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41. Is Akin really the worst?
Mon Aug 20, 2012, 08:43 AM
Aug 2012

Akin has the distinction of being both vile and ignorant but I find the others to be just as bad if not worse.

Say what you want about Akin but at least his twisted little mind has led him to believe that he is not further abusing rape victims because of this magical birth control feature that he made up.

Other pro-lifers don't even care. they know the incidence of pregnancy is the same and yet they still take the opinion that no abortions are allowed. In their mind, the victim is just supposed to suck-it-up and incubate the demon child just because it is part of "God's plan". To me that is a sick and disgusting position to take.

Akin's comments have catapulted this to the headlines but in my opinion, they are all just as vile.

...and Akin should be tied to Paul Ryan... CoffeeCat Aug 2012 #1
Link to how Ryan & Akin are tied at the hip on their bill redefining what constitutes rape 66 dmhlt Aug 2012 #11
Ryan and Akin together (picture hides Akin's knife in Ryan's back) Bernardo de La Paz Aug 2012 #26
Yes. But it's critical to remind everyone that this IS where DirkGently Aug 2012 #27
Please stop giving us Paleoliths a bad name! This message coalition_unwilling Aug 2012 #48
Ugg! Dirk alunga bobo! DirkGently Aug 2012 #52
Entire campaign should be buld around this RETHUG US Senate candidaate and the RETHUG war on Women hlthe2b Aug 2012 #2
I'm not sure how interested voters are in Akin nationwide, but Dems should use this to win Missouri. reformist2 Aug 2012 #5
You miss the point-the fact is this is the RNC's SENATE candidate AND Paul Ryan & others in Congress hlthe2b Aug 2012 #15
I think you are on the money here. Print ads that just say AkinRyan over and over will byeya Aug 2012 #20
Oh it definitely will help. RC Aug 2012 #25
Yes, and we must do our part--ONLINE CoffeeCat Aug 2012 #38
"Chain these two together" panader0 Aug 2012 #43
+1, if a vid can be made with them using the same language then you're right ... uponit7771 Aug 2012 #31
Akin's remarks, my friend, are what is known as a potential "Party Killer". Could coalition_unwilling Aug 2012 #49
DID he apologize, or did he say he "misspoke" or "was misunderstood" or "chose the wrong words"? DCKit Aug 2012 #3
He said he "misspoke", and was "sorry if anyone was offended."... lastlib Aug 2012 #8
And he should be removed from the House Science and Technology Committee Ms. Toad Aug 2012 #4
He ought to be removed from Congress, period. nt TBF Aug 2012 #21
I don't disagree - but that is a much longer process Ms. Toad Aug 2012 #50
-oops...I 'misspoke'. Philosoraptor Aug 2012 #6
He didn't apologize. Kalidurga Aug 2012 #7
He gave what has passed for an apology in the media. A cookie cutter Skidmore Aug 2012 #10
+1...and they repeat it ad nauseum as an apology which is stupid. uponit7771 Aug 2012 #32
And he has no explanation treestar Aug 2012 #46
It's hard to believe someone has the gall to speak publicly like that lunatica Aug 2012 #9
Believe it or not that bull crap he spewed was taught Heather MC Aug 2012 #12
And will believe it for decades more. Ignorance is godliness. Skidmore Aug 2012 #14
That's the scary part. Daemonaquila Aug 2012 #34
The weird thing is at his age he has never ever accidently stumbled upon a fact that dispproved that Heather MC Aug 2012 #44
More than 40% of women voters will vote republican. Warren Stupidity Aug 2012 #16
Unfortunately, there are women who will dynasaw Aug 2012 #35
And how many women will vote for him, even now, because he is against abortion? RC Aug 2012 #42
Exactly DonCoquixote Aug 2012 #13
Certain actions don't deserve the acceptance of an apology. no_hypocrisy Aug 2012 #17
Just minutes ago on Bill Press... marew Aug 2012 #18
Rape is fine as long as it's a legitimate republican rapist Philosoraptor Aug 2012 #19
Most appalling is that such a person can rise to such a level in our political system. TahitiNut Aug 2012 #22
i rec'd your post barbtries Aug 2012 #23
Did he apologize for being ignorant or for reigniting the "war on women?" Vinca Aug 2012 #24
He'll Double Down... KharmaTrain Aug 2012 #28
What apology? All I've seen is Akin saying he "misspoke". That is not an apology, it's an excuse. Arkansas Granny Aug 2012 #29
Nah, apology accepted... Daemonaquila Aug 2012 #30
This idiot truly represents the GOP!!! SmittynMo Aug 2012 #33
K&R. The Democrats need to be make Akin's words a centerpiece of this election. yardwork Aug 2012 #36
I don't think he should apologize at all.. he stated his belief, LeftinOH Aug 2012 #37
Yeah, I never understand what people get out of a forced apology. lightcameron Aug 2012 #39
I just got off an email thread SmittynMo Aug 2012 #40
Is Akin really the worst? genxlib Aug 2012 #41
rape rape, forceful, honest rape, legitimate rape. especially cause we hear it so many ways seabeyond Aug 2012 #45
Akin is not 'sorry' in any meaningful sense of the term. To quote a long-lost coalition_unwilling Aug 2012 #47
Even semi-conscious can get this. That mean even Republicans are going to scratch their heads. Gregorian Aug 2012 #51
You can't apologize for this by saying you "misspoke." DirkGently Aug 2012 #53
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