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156. I do
Tue Jun 12, 2018, 12:09 AM
Jun 2018

The people of Minnesota will make their mind up on Painter. Nobody should have anything handed to them. She drew an opponent. There will be a vote. She will likely win. Her real problem comes in 2020 when she has to jump through another hoop to hold onto the seat and the GOP will put a better opponent forward. I don’t see that she’s done much with the opportunity so far, to be honest, certainly relative to voice Franken brought to the senate.

As for Painter I like his conversion but I need to see what he’s like if he loses the primary. I’m not there yet.

Circular Firing Squad tazkcmo Jun 2018 #1
More like Fire! Aim! Ready! ollie10 Jun 2018 #5
This message was self-deleted by its author progressoid Jun 2018 #6
Post removed Post removed Jun 2018 #2
a million times jodymarie aimee Jun 2018 #3
Painter must be reading DU. I've stopped opening Bernie threads rainin Jun 2018 #4
Ahhh...who is the one always bashing the party? brush Jun 2018 #8
What depressed me even more is that every one gets 100+ replies Kentonio Jun 2018 #19
It's plausible Bernie could be a good candidate. We just don't need TWO at the same time! Lil Missy Jun 2018 #7
I totally agree. StrictlyRockers Jun 2018 #14
I think Bernie's whole purpose was to split the party. LisaM Jun 2018 #36
+1000, nt R B Garr Jun 2018 #41
You and I think alike. NurseJackie Jun 2018 #53
I am a Vermonter, and have sat in the same room as the man for several hours... al bupp Jun 2018 #57
So you don't think the Democrats have principles, and progressive ideals? LisaM Jun 2018 #70
I never said that al bupp Jun 2018 #75
You certainly implied it! I think he wants to disrupt the Democratic party. LisaM Jun 2018 #84
You are drawing implications, ma'am, that I did not intend al bupp Jun 2018 #103
I think the party IS progressive. I think the platform was VERY progressive. LisaM Jun 2018 #107
Agreed, and the platform was written in collaboration w/ Sanders' delegation, was it not? al bupp Jun 2018 #119
Bernie is a policy wonk. He loves to chat with informed people about policy. Sophia4 Jun 2018 #142
Well put and much agreed al bupp Jun 2018 #143
no, that was not implied at all. Where was that implied? The post was contrasting principles to JCanete Jun 2018 #88
I think Sanders has the goal of splintering the Democrats. Witness this very thread. LisaM Jun 2018 #98
with us or against us is a Bushism. I totally disagree with you that the world is as black and white JCanete Jun 2018 #101
He has splintered the Democratic party and I am very capable of nuance, thank you. LisaM Jun 2018 #104
I get that you can point anectodatly to things as if that has greater significance. Some people were JCanete Jun 2018 #114
LisaM, you make excellent points and they are backed up by R B Garr Jun 2018 #163
I think the difference cannabis_flower Jun 2018 #175
The divisiveness of both men towards her is what R B Garr Jun 2018 #182
Agree al bupp. His vilification is absurd Greybnk48 Jun 2018 #110
yes and the evidence is right there for all to see...except for the fact that Sanders voters voted JCanete Jun 2018 #87
Where you in the voting booth with him?? MrPool Jun 2018 #112
that is a weird ass comment that first, has nothing at all to do with what I just said, but second, JCanete Jun 2018 #115
You said he voted for her how do you know he did MrPool Jun 2018 #121
I didn't say he voted for her. I said his voters voted for her, and that he endorsed her. She JCanete Jun 2018 #124
Actually a fair point. the Horror is Tad Devine MrPool Jun 2018 #129
If you believe that you have to ask why he didn't bail on the primary and run 3rd party. aikoaiko Jun 2018 #96
No, because then he couldn't have disrupted the convention. LisaM Jun 2018 #100
Splitting the party with a glower -- thats some serious Jedi mind trick stuff. Obi-wan Bernie. aikoaiko Jun 2018 #135
When he speaks, Bernie's face is animated, but when at rest, it looks like a lot of old people's tblue37 Jun 2018 #145
Do you listen to his podcasts and speeches? Sophia4 Jun 2018 #141
Hmmm. Maybe that's why we have primaries... shanny Jun 2018 #58
Bernie ran as third wheel during the Primary, and after it was clear he wouldn't win, sucking Lil Missy Jun 2018 #85
a third wheel? lol shanny Jun 2018 #97
And he lost. Lil Missy Jun 2018 #116
yes he did shanny Jun 2018 #125
One more time DownriverDem Jun 2018 #174
one more time shanny Jun 2018 #177
"Interesting" awesomerwb1 Jun 2018 #9
