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2. It's a foiled loss
Thu Jul 11, 2019, 07:25 PM
Jul 2019

I look at a “win” as something that moves us all forward in the right direction.

Successively preventing yet another piece of crazy ass shit from this band of evil nitwits is just holding ground.

One of the things I missed in Ken Burns’ The Civil War the first time, was the poignancy of the periodic “updates on what’s happening in the rest of the world” while the US was preoccupied with having to put down a rebellion of shitheads.

That was a massive win today [View all] malaise Jul 2019 OP
You know, I trust you Bettie Jul 2019 #1
It's a foiled loss jberryhill Jul 2019 #2
YES, this. BamaRefugee Jul 2019 #9
+1 CrispyQ Jul 2019 #32
The idiot-in -chief declares he will get the information elsewhere. panader0 Jul 2019 #3
Malaise, I do not think he is done yet rurallib Jul 2019 #4
+10000, they are going to still try and cook the census books ex post facto Celerity Jul 2019 #5
Neither do I but he did not dare disobey the Supreme Court malaise Jul 2019 #7
The SC, even though it is majority fascists, is still hanging by a thread... pangaia Jul 2019 #21
Yes... and I for one did a happy dance... Thekaspervote Jul 2019 #29
It was an elaborate scheme... kentuck Jul 2019 #11
They will still not fill out the form. former9thward Jul 2019 #18
Perhaps, but that wouldn't affect the 2020 election StarfishSaver Jul 2019 #19
Not according to TPM NRaleighLiberal Jul 2019 #6
Right on! kentuck Jul 2019 #12
Citizen-based districting at state levels will be overruled as unconstitutional. It'll be ongoing ancianita Jul 2019 #17
From legal discussions I saw today, SCOTUS has ruled it is constitutional. CaptainTruth Jul 2019 #22
They ruled that they can't rule on state districting, so I guess, yes. But it seems that in national ancianita Jul 2019 #23
I'm a citizen of Fucktrumpia... JenniferJuniper Jul 2019 #8
I think he's truly terrified of being impeached, regardless of whether the Senate convict him Fiendish Thingy Jul 2019 #10
I wonder who was able to convince him of that defying the SC would lead to impeachment. QED Jul 2019 #15
K&R Scurrilous Jul 2019 #13
Neal Katyal agrees. moondust Jul 2019 #14
one thing is guaranteed: trump's fuckery is not over EveHammond13 Jul 2019 #16
Thank you ACLU, watoos Jul 2019 #20
Yes, states CAN redistrict counting only citizens, or eligible voters as GOP plan seems to be. CaptainTruth Jul 2019 #25
The Supreme Court Case RobinA Jul 2019 #24
Do you really think customerserviceguy Jul 2019 #26
I canvassed for the census for the Iliyah Jul 2019 #27
'Illegal' is an adjective, not a noun. roody Jul 2019 #31
k&r Demovictory9 Jul 2019 #28
Yes it was but really it was already decided underpants Jul 2019 #30
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