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Mike 03

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31. I appreciate what you are getting at.
Sun Jan 19, 2020, 11:14 AM
Jan 2020

I find it difficult to discuss this without bringing ethics into it, but that could be a failure on my part (for the purposes of this discussion).

"The key is to look at the actions taken when there's no stake involved." This is a crucial point.

In some situations, something might be "at stake" we're not aware of.

I apologize if some of my posts seemed confrontational. I actually find your ideas worthwhile for discussion in a clinical sense, but with so much at stake I think it's important to remember the immense consequences of his position in this trial. I find it hard to have this discussion without considering the ethics of the situation. But I appreciate how clinical your examination is.

Dershowitz is a attention monger, grandstander and showboater, democratisphere Jan 2020 #1
Agreed, but he's a particular type of attention monger, grandstander, and showboater. cab67 Jan 2020 #4
Is Jonathan Turley a contrarian? dewsgirl Jan 2020 #2
I think so, to some extent. cab67 Jan 2020 #3
He came to my mind too. Mike 03 Jan 2020 #13
for all his bombast, he is not a constitutionalist. hlthe2b Jan 2020 #5
I agree with you in part. cab67 Jan 2020 #6
Deluded & poorly informed on the constitution. I said he earned his reputation on criminal defense/ hlthe2b Jan 2020 #7
righto. cab67 Jan 2020 #8
He says he opposes impeachment no matter who it is or what they do bluedye33139 Jan 2020 #9
He moved far right after 9-11. Voltaire2 Jan 2020 #10
Contrarians can be assholes. cab67 Jan 2020 #26
Sure, but he is primarily a rightwing asshole. Voltaire2 Jan 2020 #41
Correct greenjar_01 Jan 2020 #29
Dersh may be a contrarian, and love the sound of his own voice FM123 Jan 2020 #11
Yes and no. cab67 Jan 2020 #25
I think it's simpler than that. His *true* involvement w/ Epstein is known to Bill Barr. Dennis Donovan Jan 2020 #12
Also, he might think that participating in this trial will change the subject from the Epstein case Mike 03 Jan 2020 #20
Why think Alan Dershowitz is a piece of shit. denbot Jan 2020 #14
In no way am I excusing anything. cab67 Jan 2020 #48
FBI Profiler John Douglas was also one of the first people to ridicule the prosecution's theory Mike 03 Jan 2020 #15
Contrarian, perhaps, but equipped with the flimsiest, paper-thin arguments and evidence Mr. Ected Jan 2020 #16
This is something denialists, contrarians, and crackpots all share in common. cab67 Jan 2020 #24
Just for clarification Mike 03 Jan 2020 #17
Dershowitz thought Knox was guilty. cab67 Jan 2020 #22
My bad! I see what you are saying. Mike 03 Jan 2020 #28
In most cases, sociopathy. cab67 Jan 2020 #47
Even worse, he thought the US should not interfere in her behalf MaryMagdaline Jan 2020 #37
But at least snowybirdie Jan 2020 #18
Is that fancy talk for "nobber" ? OnDoutside Jan 2020 #19
We used to have a phrase. Mike 03 Jan 2020 #21
This isn't mutually exclusive of being a contrarian. cab67 Jan 2020 #23
I appreciate what you are getting at. Mike 03 Jan 2020 #31
Much appreciated. cab67 Jan 2020 #38
Lots of people continue to believe Knox and Sollecito involved greenjar_01 Jan 2020 #27
This is indeed unfortunate. cab67 Jan 2020 #44
People certainly believe all kinds of things greenjar_01 Jan 2020 #49
Ego, at some level, often involved? empedocles Jan 2020 #30
Usually. cab67 Jan 2020 #45
Dersch is giving the GOP an excuse to acquit. aeromanKC Jan 2020 #32
Good point-- he knows being contrary is what gets attention. dawg day Jan 2020 #33
On the other hand, Ken Starr is just a Republican house painter. rickford66 Jan 2020 #34
If by "contrarian" you mean a danger to democracy, scrabblequeen40 Jan 2020 #35
Most contrarians are intellectually dishonest. cab67 Jan 2020 #46
This is a good explanation for his behavior MaryMagdaline Jan 2020 #36
This is a very good point. cab67 Jan 2020 #43
Occam's razor .... rufus dog Jan 2020 #39
I'm reminded of an old Far Side cartoon. cab67 Jan 2020 #42
But he is a consistent contrarian... kentuck Jan 2020 #40
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