This is not true. Bernie has never claimed to be a Republican. StrictlyRockers Jun 2018 #16
Goodness awesomerwb1 Jun 2018 #18
I got it and I can misunderstand almost anything. dameatball Jun 2018 #24
Hahah Thank you. awesomerwb1 Jun 2018 #33
The threads on DU move fairly quickly and it is easy to miss something. dameatball Jun 2018 #40
Yeah, my bad. StrictlyRockers Jun 2018 #45
I got it, too! Cha Jun 2018 #73
Obviously you are way smarter than I am. StrictlyRockers Jun 2018 #93
That was not a jumping the tracks, that was an airborning of the tracks. Blue_true Jun 2018 #149
Good Grief! Awesome's post was about Richard Painter! Cha Jun 2018 #72
Thank you for pointing this out. StrictlyRockers Jun 2018 #154
He was writing about Painter. nt Blue_true Jun 2018 #148
And that is why this Minnesotan is not thrilled to have him running in pazzyanne Jun 2018 #27
This Minnesotan either. geardaddy Jun 2018 #76
I am not from Minnesota. Blue_true Jun 2018 #151
You're probably right. geardaddy Jun 2018 #178
I don't disagree with your conclusion. Frankly Smith is a much better choice for democrats. nt Blue_true Jun 2018 #183
Al Franken on Tina Smith.. Cha Jun 2018 #89
Al Franken's word is good enough for me. oasis Jun 2018 #92
YES, Al Franken Endorses Tina Smith.. NOT Painter.. Cha Jun 2018 #95
Thank you, Cha! pazzyanne Jun 2018 #120
Sending my BEST WINNING VIBES for Tina Smith Cha Jun 2018 #134
Minnesota and I thank you for the positive vibes. pazzyanne Jun 2018 #137
Painter is very articulate but we already have a Senator True Blue American Jun 2018 #71
I am suspicious of him also. Blue_true Jun 2018 #147
Sly way of winning over the Bernie crowd for his Minnesota senate bid. oasis Jun 2018 #10
I agree. Great point. awesomerwb1 Jun 2018 #30
No not obvious at all. Cha Jun 2018 #74
This continues to support everything MuseRider Jun 2018 #11
Yes! karin_sj Jun 2018 #25
Bernie said he would not endorse MY California Senator, R B Garr Jun 2018 #48
Well that's just insane. NurseJackie Jun 2018 #56
Yes, it is insane, NJ. Luckily the turn-about efforts are R B Garr Jun 2018 #64
Smearing and maligning Democrats benefits only ONE party and ONE other individual. NurseJackie Jun 2018 #65
Yes! R B Garr Jun 2018 #78
It's only constructive criticism when applied to any but Sanders. LanternWaste Jun 2018 #63
That is not what I said and I do not feel that way. MuseRider Jun 2018 #81
What bus? kcr Jun 2018 #12
Right. progressoid Jun 2018 #15
Yes and it's stupid. kcr Jun 2018 #17
I like Bernie just fine but I'm a Dem and I only vote for a Dem...... Little Star Jun 2018 #13
Seems To Me Painter Is Trying To Make A Case Me. Jun 2018 #20
Painter has officially joined the Democratic party, unlike some people. n/t pnwmom Jun 2018 #23
And that is a smokescreen based on what is happening pazzyanne Jun 2018 #35
Yes there Is That Too Me. Jun 2018 #86
+1 million geardaddy Jun 2018 #184
I Like Mr. Painter Me. Jun 2018 #42
And, making it poorly.. Cha Jun 2018 #77
Howdy Me. Jun 2018 #108
Mahalo, Me.. Going deeper than Cha Jun 2018 #111
You Go Girl Me. Jun 2018 #118
K & R democrank Jun 2018 #21
Don't know who Painter is, but we agree on this. bluedigger Jun 2018 #22
Painter is a a Univ. of Minn. law professor who works with CREW klook Jun 2018 #26
Here you go bluedigger, a little more background info. Uncle Joe Jun 2018 #31
To simplify that, he is running for Al Franken's old seat pazzyanne Jun 2018 #43
Why do you believe that pazzyanne? Uncle Joe Jun 2018 #51
This Minnesotan is not thrilled to have Painter running in pazzyanne Jun 2018 #123
Addendum: I am very aware of Painter and who pazzyanne Jun 2018 #126
Bernie worked against Hillary and to Trump/Russia's benefit long after his campaign was unviable Renew Deal Jun 2018 #28
Agree. MrsCoffee Jun 2018 #37
you sound like you are on FOX... jodymarie aimee Jun 2018 #39
We in Minnesota are fighting the fight to keep Minnesota blue. pazzyanne Jun 2018 #47
try living here in WI jodymarie aimee Jun 2018 #79
You can have Painter. pazzyanne Jun 2018 #117
Trump/Russia/Republicans benefited by Bernie dragging out the primary Renew Deal Jun 2018 #49
Well the Russians helped the Sanders campaign for that very reason. comradebillyboy Jun 2018 #44
... shanny Jun 2018 #59
You'll be OK Renew Deal Jun 2018 #62
I need to keep better company. shanny Jun 2018 #139
Fox News also cannot accept the facts of the Russia R B Garr Jun 2018 #150
I completely agree.. disillusioned73 Jun 2018 #179
Oh, I'm sure you do agree. R B Garr Jun 2018 #180
So your calling Mueller a liar? MrPool Jun 2018 #127
lol shanny Jun 2018 #138
