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Electric Monk

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4. All you really need is a pyramid and just a little luck
Tue Jul 31, 2012, 12:20 AM
Jul 2012

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If you fold a dollar in the shape of the pyramid that's printed on the back


(for old time's sake)

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I figured this post would receive a restricted readership... Jeffersons Ghost Jul 2012 #1
All you really need is a pyramid and just a little luck Electric Monk Jul 2012 #4
Should I fold it "inside" or go out of bounds with this next suggestion Jeffersons Ghost Jul 2012 #6
Probably tropospheric propagation, doesn't have much if anything to do with sunspots.. Fumesucker Jul 2012 #2
YEAH... Jeffersons Ghost Jul 2012 #3
I have to ask... Fumesucker Jul 2012 #21
Hmm, inquiring minds want to know Electric Monk Jul 2012 #22
Wow...nt SidDithers Jul 2012 #5
and a Yap yap yap yap yap yap yap Electric Monk Jul 2012 #10
Hmmm... jberryhill Jul 2012 #7
yes, sunspots in an enigmatic mode tracking 71 Sr. Blackbirds Jeffersons Ghost Jul 2012 #8
Are the planes altering the atmosphere in any way? jberryhill Jul 2012 #9
Not "planes" but high altitude jets have a dramatic impact in this area with little radar intell Jeffersons Ghost Jul 2012 #12
Ah, well, do keep us updated jberryhill Jul 2012 #13
If a butterfly's wings can change a thing, then why can't a stream from an F-16? Electric Monk Jul 2012 #14
A stream of what? jberryhill Jul 2012 #15
Butterfly wings, of course. What else do F-16s stream? Electric Monk Jul 2012 #16
A picture is worth a thousand words. Have you ever heard of the Purple Dragons? Jeffersons Ghost Jul 2012 #20
I didn't say jets were controlling my radio; but they damn sure disrupt it... Jeffersons Ghost Jul 2012 #18
Appearing to appear from the North Pole seems like an excellent objective for you. Electric Monk Jul 2012 #19
i think you should fear the nanomites more. naturally. dionysus Jul 2012 #11
It could be sunspots, or the government, or... pinboy3niner Jul 2012 #17
It's all in your head. Odin2005 Jul 2012 #23
North of Dallas I got DiverDave Jul 2012 #24
Think puppy dogs, and rainbows, and children Electric Monk Aug 2012 #25
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