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No path to victory. Not going to be VP or in the cabinet. No need to boost public profile. Garrett78 Feb 2019 #1
Maybe he'll team up as Schultz's VP for an independent run madville Feb 2019 #12
Realclearpolitics has him in 2nd place behind Biden in the latest tracking. CentralMass Feb 2019 #178
Name recognition. Polls, including the hypothetical matchup ones, are meaningless at this point. Garrett78 Feb 2019 #184
I'll support him. Joe941 Feb 2019 #2
Me too. nt Snotcicles Feb 2019 #3
Me three!!! InAbLuEsTaTe Feb 2019 #13
I WON'T. trueblue2007 Feb 2019 #18
I would oppose him with every fiber of my being! kennetha Feb 2019 #20
+1 grantcart Feb 2019 #27
What if he's the Democratic nominee though? aidbo Feb 2019 #46
He won't be. Don't worry. NurseJackie Feb 2019 #60
Without support from African. AMERICAN voters, this cannot happen Gothmog Feb 2019 #114
Agreed. Adrahil Feb 2019 #47
I am totally with you wryter2000 Feb 2019 #65
And this time, he can't claim it's to try to push Dems to be more progressive Empowerer Feb 2019 #117
Yes. kstewart33 Feb 2019 #122
Agreed! DemKittyNC Feb 2019 #52
Me too!!!!! jrthin Feb 2019 #64
+1 nt Kahuna7 Feb 2019 #108
Ditto. Will not vote for a socialist. n/t Lucid Dreamer Feb 2019 #119
Same. I will ONLY vote for him if he is the Democratic nominee. Runningdawg Feb 2019 #142
A large number of actual members of the Democratic Party have long memories Gothmog Feb 2019 #148
Me as well pandr32 Feb 2019 #151
So would I...Ralph Nader cost Gore the election....Bush winning the election resulted in Stuart G Feb 2019 #166
I'll support Bernie with every fiber of my being!! InAbLuEsTaTe Feb 2019 #176
Me 4. nt Doremus Feb 2019 #179
Is he running for the Democratic Nomination? NightWatcher Feb 2019 #4
No doubt when it is convenient still_one Feb 2019 #5
Just as convenient as when he votes with the Dems (which is far more than many Dems do) nt Doremus Feb 2019 #180
No doubt... only way I'll vote for him. InAbLuEsTaTe Feb 2019 #14
bernie is NOT A DEMOCRAT!!! if he changes just to run .... that is just opportunistic. trueblue2007 Feb 2019 #19
And dishonest and manipulative and ..... NightWatcher Feb 2019 #22
I expect better. Loyalty. NurseJackie Feb 2019 #62
Bernie's more of a Democrat than most Democrats based on his voting record. InAbLuEsTaTe Feb 2019 #132
Then why does he call the party "ideologically bankrupt"? betsuni Feb 2019 #175
Are you saying you prefer Bernie caucus with the (R)s? Just for the record. nt Doremus Feb 2019 #181
HE trashs the Democratic Party as much as Trump, no doubt trueblue2007 Feb 2019 #185
He votes with the Dems more than some actual Dems. Doremus Feb 2019 #186
this Baltimike Feb 2019 #172
While trashing the Democratic Party more than Trump, no doubt Clash City Rocker Feb 2019 #30
Might too little too late Seasider Feb 2019 #6
I do hope that Democrats will finally conclude that he is not a Democrat question everything Feb 2019 #7
He has such contempt for our party... NurseJackie Feb 2019 #71
I wish he wouldn't. I see no purpose for him stirring these things theophilus Feb 2019 #8
"Bernie adds nothing"?! LOL, that's why every serious declared candidate so far has adopted the same InAbLuEsTaTe Feb 2019 #150
Fool me once ... etc. nt Apollyonus Feb 2019 #9
I think ole Bernie snowybirdie Feb 2019 #10
no doubt he will conveniently become a Democrat again, but hopefully with California moving their still_one Feb 2019 #11
Even if the race isn't decided by Super Tuesday, as it was in 2016, Sanders won't be in the running. Garrett78 Feb 2019 #35
His base argues that it is to push his issues still_one Feb 2019 #39
He's done that. And Democrats, generally speaking, have the same positions. Garrett78 Feb 2019 #45
I agree still_one Feb 2019 #50
No path to victory? I hope you are right. comradebillyboy Feb 2019 #57
If you look at the primary schedule, it gets really rough for Sanders after New Hampshire. Garrett78 Feb 2019 #82
Yes, and wryter2000 Feb 2019 #67
It appears that sanders latest poorly reviewed book is not selling Gothmog Feb 2019 #149
Sanders is last year's news. No way he can compete with the Ds who have already announced. stopbush Feb 2019 #15
HARD PASS nt backabby-blue Feb 2019 #16
MEANIE!!!!! QC Feb 2019 #17
NO! peggysue2 Feb 2019 #21
And I'll point out that Kamala's voting record is almost identical to Warren's. Garrett78 Feb 2019 #37
I like them both and . . . peggysue2 Feb 2019 #40
