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Thu Mar 5, 2020, 11:52 PM Mar 2020

On a scale of 1 to 10, how concerned are you about coronavirus? [View all]

121 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
10- My bunker is stocked and ready, I'm just waiting for the bodies to start dropping
9 (7%)
10 (8%)
14 (12%)
20 (17%)
6- I'm re-reading The Stand for survival tips, but not charging up my credit cards yet
9 (7%)
19 (16%)
8 (7%)
10 (8%)
11 (9%)
1- I was already hoping for a meteor, anyway
11 (9%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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Moderately concerned for myself, meadowlander Mar 2020 #1
Got the elecampane, Lung Tonic, guaifenesin, extra D3 and the Vick's Steam Inhaler for the lungs. TheBlackAdder Mar 2020 #35
750 million people in China were quarantined for weeks (link) that's a big hit to world GDP uponit7771 Mar 2020 #2
Concerned about disruption of social services, not a zombie apocalypse. FreepFryer Mar 2020 #3
My wife was just laid off because of hotel cancellations RandySF Mar 2020 #4
I'm sorry Demovictory9 Mar 2020 #27
Thanks, I think San Francisco is going to get hit hard economically RandySF Mar 2020 #32
I'm sorry to hear this n/t OhioChick Mar 2020 #39
I'm not sure where I belong on this scale radical noodle Mar 2020 #5
What you said, and also the economic hit that some will suffer Rorey Mar 2020 #9
So true... radical noodle Mar 2020 #12
Same here, pretty much Rorey Mar 2020 #29
Yep, just like with so many things in America misanthrope Mar 2020 #19
I used to be the working poor Rorey Mar 2020 #25
well said Demovictory9 Mar 2020 #28
I picked 6 for the Stephen King reference! 🤣 😷 herding cats Mar 2020 #6
That's rational, especially if it really starts spreading coti Mar 2020 #7
Fortunately, they can vaccinate against the flu and bacterial pneumonia. herding cats Mar 2020 #18
I know the feeling my mom marlakay Mar 2020 #45
I will go an 8 because it is obvious while traveling for business this week no precaution taken by lunasun Mar 2020 #8
Precisely why I don't participate in buffets NT Rorey Mar 2020 #10
Well hotel style free breakfast can always be scketchy even at a Marriott property but now lunasun Mar 2020 #22
Oh yeah, been there, done that Rorey Mar 2020 #23
They should put a Purell bottle next to those tongs dalton99a Mar 2020 #42
Precisely why I don't participate in children. BlancheSplanchnik Mar 2020 #109
LOL Rorey Mar 2020 #114
I hate em all. Equal opportunity. BlancheSplanchnik Mar 2020 #118
+1, Trump's inaction has hurt the nation uponit7771 Mar 2020 #47
I work in the schools on the front lines so a bit concerned. nt Quixote1818 Mar 2020 #11
Pretty worried Johnny2X2X Mar 2020 #13
I'm in a high-risk group misanthrope Mar 2020 #14
One thing I'm doing... morillon Mar 2020 #21
Are you me? ;) lol. another Alpha! moriah Mar 2020 #84
I can relate to that misanthrope Mar 2020 #88
People like you are why I am concerned Marrah_Goodman Mar 2020 #116
Kind of you to say, thanks misanthrope Mar 2020 #117
I have employees in high risk categories Generic Brad Mar 2020 #15
Moderately concerned, but safe morillon Mar 2020 #16
I worry about the consequences... stillcool Mar 2020 #17
Concerned about what shutting down the factory known as China is going to do compounded by Afromania Mar 2020 #20
I'm an RN working in a home for disabled veterans. I'm over 50 and diabetic. Maru Kitteh Mar 2020 #24
I am ACTUALLY rereading "The Stand." dchill Mar 2020 #26
My buffer zone went from 250 mi to 60 mi Sewa Mar 2020 #30
It's literally next door to me now. Not thrilled. Squinch Mar 2020 #51
Minus seven. PoindexterOglethorpe Mar 2020 #31
It's only been around for a few months. meadowlander Mar 2020 #36
Right. The official death toll is around 3 percent, but that's because some relatively small PoindexterOglethorpe Mar 2020 #38
As above, there are only 70,000 ventilators in US hospitals. meadowlander Mar 2020 #43
The relatively small number of ventilators may well turn out to be a problem. PoindexterOglethorpe Mar 2020 #70
We don't need 29 million ventilators, meadowlander Mar 2020 #72
Thank you customerserviceguy Mar 2020 #91
+1000 smirkymonkey Mar 2020 #94
I agree with you when you say: "I know, that seems as if I don't give a flying fuck about old people Doodley Mar 2020 #63
Do you know what the infection rate is? tia uponit7771 Mar 2020 #48
No we don't. But the 2-3% death rate is not of everyone infected, PoindexterOglethorpe Mar 2020 #69
It also doesn't include people who died but weren't tested. meadowlander Mar 2020 #73
Is there reason to believe a lot of people died who weren't tested? PoindexterOglethorpe Mar 2020 #78
