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Member since: Wed Mar 17, 2021, 08:09 AM
Number of posts: 2,403

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How will we go on?

Reading DU today, well actually the last couple weeks. I have learned that we are going to lose the house and the senate in 22 and the presidency in 24. We will be rounded up by the military and locked up in camps or possibly outright executed. I have read posts that we need to disregard the election results if we lose. That perhaps we need to go on the offensive now… I don’t even want to guess what is meant by that.

And all of this hyper doom is echoed and heightened by following replies that turn up the fear. Push the edge a little further. We are all sitting on our phones or computers, likely secure and safe and warm and most of us likely fed, mostly pretty comfortable, fuck some of you are probably sitting at a damned starbucks enjoying a triple extra shot caramel grande fuckety fuck preaching about the end of the world. Sluuuurrrrrrrrp. Make sure to use your straw to get that last bit of warm whipping cream from the bottom of your cup.

Damn man. Is that all we have in us? To guve the fuck up if republicans do the shit that republicans have been doing for-fucking-ever? Even if all of that shit comes to pass… What yer going to go belly up and let that shit happen? You think the majority of the country is just going to roll the fuck over and accept it? I get it that we need to take shit seriously but if shit goes sideways are you really goibg to just give up?

ENOUGH with the doom fantasies people!

Posted by CrackityJones75 | Tue Oct 19, 2021, 12:49 AM (20 replies)
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