Except that Warren has 6 years to KH's 2 years. aikoaiko Feb 2019 #87
Kamala appears to be the chosen one... Stellar Feb 2019 #101
Do you know that they weren't offered one? Empowerer Feb 2019 #118
Klobuchar has 1 coming up, and we don't know if others have declined. Garrett78 Feb 2019 #137
Not so I like Klobuchar and I tell ya what when there are those INdemo Feb 2019 #155
I didn't say anything about not liking Klobuchar. Garrett78 Feb 2019 #161
Ok... INdemo Feb 2019 #164
He could do so much more for his issues by endorsing musicblind Feb 2019 #89
Just go away Bernie. Little Star Feb 2019 #23
🙄nt helpisontheway Feb 2019 #24
No more Bernie. honest.abe Feb 2019 #25
No comment RandySF Feb 2019 #26
Nope NastyRiffraff Feb 2019 #28
I would be happy to give him MuseRider Feb 2019 #29
What about his tax returns? Apollyonus Feb 2019 #127
Perhaps if you read the entire post, it really was not too long, MuseRider Feb 2019 #130
He only sent two pages of a 2014 return Apollyonus Feb 2019 #131
WTH? MuseRider Feb 2019 #134
Very much. Thank you kindly. nt Apollyonus Feb 2019 #140
I can't wait to hear BS answer debate questions about the allegations of sexual violence lapucelle Feb 2019 #31
Those will be interesting questions Gothmog Feb 2019 #115
Bernie Supporters at Reddit riverine Feb 2019 #32
Some Democrats do want Bernie's help. I'm one of them. aikoaiko Feb 2019 #94
What help? Apollyonus Feb 2019 #125
He helps us voice more lefter positions. aikoaiko Feb 2019 #154
Cool story bro n/t Apollyonus Feb 2019 #157
I really want to see sanders' tax returns Gothmog Feb 2019 #33
Abssolutely Apollyonus Feb 2019 #51
To get on the ballot in Maryland, sanders will have to release tax reurns Gothmog Feb 2019 #63
I can't imagine he'll still be in the race on April 28. 2016 was tailor-made for Sanders. Garrett78 Feb 2019 #95
The filing deadline for Maryland will be long before the primary date Gothmog Feb 2019 #96
Good point. When is the deadline, I wonder. Garrett78 Feb 2019 #97
Is that true? The last I heard the Maryland State Senate passed that bill, but the House never even Midwestern Democrat Feb 2019 #113
This bill was signed Gothmog Feb 2019 #183
Meh Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Feb 2019 #34
lol ! stonecutter357 Feb 2019 #36
So he's saying that none of the ones who've already declared are any good? KitSileya Feb 2019 #38
Well, ya know they are only running on being women or POC.... Adrahil Feb 2019 #126
Yeah, because their detailed policies, practical solutions, and in-depth knowledge KitSileya Feb 2019 #145
Bernie will get to the bottom of Trump's tax return concealment. oasis Feb 2019 #41
Not concealing his own would be a great start. BannonsLiver Feb 2019 #44
lulz nt Apollyonus Feb 2019 #54
Whoopie... /s nt GemDigger Feb 2019 #42
The rules have changed and now sanders will have to join the party if he wants to run Gothmog Feb 2019 #43
Or it will cause him to run as an Indie, split the vote and we're stuck with Trump. Vinca Feb 2019 #48
Anyone who votes for an independent deserves Trump. LongtimeAZDem Feb 2019 #53
That's nice, but it also means we're stuck with Trump. Vinca Feb 2019 #85
That's why we need to get out the vote for the real Democrats LongtimeAZDem Feb 2019 #90
Most of us will, but Bernie is a far bigger threat to split the vote than the Starbucks guy. Vinca Feb 2019 #105
Sanders isn't going to run as a 3rd party candidate. Garrett78 Feb 2019 #138
His legacy would then remain as a spoiler .. forever nt Apollyonus Feb 2019 #55
Nader is still hated for his efforts to give W the 2000 election Gothmog Feb 2019 #61
I know I still hate him wryter2000 Feb 2019 #68
Nader was rove's puppet Gothmog Feb 2019 #83
As are his supporters. I hate them all. NurseJackie Feb 2019 #70
Same here Gothmog Feb 2019 #79
That would kill his book sales Gothmog Feb 2019 #59
yawn nt Apollyonus Feb 2019 #49
Bernie is all about Bernie. Stay in the Senate. SCRUBDASHRUB Feb 2019 #56
And ... while losing the primary Apollyonus Feb 2019 #66
Exactly. honest.abe Feb 2019 #84
You nailed him. He will also continue to run/campaign Kahuna7 Feb 2019 #109
+1000 nt Apollyonus Feb 2019 #121
And attacks on real Democrats like Congressman John Lewis Gothmog Feb 2019 #163
Oh for fucks sake. BlueStater Feb 2019 #58
I have a $100 donation ready for the day he announces. eom roody Feb 2019 #69
I love Bernie !!! SamKnause Feb 2019 #72
Do you agree with someone who says that... NurseJackie Feb 2019 #74
