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25. And who was the "honeypot"?
Mon Aug 31, 2020, 12:41 PM
Aug 2020

It just gets ickier and ickier with this dude. He sold out his country for Russia and the donald.

Traitor. Traitor to his uniform. Traitor to his country. He belongs in a stockade - at the very least.

Get thee to the greatest page RFN! malaise Aug 2020 #1
+ one million H2O Man Aug 2020 #56
Looks like the traitor in the WH will end up pardoning the traitor, because they won't be able to still_one Aug 2020 #2
Yea but wouldn't it be funny if Trump had to exit and because of Flynn's wrangling he didn't even Maraya1969 Aug 2020 #27
I was thinking the same. Stretch this one out past January, if possible. yonder Aug 2020 #62
Trump can pardon him at any time, regardless of the status of court proceedings. n/t sl8 Aug 2020 #63
WOW! Johnny2X2X Aug 2020 #3
Pretty sure trump will pardon him still_one Aug 2020 #5
+1, this happened pretty quick. Dems can get subpeona's uponit7771 Aug 2020 #13
Probably not. If he is pardoned then he has no more right to refuse to testify grantcart Aug 2020 #35
No It Goes Back to the Trial Court for Evidentiary Hearing on Whether Justice Should Remove Guilty Stallion Aug 2020 #11
And he could get hit with PERJURY! Grins Aug 2020 #29
And if protecting Flynn's son was part of the plea that needs to be pursued. Gore1FL Aug 2020 #64
K&R! SheltieLover Aug 2020 #4
⭐️⭐️⭐️K&R ⭐️⭐️⭐️ spanone Aug 2020 #6
My Monday just turned a corner to YIPPIE YI YO!!! Leghorn21 Aug 2020 #7
Ki Yay, (M)ichael (F)lynn! MotherF* and Michael Flynn - same initials ;) nt woodsprite Aug 2020 #28
Appeals Court Rejects Flynn Bid To Force Judge To End Criminal Case, No Questions Asked Gothmog Aug 2020 #8
HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! fleur-de-lisa Aug 2020 #9
Lock! Him! Up! berni_mccoy Aug 2020 #10
"YEAH! That's right! LOCK him up!" calimary Aug 2020 #20
Appeals court denies Michael Flynn and Justice Department's effort to end his case Gothmog Aug 2020 #12
And he was so looking forward to another visit with Putin Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Aug 2020 #14
WTF is going through their heads: Hi! Can't wait to give our country! Let's make this happen! C Moon Aug 2020 #49
YOU MADE MY DAY! Grins Aug 2020 #15
This July 4th oath to QANON is news to me. How did that happen? liberalla Aug 2020 #21
And who was the "honeypot"? calimary Aug 2020 #25
Svetlana Lokhova. Grins Aug 2020 #34
Google it. It's a YouTube clip Flynn MADE and POSTED Grins Aug 2020 #32
Again --- OMG! WTF! --- and thank you for your reply! liberalla Aug 2020 #54
+1 dalton99a Aug 2020 #50
The ruling was 8-2 against Flynn. Leghorn21 Aug 2020 #16
8-2 En Banc Decision means that All 8 New Justices That Heard Appeal Disagreed with Original Panel Stallion Aug 2020 #17
Yup... Only two dissents were on original panel. Nevilledog Aug 2020 #18
Very interesting PCIntern Aug 2020 #23
I'm sure (Barr) it was (Barr) a total (Barr) coincidence. Nevilledog Aug 2020 #24
Appellate Cases are Randomly Assigned to a 3 Judge Panel Stallion Aug 2020 #33
K&R Kitchari Aug 2020 #19
Fuck Mike Flynn RhodeIslandOne Aug 2020 #22
Didn't a federal judge tell Flynn to his face that he sold out America and was treasonous? Botany Aug 2020 #26
Yes, Botany, that was JUDGE SULLIVAN Leghorn21 Aug 2020 #30
And the Reich thought then Flynn would be free... Grins Aug 2020 #37
And to think, this weasel actually made it to KPN Aug 2020 #68
trump and the repugs don't have all the judges. Throw the bum in jail. brush Aug 2020 #31
They need to drag this out nevergiveup Aug 2020 #36
Sentence him immediately. (nt) matt819 Aug 2020 #38
this is awesome! LymphocyteLover Aug 2020 #39
Womp womp Borchkins Aug 2020 #40
This is FANTASTIC news lol Takket Aug 2020 #41
Womp womp Borchkins Aug 2020 #42
Didn't see that coming. Schedule sentencing ASAP and force Drump's hand. Pepsidog Aug 2020 #43
Amen. wendyb-NC Aug 2020 #44
where does it go from here? barbtries Aug 2020 #45
Very encouraging. triron Aug 2020 #46
SOOOOO HAPPY here! bluestarone Aug 2020 #47
Well, that is one good thing Bettie Aug 2020 #48
At work and missing all the good stuff Sunsky Aug 2020 #51
I thought that would happen wryter2000 Aug 2020 #52
Lol. You stole my constant refrain. Solomon Aug 2020 #65
Don't forget Flynn was the guy Susan Rice spent day with Laura PourMeADrink Aug 2020 #53
Good! Ohioboy Aug 2020 #55
Happy Dance!!!! TruckFump Aug 2020 #57
Excuse me whilst I BWAHAHAHAHA kedrys Aug 2020 #58
Now, is it better he be sentenced immediately and pardoned and further incriminate Trump? Ligyron Aug 2020 #59
I believe that this just means Sullivan can hold the hearing he was planning to do. It vsrazdem Aug 2020 #60
Let's get an update zentrum Aug 2020 #61
Lock him up. warmfeet Aug 2020 #66
Certiorari? Marcuse Aug 2020 #67
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