Your spelling skills are masterful MrPool Jun 2018 #158
This. No one has blamed just Sanders for what happened. But He was a factor. He didn't help at all lunamagica Jun 2018 #67
utter bullshit. What was the cover? And again, people seem to need reminding, Sanders voters went to JCanete Jun 2018 #90
Yet many here admited that they did not vote for Clinton. sheshe2 Jun 2018 #162
you are saying that some fall into the margins of those who didn't vote for clinton, which JCanete Jun 2018 #172
No, you DON'T "sound like you're on fox".. as the Cha Jun 2018 #91
Yes, yes, and yes... Magoo48 Jun 2018 #29
I agree that Bernie was a good candidate...and I voted for him the primary Dopers_Greed Jun 2018 #32
Thanks for your reality based analysis, Dopers_Greed. Cha Jun 2018 #94
based upon what? I can deny that you have any evidence to that fact. What you stated doesn't prove JCanete Jun 2018 #106
"Like maybe if they had cut away from Clinton in the GE you'd have a case? sheshe2 Jun 2018 #164
So you don't have evidence that Sanders himself had any more impact for running than JCanete Jun 2018 #171
This is why you need to break down and read the Mueller R B Garr Jun 2018 #165
Richard Painter snowybirdie Jun 2018 #34
SPOT. ON! Greybnk48 Jun 2018 #38
I like Tina Smith better Gothmog Jun 2018 #46
I do too. I trust her more than Painter with issues Greybnk48 Jun 2018 #140
I would think that Dems would welcome Painter into the Party. People do change their ideas. YOHABLO Jun 2018 #50
Al Franken Endorsed the Real Dem in the race for Cha Jun 2018 #105
I do BannonsLiver Jun 2018 #156
... NurseJackie Jun 2018 #52
I've gotten very tired of the Bernie-bashing and the Hillary worship to be honest johnnyplankton Jun 2018 #54
+1 on all counts shanny Jun 2018 #60
Nobody is doing that. NurseJackie Jun 2018 #66
Tired of the "hillary worship".. got any proof? Or is it Cha Jun 2018 #68
Is this what you call "Hillary Worship"?.. Appreciating that Cha Jun 2018 #109
But it's okay to bash Dems every chance he gets?? MrPool Jun 2018 #113
Bernie doesn't bash Dems every chance he gets. Just stop with the hyperbole. Enough already. nt Snotcicles Jun 2018 #146
Okay my mistake every second chance he gets and we'll include MrPool Jun 2018 #153
I've gotten very tired of the Bernie-bashing and the blind Hillary worship to be honest johnnyplankton Jun 2018 #55
It bears repeating :-) MuseRider Jun 2018 #130
Painter is Not a Democrat but He is Running for Franken's Vacated Senate Seat dlk Jun 2018 #61
Oh boy. Another Bernie thread. tavernier Jun 2018 #69
Thank you, Richard Painter. Sophia4 Jun 2018 #80
Richard Painter is running against a Real Democrat, Tina Smith, for Al Cha Jun 2018 #99
+ 1 Million Me. Jun 2018 #102
May the best candidate win! Sophia4 Jun 2018 #122
That would be the Real Democrat who Al Franken Endorsed. Cha Jun 2018 #136
That is Tina Smith. Blue_true Jun 2018 #157
I will. Thanks. Sophia4 Jun 2018 #160
So Richard is kinda like a new born Democrat? sheshe2 Jun 2018 #166
I like Richard Painter. MuseRider Jun 2018 #82
Regardless of his recent change in registration, Richard Painter has been a republican for decades. George II Jun 2018 #83
Yes, Bernie was a great candidate in 2016. Bluepinky Jun 2018 #128
Thank you Richard. zentrum Jun 2018 #131
Painter is not a democrat and I would support Tina Smith Gothmog Jun 2018 #132
What does it take to be a real Democrat? thewhollytoast Jun 2018 #133
If you want to know what a real democrat is. Blue_true Jun 2018 #159
True Blue I'm really sorry you feel that way. And I am not trying pick a fight. thewhollytoast Jun 2018 #168
"What does it take to be a real Democrat?" sheshe2 Jun 2018 #167
Just come here & ppl will tell ya... disillusioned73 Jun 2018 #181
"Sen. Bernie Sanders: 'I am an independent'" Honeycombe8 Jun 2018 #144
Democratic Socialist .. I believe he refers to himself YOHABLO Jun 2018 #155
Thank you Mr. Painter! Power 2 the People Jun 2018 #152
Thank you p2p! thewhollytoast Jun 2018 #161
Agreed. And the usual trolls show up to disrupt and divide. MarcA Jun 2018 #169
If Bernie wins the Democratic Party's nomination for President I will Vote for him. UCmeNdc Jun 2018 #170
Bernie is not presently a Democrat Progressive dog Jun 2018 #173
K&R BlueJac Jun 2018 #176
K&r! Nt LostOne4Ever Jun 2018 #185
So when Bernie pisses on Dems and praises Trump I'm supposed to grin and bear it? Blue_Tires Jun 2018 #186
I don't think that's what Painter said. progressoid Jun 2018 #187
I'll just leave this here... Blue_Tires Jun 2018 #188
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