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🕯 underpants Jul 2018 #1
My condolences. RIP. OnDoutside Jul 2018 #2
sorry or your loss. You knew him? mnmoderatedem Jul 2018 #3
Yes, Adrian was a friend. DFW Jul 2018 #6
I look forward to your post B2G Jul 2018 #4
I'm so sorry for your loss, DFW. smirkymonkey Jul 2018 #5
🕯️ irisblue Jul 2018 #7
sorry to hear about his death. Demovictory9 Jul 2018 #8
I am so sorry. GoCubsGo Jul 2018 #9
RIP Adrian lunasun Jul 2018 #10
I'd very much like to hear about the "real" Cronauer.. His portrayal was so absorbed by the hlthe2b Jul 2018 #11
I'm very sorry for your loss. LuckyCharms Jul 2018 #12
Condolences. I'm sorry for your loss. onecaliberal Jul 2018 #13
*sigh* NBachers Jul 2018 #14
My condolences on your loss. herding cats Jul 2018 #15
As one who worships the real DJ's of that era gay texan Jul 2018 #16
I'm so sorry. mountain grammy Jul 2018 #17
I was very sorry to hear about Adrian Cronauer ailsagirl Jul 2018 #18
I'm so sorry. Duppers Jul 2018 #19
I was a DJ in Vietnam a bit later.. Sincere condolences. He was a lifelong Republican, for W. Bush's Prof.Higgins Jul 2018 #20
Sorry for your loss, DFW. R B Garr Jul 2018 #21
My sympathies, DFW. calimary Jul 2018 #22
R.I.P. Adrian Cronauer, a radio friend to our troups serving in Vietnam, and your friend. FailureToCommunicate Jul 2018 #23
Condolences,DFW on the loss of your friend. gademocrat7 Jul 2018 #24
I'm so sorry. I just read about him in the news. kcr Jul 2018 #25
... defacto7 Jul 2018 #26
May I add my condolences to all those already expressed? thucythucy Jul 2018 #27
I hadn't seen that, but it sums up what he'd tell anyone about his time there DFW Jul 2018 #41
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Dec 2020 #63
. AwakeAtLast Jul 2018 #28
My sincere condolences to you, DFW. oasis Jul 2018 #29
I heard of his passing on the radio. He was 70 years old, I think. Ilsa Jul 2018 #30
Adrian was 79 DFW Jul 2018 #34
Oops! I meant to type 9 but my fat finger hit 0. Yes, 79. Thanks. nt Ilsa Jul 2018 #39
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Dec 2020 #64
I read a lovely article about him. My condolences. He sounded like quite a man. nolabear Jul 2018 #31
So Sorry for the loss Cha Jul 2018 #32
Oh my dear DFW, I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. CaliforniaPeggy Jul 2018 #33
Thanks for the kind words, all. About the REAL Adrian: DFW Jul 2018 #35
K&R! Thanks for this fascinating personal portrait! He also sounds like an amazing friend. Rhiannon12866 Jul 2018 #36
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Dec 2020 #65
At least I know that Troutville is real DFW Jul 2018 #37
We live 2 hours essme Jul 2018 #38
Thanks for your kind words DFW Jul 2018 #40
RIP. I had no idea he lived in Troutville, which is 5 minutes down the road from me. nt LexVegas Jul 2018 #42
requiescat in pace, Adrian. DFW, I am so very sorry for this sad loss. niyad Jul 2018 #43
Thanks. He was very special DFW Jul 2018 #44
a lovely tribute to your wonderful friend, thank you for sharing him with us. niyad Jul 2018 #45
My condolences. nt spooky3 Jul 2018 #46
I'm very sorry for your loss NewJeffCT Jul 2018 #47
Check my post #35 on this thread DFW Jul 2018 #48
Williams usually played himself NewJeffCT Jul 2018 #49
Adrian was happy about the film's success, of course DFW Jul 2018 #50
The thing that's funny is that I liked Williams in his dramatic roles the most TexasBushwhacker Jul 2018 #56
Good Morning Vietnam... FarPoint Jul 2018 #51
We know what it is to to know in our bones Hortensis Jul 2018 #52
That has to be a fairly recent picture DFW Jul 2018 #59
:) Maybe a semi-annual haircut? My husband Hortensis Jul 2018 #61
I live near Troutville. dgibby Jul 2018 #53
Condolences on your loss, DFW... Raster Jul 2018 #54
Thanks for that DFW Jul 2018 #58
My sincerest condolences DFW on the loss of your friend Docreed2003 Jul 2018 #55
Adrian had a very close connection to Vietnam Vets for obvious reasons DFW Jul 2018 #57
"Everybody thinks they knew him..." - seems a bit off... hexola Jul 2018 #60
I think you refute your own statement--my statement seems spot on to me DFW Jul 2018 #62
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