08:27 PM
Number of posts: 7,443

Journal Archives

Still early, of course but Katie Porter looks safe.

That's a relief. Her opponent is a real scumbag.

My prediction for a slim GOP House win and a Dem Senate hold...

If that is the outcome...

The GOP will decide that if this election was THIS close... then the USA hasn't felt enough pain yet.

They will do EVERYTHING to push the nation into a recession/depression.

They will do NOTHING with the White House and Senate to improve things.

Their strategy being "We can only win in 24 if the country is a mess"

Cleopatra's long lost tomb may have finally been found 40ft beneath Egyptian temple

Don't hold your breath... but if it were true...


While Ms Martinez has since admitted that there is only one percent chance of finding their remains, she said that should they stumble across the long-lost tomb, it would mark the "most important discovery of the 21st century".

She said: "I needed to come to Egypt…to see the remains of this temple, to be sure that it has the possibility of being the lost tomb of Cleopatra. This is the perfect place for the tomb of Cleopatra.

"If there’s a one percent chance that the last queen of Egypt could be buried there, it is my duty to search for her.
The Egyptian authorities said if Dr Martinez's team do successfully locate the tomb, it will be "the most important discovery of the 21st century".

Powerball Fairy visits Altadena, CA... (Pasadena-ish)

Within 50 miles of me...

Hope they enjoy it and make a lot of people happy including the blue collar people making their cars, homes... serving them at restaurants, bringing their drinks on planes and importing their Italian purses and Swiss watches.

In all probability they'll probably take the $600M, bury 500m into a Goldman Sachs Private Wealth Mgmt account and live off the returns... a perfect example how the wealthy hoard their assets to produce income.

Like every year... I will walk my ballot down to the Fire Dep't Station down the road.

I've always like the feeling that I'm doing my part.

Even a little discomfort or inconvenience is OK because it gives me "skin in the game".

It's like going to battle in my own way... when I was younger I would vote in person at a polling place but now I just drop off my mail in ballot.

As I get older, maybe I'll start mailing it... but I hope not.

So many good memories. I felt like my votes for Obama were my own heroic efforts for change... I was 100% invested.

DWAC Stock Skyrockets Ahead Of Midterms With Trump Set To Announce Run

And I tested positive for C19 on Saturday so I wasn't trading this morning... sigh.

Some OTM stock options went +300-400x today.


Digital World Acquisition Corp. (DWAC) stock shot up almost 70% Monday as the special purpose acquisition company — aiming to take former President Donald Trump's tech and social-media platform public — seems to be getting a boost from news Trump will announce another run for the White House this month.

DWAC stock skyrocketed 66.5% to 29.10 during Monday's market trading. On Friday, shares closed at 17.48, up 7%, as news broke that Trump was planning to announce a bid for the White House sometime in November.

A question for the mods and those who've been here a long time. Post election rules??

How much constructive criticism will be allowed? Are the rules still the same in the post election environment?

While I'm hoping for a rousing Blue Tsunami... there might be tactical/strategic mistakes to call out tomorrow or Wednesday...

Such an interesting phenomena at the DU...

It looks a lot like the Kansas City Chiefs fan website the night before the Super Bowl.

People are talking about statistics in open vs closed stadiums, playing on grass vs turf...

But now it's politics... and it's polls and assumptions... oh the assumptions.

Everything written today will be irrelevant in 48 hours.

Depending on the results, we'll have to explore what worked and what didn't.

Hopefully, lessons will be learned.

Warren, Sanders and 9 other lawmakers eviscerate Jerome Powell and the Fed.


It’s not just investors who don’t like rate hikes. High-ranking politicians are asking the Fed to think twice about raising interest rates, too.

In a scathing letter to Fed Chairman Jerome Powell, a group of 11 lawmakers — including Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Bernie Sanders — criticized his commitment to ‘act aggressively’ on rate hikes even if ‘no one knows’ whether the process would lead to a significant recession.

“These statements reflect an apparent disregard for the livelihoods of millions of working Americans, and we are deeply concerned that your interest rate hikes risk slowing the economy to a crawl while failing to slow rising prices that continue to harm families.”

Libertarian Activist arrested for confronting NH GOP Senate Candidate...

It's getting crazy out there...


This guy looks normal.

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