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32. Dersch is giving the GOP an excuse to acquit.
Sun Jan 19, 2020, 11:23 AM
Jan 2020

His rhetoric is gobbliegook, but it sounds constitutional and scholarly. Ari did all he could from laughing in his face during his interview the other night, but Dersch's legal and scholar background will give the GOP all they need to satisfy them in the moment and vote to acquit.
The history books will savage them however. Hopefully so to will the people at the ballot box in November.

Dershowitz is a attention monger, grandstander and showboater, democratisphere Jan 2020 #1
Agreed, but he's a particular type of attention monger, grandstander, and showboater. cab67 Jan 2020 #4
Is Jonathan Turley a contrarian? dewsgirl Jan 2020 #2
I think so, to some extent. cab67 Jan 2020 #3
He came to my mind too. Mike 03 Jan 2020 #13
for all his bombast, he is not a constitutionalist. hlthe2b Jan 2020 #5
I agree with you in part. cab67 Jan 2020 #6
Deluded & poorly informed on the constitution. I said he earned his reputation on criminal defense/ hlthe2b Jan 2020 #7
righto. cab67 Jan 2020 #8
He says he opposes impeachment no matter who it is or what they do bluedye33139 Jan 2020 #9
He moved far right after 9-11. Voltaire2 Jan 2020 #10
Contrarians can be assholes. cab67 Jan 2020 #26
Sure, but he is primarily a rightwing asshole. Voltaire2 Jan 2020 #41
Correct greenjar_01 Jan 2020 #29
Dersh may be a contrarian, and love the sound of his own voice FM123 Jan 2020 #11
Yes and no. cab67 Jan 2020 #25
I think it's simpler than that. His *true* involvement w/ Epstein is known to Bill Barr. Dennis Donovan Jan 2020 #12
Also, he might think that participating in this trial will change the subject from the Epstein case Mike 03 Jan 2020 #20
Why think Alan Dershowitz is a piece of shit. denbot Jan 2020 #14
In no way am I excusing anything. cab67 Jan 2020 #48
FBI Profiler John Douglas was also one of the first people to ridicule the prosecution's theory Mike 03 Jan 2020 #15
Contrarian, perhaps, but equipped with the flimsiest, paper-thin arguments and evidence Mr. Ected Jan 2020 #16
This is something denialists, contrarians, and crackpots all share in common. cab67 Jan 2020 #24
Just for clarification Mike 03 Jan 2020 #17
Dershowitz thought Knox was guilty. cab67 Jan 2020 #22
My bad! I see what you are saying. Mike 03 Jan 2020 #28
In most cases, sociopathy. cab67 Jan 2020 #47
Even worse, he thought the US should not interfere in her behalf MaryMagdaline Jan 2020 #37
But at least snowybirdie Jan 2020 #18
Is that fancy talk for "nobber" ? OnDoutside Jan 2020 #19
We used to have a phrase. Mike 03 Jan 2020 #21
This isn't mutually exclusive of being a contrarian. cab67 Jan 2020 #23
I appreciate what you are getting at. Mike 03 Jan 2020 #31
Much appreciated. cab67 Jan 2020 #38
Lots of people continue to believe Knox and Sollecito involved greenjar_01 Jan 2020 #27
This is indeed unfortunate. cab67 Jan 2020 #44
People certainly believe all kinds of things greenjar_01 Jan 2020 #49
Ego, at some level, often involved? empedocles Jan 2020 #30
Usually. cab67 Jan 2020 #45
Dersch is giving the GOP an excuse to acquit. aeromanKC Jan 2020 #32
Good point-- he knows being contrary is what gets attention. dawg day Jan 2020 #33
On the other hand, Ken Starr is just a Republican house painter. rickford66 Jan 2020 #34
If by "contrarian" you mean a danger to democracy, scrabblequeen40 Jan 2020 #35
Most contrarians are intellectually dishonest. cab67 Jan 2020 #46
This is a good explanation for his behavior MaryMagdaline Jan 2020 #36
This is a very good point. cab67 Jan 2020 #43
Occam's razor .... rufus dog Jan 2020 #39
I'm reminded of an old Far Side cartoon. cab67 Jan 2020 #42
But he is a consistent contrarian... kentuck Jan 2020 #40
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