Nothing says 'vote for Dems' like bashing the entire Dem Party! Chemisse Feb 2019 #77
You're absolutely correct! It serves no good purpose for anyone... NurseJackie Feb 2019 #81
I love Bernie but I'm concerned he would swap back to Independent once elected PTWB Feb 2019 #73
Nothing. Nothing at all. NurseJackie Feb 2019 #75
Sanders altered the conversation. we see that through our 2020 candidates. Kurt V. Feb 2019 #76
Which Sanders is More Destructive? Darson Feb 2019 #78
+1000 nt Apollyonus Feb 2019 #124
Win or lose Bernie has been a big reason the Democratic Party is moving in the right direction. jalan48 Feb 2019 #80
Nope. Thank you, next. grossproffit Feb 2019 #86
I welcome Bernie as much as anyone at this point. aikoaiko Feb 2019 #88
hear, hear! Stellar Feb 2019 #104
Same here. aikoaiko Feb 2019 #153
Oh brother! GMAFB! Nobody is saying that. NurseJackie Feb 2019 #143
There are plenty of people telling Bernie to go away aikoaiko Feb 2019 #152
Nobody is chasing away Bernie supporters. NurseJackie Feb 2019 #156
What I'm talking about has nothing to do with Bernie's feelings aikoaiko Feb 2019 #165
Neither was I. NurseJackie Feb 2019 #167
He has been a parasite on the Democratic party; he deserves no more help from us. LongtimeAZDem Feb 2019 #91
I think it would be great if he runs! David__77 Feb 2019 #92
What's positive about having anyone falsely claim there's "no difference" NurseJackie Feb 2019 #93
It is not good enough to say, 'Hey, I'm an independent senator, runner-up in the 2016 contest for betsuni Feb 2019 #98
I love Bernie and he is my first choice. Stellar Feb 2019 #99
Who are "corporate Democrats"? betsuni Feb 2019 #100
Poster is using a divisive slam. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Feb 2019 #120
Sorry, BS is too divisive.. I want to Win.. Cha Feb 2019 #168
Mahalo! NurseJackie Feb 2019 #170
Yes, We Want to WIN!! Another BLUE WAVE!!! Cha Feb 2019 #173
He's had two years to get his tax returns together. So when will he release them? n/t pnwmom Feb 2019 #102
I don't understand this: betsuni Feb 2019 #103
I dislike her a lot... NurseJackie Feb 2019 #133
Reality check. AOC is going to endorse him padah513 Feb 2019 #106
I'm not sure that will matter much. kstewart33 Feb 2019 #123
What has AOC accomplished, again?!? Oh, right. She got elected. And then?? PubliusEnigma Feb 2019 #129
I'd give her more than one month to show what she can accomplish. nt Stellar Feb 2019 #159
Supported him. Then supported Hillary. Will not support him this time. rainin Feb 2019 #107
Bernie's a contender and I'm good with him running again. Autumn Feb 2019 #110
Are you "happy to hear him talking about"... NurseJackie Feb 2019 #135
Here's a difference Jackie. I listen to what he says, not out of context snippets. As long as Bernie Autumn Feb 2019 #136
Oh it's very clear what he's saying, Autumn. NurseJackie Feb 2019 #139
I don't take issue with you liking him but he has no shot at getting nominated. Garrett78 Feb 2019 #141
There are several others who have no shot at getting nominated. I'm stiill good with Autumn Feb 2019 #144
But, we can make some fairly accurate educated guesses using common sense. NurseJackie Feb 2019 #146
Some run to be considered for VP or a cabinet post. Or to boost their public profile. Garrett78 Feb 2019 #158
It doesn't matter if it's all downhill after New Hampshire for Sanders. As far as I'm concerned Autumn Feb 2019 #160
Allies are supposed to be supportive. NurseJackie Feb 2019 #162
The Second Time Around DemocratSinceBirth Feb 2019 #111
I like Bernie just fine...but just like last time he ain't getting my vote in a DEMOCRATIC primary. UniteFightBack Feb 2019 #112
I'm So Excited DemocratSinceBirth Feb 2019 #116
Time to fade away now, Bernie. PubliusEnigma Feb 2019 #128
He got clobbered in Florida during the 2016 primary: Scurrilous Feb 2019 #147
I would respect this so much more had he worked to get Clinton elected. NT WeekiWater Feb 2019 #169
And all the Democrats with her. We were a shoo-in for control of the senate! Hortensis Feb 2019 #171
I'm tired of clicking off Sanders, don't want more. How about Ralph Nader instead?! Hortensis Feb 2019 #174
I like Bernie Sanders, but time to give the next genreration the baton..... ProudMNDemocrat Feb 2019 #177
Hopefully he'll push the party left again this time, as he did in 2016. Doremus Feb 2019 #182
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