Genetic testing in Seattle suggests the virus was spreading through the community for six weeks meadowlander Mar 2020 #86
So was there a noticeable spike in deaths during that time? PoindexterOglethorpe Mar 2020 #93
I've read up Turin_C3PO Mar 2020 #66
Bookmarked! nt USALiberal Mar 2020 #74
I would bookmark, but I suspect it will just be too ugly to look back on it. Squinch Mar 2020 #76
If only considering the disease itself I would have voted lower. GulfCoast66 Mar 2020 #75
I see that HIMSS conference was just canceled today. musette_sf Mar 2020 #87
I'm very concerned because our government bamagal62 Mar 2020 #33
Where they quarantining millions of people during SARS? uponit7771 Mar 2020 #49
About 7 or 8. I live in VT but work in NH sorcrow Mar 2020 #34
2.71828 ... Buckeye_Democrat Mar 2020 #37
eeeeeeeeeeeeee! Lucid Dreamer Mar 2020 #50
Mmm! Buckeye_Democrat Mar 2020 #68
I'm worried about how stressed our medical system will be sakabatou Mar 2020 #40
Well, I'm slap in the middle of the thing. A few miles from the nursing home. nolabear Mar 2020 #41
Hunker down and stay well, nolabear. Totally Tunsie Mar 2020 #44
Probably be less worried if I hadn't been woodsprite Mar 2020 #46
I don't think I have ever seen a poll on DU with such variety dewsgirl Mar 2020 #52
I'm currently at Disney World Clash City Rocker Mar 2020 #53
I chose 5 on the poll, but last night I panic-bought those zinc lozenges Croney Mar 2020 #54
Cold-eze those things work GusBob Mar 2020 #57
Thanks, it's good to hear I didn't throw my money away. Croney Mar 2020 #58
my main concern is a crashing economy as businesses are force to shutdown for months beachbumbob Mar 2020 #55
My local economy relies heavily on tourism and healthcare The Genealogist Mar 2020 #81
first deaths reported in zFlorida, thing Spring Break will be impacted? beachbumbob Mar 2020 #98
Worried about family in high risk, and I expect to be laid off at a bad time lostnfound Mar 2020 #56
not at all concerned for myself... handmade34 Mar 2020 #59
This is a 10. We are in unchartered water and there is no end in sight. Doodley Mar 2020 #60
Not concerned, but picked 2 because I'm not hoping for a meteor Zing Zing Zingbah Mar 2020 #61
I'm the 0 member because I really can't answer that. tavernier Mar 2020 #62
I'd say a 5. Initech Mar 2020 #64
6. Turin_C3PO Mar 2020 #65
I went with 4. Me and my whole family will likely get it, yet it won't cause a major disruption for cbdo2007 Mar 2020 #67
I'm prepared as well as I can be so I'm not concerned. Kaleva Mar 2020 #71
I'm only concerned TheFarseer Mar 2020 #77
So far I was going to die from Ebola, Mad Cow, Swine flu, ... LakeArenal Mar 2020 #79
I am at an 8 because the federal govt is controlled by science haters. bronxiteforever Mar 2020 #80
4 ibegurpard Mar 2020 #82
It's a loaded question to ask. defacto7 Mar 2020 #83
I'm about on 8: musette_sf Mar 2020 #85
Concerned for myself, my family? Or concerned for others who are vulnerable? NurseJackie Mar 2020 #89
I went with 10 customerserviceguy Mar 2020 #90
Not so much, for me. I've got a freakishly robust immune system. But for others, hell yes I'm scared Siwsan Mar 2020 #92
I'm cautiously optimistic that civilization won't be completely destroyed struggle4progress Mar 2020 #95
Personally? I've got a good immune system.... Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2020 #96
My concern about the virus is a 2... Blue_Tires Mar 2020 #97
10 minus the description lol Sunsky Mar 2020 #99
I did fill up the freezer today, just in case things start getting bad. nt coti Mar 2020 #100
I'm not really worried about myself gay texan Mar 2020 #101
I'm concerned about a possible domino effect in an already messed up economy. empedocles Mar 2020 #102
Work in healthcare. I'm worried. AllyCat Mar 2020 #103
I am worried for my 91 year old father who lives at a retirement complex. FM123 Mar 2020 #104
I live in a senior community and am quite concerned. KentuckyWoman Mar 2020 #105
I went with a 3. For myself I'm not worried at all. I'm retired & yje only time I go out is the napi21 Mar 2020 #106
It's a pandemic. Nearly all of us will catch it. Laelth Mar 2020 #107
I'm not really worried. I posted this in another thread, but I'll post it again here. bearsfootball516 Mar 2020 #108
I'm about as prepared as I can be so I'm not concerned. Kaleva Mar 2020 #110
Very concerned about everyone's health and financial distress for us. FloridaBlues Mar 2020 #111
Moderately concerned for myself, extremely concerned for older husband with COPD MLAA Mar 2020 #112
I went with 7, but I'm in Seattle. yewberry Mar 2020 #113
I'm concerned for my elderly parents. RhodeIslandOne Mar 2020 #115
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