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Post removed [View all] Post removed Jun 2020 OP
What happened? LizBeth Jun 2020 #1
I must have missed it too soothsayer Jun 2020 #3
I felt like I was at a Trump rally. shockey80 Jun 2020 #5
PM me? yardwork Jun 2020 #7
Nasty LizBeth Jun 2020 #8
PM me a link please malaise Jun 2020 #10
Trump fans seem more in the horse racing demographic BannonsLiver Jun 2020 #18
lol omg obamanut2012 Jun 2020 #19
No kidding. n/t demmiblue Jun 2020 #24
What a strange evening! obamanut2012 Jun 2020 #36
Just reminiscing: demmiblue Jun 2020 #44
I loved that show obamanut2012 Jun 2020 #49
He got a post removed. n/t demmiblue Jun 2020 #9
Ah LizBeth Jun 2020 #11
For what, I wonder? mvd Jun 2020 #13
I had one removed yesterday...I guess I should have said "sarcasm," but it seemed obvious. n/t blitzen Jun 2020 #16
Yes, I have had one removed as well ... same here, forgot to add a sarcasm! 42bambi Jun 2020 #40
That happened to me recently when I posted an obviously satirical clip. I appealed and it tblue37 Jun 2020 #47
I'm not sure if it is related.. PTWB Jun 2020 #25
Ok thanks mvd Jun 2020 #30
Correct, there are many degrees of Democrats on here Under The Radar Jun 2020 #27
I too have had one removed Sherman A1 Jun 2020 #43
Hell, is that all? Happened to me a number of times. Shouldn't take it personally. nt Blue_true Jun 2020 #20
I usually try to keep at least one removed on my profile Drahthaardogs Jun 2020 #22
Very clever. I never thought of that. nt Blue_true Jun 2020 #23
Shhhhhhh, Drahthaardogs Jun 2020 #29
??? still_one Jun 2020 #2
Inquiring minds....... 58Sunliner Jun 2020 #4
Welp i have not idea to what you are referring SoonerPride Jun 2020 #6
Rachel Alexandra? njhoneybadger Jun 2020 #12
I wanna know too Bluesaph Jun 2020 #14
Listen, people here have differing opinions. No need to blow a fuse... demmiblue Jun 2020 #15
This message was self-deleted by its author Raine Jun 2020 #17
Please thank your wife malaise Jun 2020 #21
Thank you. shockey80 Jun 2020 #46
Posts are like buses sometimes. Catch the next one. dameatball Jun 2020 #26
I saw your earlier post and agree with you aeromanKC Jun 2020 #28
Thank you. My wife and I have been and are planning to be safe for the long haul. shockey80 Jun 2020 #33
oh, believe me, I know the feeling Skittles Jun 2020 #31
what happened? demtenjeep Jun 2020 #32
We are all Democrats here, being an extremist in your beliefs, views, opinions. shockey80 Jun 2020 #34
Why are you answering yourself? And why is being against animal cruely extreme views? obamanut2012 Jun 2020 #35
You haven't summarized the hidden post... PTWB Jun 2020 #38
I didn;yt see it before it was hidden, either obamanut2012 Jun 2020 #39
I surely hope not. PTWB Jun 2020 #41
I literally have no idea obamanut2012 Jun 2020 #42
Are you talking about your thread on animal abuse? Crunchy Frog Jun 2020 #37
All us humans are a mix of good/bad & some here attack other DUers UTUSN Jun 2020 #45
Over these many years I've had more than a few posts removed malaise Jun 2020 #48
My original post was not removed. It was a good story. shockey80 Jun 2020 #52
Wish I had seen the thread malaise Jun 2020 #54
Lighten up, it is a discussion board! nt USALiberal Jun 2020 #50
Now THIS is beating a dead horse. nt NutmegYankee Jun 2020 #51
Indeed it was sir. miyazaki Jun 2020 #53
Many ways to be brutally honest, use y'r imagination. Cartwheels in your front yard without clothes. Judi Lynn Jun 2020 #55
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