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Sounds "white" to me too [View all] kpete Aug 2020 OP
I love David Hogg malaise Aug 2020 #1
Mighty White, Sir The Magistrate Aug 2020 #2
i hope he runs for office someday after hes done with school... samnsara Aug 2020 #3
K&R, Zimmerman chased said child through a dark neighborhood with armed with a loaded gun but uponit7771 Aug 2020 #4
And a jury agreed! yardwork Aug 2020 #14
How did we get on this Disgracefully slender limb StClone Aug 2020 #26
How did we get here? Reagan era repeal of the fairness doctrine. yardwork Aug 2020 #30
I voted for Reagan StClone Aug 2020 #31
Quite white. k&r n/t Laelth Aug 2020 #5
David frickin' Hogg rocks! Upthevibe Aug 2020 #6
Damn white! nt Wounded Bear Aug 2020 #7
The 17 year old shot only white people. Nt alp227 Aug 2020 #8
yes, surprised Hogg erroneously tossed that in there, it detracts from his core message Celerity Aug 2020 #13
You know what else detracts from his "message"? His lack of an apology to Nancy Pelosi... NurseJackie Aug 2020 #32
not his finest moment, have you asked him to apologise? Celerity Aug 2020 #33
Correct, but they were there supporting the BLM movement. KS Toronado Aug 2020 #15
He and other RW agitators went there to intimidate BLM protesters, radius777 Aug 2020 #16
This cayugafalls Aug 2020 #18
N*lovers griloco Aug 2020 #24
also James Chaney llashram Aug 2020 #29
No truer words. dalton99a Aug 2020 #9
Yep. Nails it. calimary Aug 2020 #10
You got that right! Dreampuff Aug 2020 #11
I'm with David leanforward Aug 2020 #12
Yup VA_Jill Aug 2020 #17
Foot on the gas pedal marieo1 Aug 2020 #19
A brief review with a fact checker would make Hogg's tweet more effective Devil Child Aug 2020 #20
Well said. wendyb-NC Aug 2020 #21
White on.... TygrBright Aug 2020 #22
That sums it up perfectly. NoRoadUntravelled Aug 2020 #23
Their logo ... aggiesal Aug 2020 #25
Funny story Steelrolled Aug 2020 #27
White it is. zentrum Aug 2020 #28
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