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Mon Oct 5, 2020, 03:06 PM Oct 2020

Trump has snapped [View all]

He’s scared out of his mind and thinks that the power of positive thinking will get him out of this. He’s pumped full of drugs — some experimental — that have all kinds of nasty side effects. He thinks that being in the hospital is making him look weak.

So he’s going back to the White House against medical advice (despite what the spin doctors will say this afternoon, they are NOT advising he leave the hospital). Why? Nobody else is there because they’re all quarantining.

And he says that COVID is nothing to be scared of, and that he feels BETTER now than he did 20 years ago.

This doesn’t make him look “in charge,” it makes him look insane. But nobody can stop him now, his lizard brain is running the show.

I guess all we can do is sit back and watch this unravel.

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Trump has snapped [View all] EarlG Oct 2020 OP
he's on that steroid high bigtree Oct 2020 #1
I will not MissB Oct 2020 #3
It does not sound awful at all. 3catwoman3 Oct 2020 #54
We could give him a posthumous Darwin award! flibbitygiblets Oct 2020 #87
Too late, he already has a bunch of descendants polluting the gene pool. nt. Mariana Oct 2020 #92
"Out of the gene pool via death or sterility" flibbitygiblets Oct 2020 #94
He can't remove himself from the gene pool when he's already reproduced. nt. Mariana Oct 2020 #95
Etch "Nobel Prize" on the side. LiberalFighter Oct 2020 #97
Sounds like he's going back to the WH to try to retroactively remove his immediate descendants NotASurfer Oct 2020 #111
You have a point Ohioboy Oct 2020 #112
Oh no, what a thought. We could get wnylib Oct 2020 #91
I Want Him To Live Long Enough To Spend A Few Years In Jail Before He Finally Keels Over smb Oct 2020 #142
And while there, catch it again. No Walter Reed this time. ancianita Oct 2020 #149
No, it isn't awful at all. luvallpeeps Oct 2020 #101
I hope so. Moostache Oct 2020 #13
Ditto. I get the feeling this is the beginning of the end for him. onetexan Oct 2020 #41
I certainly hope so. smirkymonkey Oct 2020 #63
Same here. wnylib Oct 2020 #85
Me too. BlancheSplanchnik Oct 2020 #103
He's a sick POS thug literally bdamomma Oct 2020 #124
Well, I Suppose Holding It In Until They Bury Him Isn't An Option nt smb Oct 2020 #143
Exactly this. Boomer Oct 2020 #56
Isn't it past the point for his election campaign? LiberalFighter Oct 2020 #96
Absolutely! Put me on Prednisone and at 73 I'm sure I would be competitive in the Ironman Classic. usaf-vet Oct 2020 #102
A drug from heaven and hell both. Manifestor_of_Light Oct 2020 #133
he's an addict... Locrian Oct 2020 #146
We have no government at the moment. Demsrule86 Oct 2020 #2
And we won't until January, 2021 if Biden wins. OAITW r.2.0 Oct 2020 #15
I'll take it. Codeine Oct 2020 #108
You know... Newest Reality Oct 2020 #4
" I did it because I didn't want to make donald trump panic. I wanted to be a cheerleader for donald BamaRefugee Oct 2020 #5
I tried to get up and leave when I was hopped up on roids. I couldn't even stand up NightWatcher Oct 2020 #6
I think that's why he's leaving after dark bigtree Oct 2020 #8
It's after the close of the stock market too. Thought that might play into it. nt woodsprite Oct 2020 #61
Melania should get Trump to revise his will. LiberalFighter Oct 2020 #98
Well he put himself in that shitty place I_UndergroundPanther Oct 2020 #123
Seems his family hates him. Mary Trump read her book. katmondoo Oct 2020 #148
He is SHEDDING VIRUS. He is now Typhoid Harry. cayugafalls Oct 2020 #7
