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41. If my thoughts seem unrealistic or hyperbolic, there's much to date that I DIDN'T "envision."
Sat Oct 19, 2019, 09:23 PM
Oct 2019

I knew full well that a Trump presidency would be terribly toxic and costly in terms of racism and xenophobia, judicial appointments, etc., but there is much I didn’t foresee:

-I didn’t envision 45 actually winning the presidency, but it happened (with some outside help).
-I didn’t envision the extent to which the Republican Party would eventually throw its full weight behind a dangerous, utterly corrupt con-man of questionable sanity.
-I didn’t envision the extent of Russian meddling, but it happened, and it continues.
-I didn’t envision the ho-hum, in-your-face visibility of lawbreaking in plain sight, but it’s happening.

Americans have been ideologically “weaponized” against one another, and thrown into a partisan divide like no other time, except perhaps the Civil War.

There are now chiseled-in-stone, hardline stances on issues from whch neither side will ever budge: climate change and the importance of science, immigration, gun safety legislation, women’s reproductive rights, quality healthcare, on and on.

How much longer will a majority of Americans be content to live under minority Republican rule, due to right-wing exploitation of the Electoral College and Senate apportionment (not to mention gerrymandering and voter suppression)? A citizen of Wyoming, the smallest state by population, has approximately 67 times the voting-power of a citizen in California, the largest state by population. And this particular disparity among the states is only increasing.
Example: population/representation/voting power in seven combined Republican states:
Alaska 737 thousand
Idaho 1.7 million
Montana 1.1 million
North Dakota 760 thousand
South Dakota, 882 thousand
Utah 3.2 million
Wyoming 578 thousand
TOTAL combined population: 9 million
TOTAL number of combined senators: 14
California, Democratic state, population: 40 million
TOTAL number of senators: 2

Where do things go from here? How much can one group take from the other? All of which is to say, I have no actual idea how an actual schism would unfold. But the situation (even if Trump’s gone) cannot continue in this matter. Our democracy can only withstand so much chaos.

He is correct our country is collapsing before our eyes and an insane man is destroying the kimbutgar Oct 2019 #1
"The coasts pulling away from Washington" misanthrope Oct 2019 #5
CA, NY and New England will be the first to go. roamer65 Oct 2019 #10
Sounds like a plan. What about New Mexico and Colorado (and possibly part of Texas)? triron Oct 2019 #11
It's truly hard to predict. There is one BIG variable. roamer65 Oct 2019 #15
New Mexico and Colorado will definitely not be hit by flooding (except local from snowmelt). triron Oct 2019 #16
Why not just be returned to Mexico? lunatica Oct 2019 #27
Secession wouldn't be so simple or peaceful. For starters, how would they divvy up the Alithea Oct 2019 #22
Excellent question. Ironically, the U.S. assisted with this issue when the U.S.S.R collapsed... VOX Oct 2019 #24
Fascinating article! Alithea Oct 2019 #31
What makes you think Canada would want us a_blue_expat Oct 2019 #29
Here is the reason. roamer65 Oct 2019 #54
I have been a proponent of inherent Contempt forever... pbmus Oct 2019 #2
Or Steny knows best. triron Oct 2019 #3
I hate to say this but 'the public' has no idea what is happening.. pangaia Oct 2019 #14
Specifically no, generally yes pbmus Oct 2019 #30
Agree 100% I_UndergroundPanther Oct 2019 #53
Kick dalton99a Oct 2019 #4
+ a MILLION! FirstLight Oct 2019 #6
The House can;t remove Trump. The Senate has to do that (uf it's done through impeachment). triron Oct 2019 #34
For many years, the Republican Party has worked tirelessly to undermine democratic institutions... Garrett78 Oct 2019 #7
Kiss democracy bye bye.. triron Oct 2019 #8
Not to be pedantic but shouldn't Seth use 'are' and not 'is'? Any grammar authorities here? triron Oct 2019 #9
America (singular) - is (singular) FakeNoose Oct 2019 #12
Yes, he should have. Pacifist Patriot Oct 2019 #17
Yes the grammar is irrelevant isn't it. triron Oct 2019 #35
I think it should be past tense...it has already collapsed. BigmanPigman Oct 2019 #13
no surprise. this is what the end-of-the-line looks like. 0rganism Oct 2019 #18
KR NT ProudProgressiveNow Oct 2019 #19
They are all feasting on corruption now. Pepsidog Oct 2019 #20
I've got that gnawing feeling benld74 Oct 2019 #21
Our democracy has already collapsed, our rule of law has always favored the rich and powerful. nt yaesu Oct 2019 #23
Abramson knows what he's talking about. BlancheSplanchnik Oct 2019 #25
IF - the House sends articles of impeachment pnwest Oct 2019 #26
It isn't "us" Cosmocat Oct 2019 #33
That's where this comes into play: Garrett78 Oct 2019 #37
There are now two distinctly different Americas, and neither one wants anything to do with the other VOX Oct 2019 #28
+1000 smirkymonkey Oct 2019 #32
How do you envision this "process of separating" taking shape? Garrett78 Oct 2019 #38
If my thoughts seem unrealistic or hyperbolic, there's much to date that I DIDN'T "envision." VOX Oct 2019 #41
Just to be clear, I wasn't being critical or snarky. Garrett78 Oct 2019 #42
Understood. Ironically, the U.S. helped the broken USSR secure its 39,000 nukes. VOX Oct 2019 #44
If they do break America, they will say they had to for our own good. NCLefty Oct 2019 #36
Bannon is a white nationalist, isolationist and traditionalist/anti-secularist. Garrett78 Oct 2019 #39
I could have told Seth this when McTurtle denied Obama his SCOTUS pick. intheflow Oct 2019 #40
The media pushed things along for Putin. triron Oct 2019 #46
Why it was Impeachyesterday Laura PourMeADrink Oct 2019 #43
Yes. Congress evidently isn't there (Where Seth is) yet. Makes me wonder. triron Oct 2019 #45
I trust Pelosi, she is being methodical. She knows. dewsgirl Oct 2019 #51
Perhaps. Just seems otherwise to me. But I keep hoping. triron Oct 2019 #55
I posted my own quick run-down of the fix we're in on another thread but it fits well here. SuprstitionAintthWay Oct 2019 #47
Thoughtful. triron Oct 2019 #48
Stand up, America. Kid Berwyn Oct 2019 #49
Problem is at least half the country is either asleep or in denial. triron Oct 2019 #50
Seth isn't just pushing the alarm button, he's sitting on it donkeypoofed Oct 2019 #52
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