Conely speaking now malaise Oct 2020 #9
Thanks. That is hard to watch JDC Oct 2020 #25
Painful - he has no opinion on comments in the Con's tweet malaise Oct 2020 #30
Pure spin. I don't expect that from a Doc. JDC Oct 2020 #70
Every time I see that doctor on TV I feel like somebody is trying to sell me a car. Lasher Oct 2020 #88
Holy shit, that was nuts. He can't answer the most basic questions! SunSeeker Oct 2020 #27
Now his followers will want to get infected mainer Oct 2020 #10
It's his Jonestown moment. Covid has replaced the koolaid. Buckeyeblue Oct 2020 #39
The less of them, the fewer votes for him Wicked Blue Oct 2020 #83
I hadn't thought of that. That is possible, as insane as it could be. Covid parties, etc. Evolve Dammit Oct 2020 #140
Hmmm. Look weak or be insane. LakeArenal Oct 2020 #11
All the staffers left the West Wing, so what is he going back to? FakeNoose Oct 2020 #12
Who's going to incinerate the steak central scrutinizer Oct 2020 #43
It should be renamed the Death Wing Wicked Blue Oct 2020 #86
I am sure he misses his McDonald's and KFC... IthinkThereforeIAM Oct 2020 #113
Does no one in his family care enough about him to stop him? Grasswire2 Oct 2020 #14
No. As Mary Trump reports, the family is entirely transactional & there are only two forms... Hekate Oct 2020 #24
I thought Ivanka could sometimes manipulate him Wicked Blue Oct 2020 #84
Princess Fake T*t's doesn't want to get this virus...it will hurt her chances in 2024.... Acornsouth Oct 2020 #126
The only chance she will have in 2024 Wicked Blue Oct 2020 #137
I think you're right. Cracklin Charlie Oct 2020 #16
This is so dangerous. nclib Oct 2020 #17
It's not dangerous central scrutinizer Oct 2020 #44
Lol. But it is dangerous for everyone else. nclib Oct 2020 #65
Power of positive thinking - you nailed it underpants Oct 2020 #18
Well, stay Positive, Don. n/t 7wo7rees Oct 2020 #130
He has, indeed. And we all need to observe his collapse first-hand. MineralMan Oct 2020 #19
Oh MM DENVERPOPS Oct 2020 #120
+1000000 Pachamama Oct 2020 #132
trump has lost it Gothmog Oct 2020 #20
I think it's more the power of delusional "thinking." CaptainTruth Oct 2020 #21
He has made a tactical mistake RazzleCat Oct 2020 #22
I had a mild case, and it kicked my ass for two solid weeks obamanut2012 Oct 2020 #48
Amen. Dem2theMax Oct 2020 #66
I want to label this Monday as the craziest CRAZY TOWN Monday eva! ffr Oct 2020 #23
He might also think dying from COVID will absolve him from his foreign debts meow2u3 Oct 2020 #42
Like He Gives A Rat's Ass What Happens To His Kids nt smb Oct 2020 #144
No need to invoke "nasty side effects" to explain Trump's behavior. That's just Trump being Trump. Nitram Oct 2020 #26
why don't they introduce all the doctors that come out? Grasswire2 Oct 2020 #28
KnR Hekate Oct 2020 #29
IF HE REALLY has the virus yuiyoshida Oct 2020 #31
COVID is nothing to be scared of? My friend lost both her parents.. HipChick Oct 2020 #32
Unfortunately, if he claims he feels better than he did 20 years ago, calimary Oct 2020 #33
It wouldn't surprise me. ismnotwasm Oct 2020 #34
Great political cartoon representation of cowardly republicans ffr Oct 2020 #35
That's steroid induced euphoria, energy & high driving him appalachiablue Oct 2020 #36
He is now, more than ever, a killing machine... dchill Oct 2020 #37
BREAKING! Melania seen preparing to leave the West Wing ffr Oct 2020 #38
Wouldn't it be a tragedy if he fucking died right out there in the open? Orrex Oct 2020 #40
From a reddit comment: mikelgb Oct 2020 #45
We should get so lucky. DinahMoeHum Oct 2020 #52
But think of the ratings, Donald!! flibbitygiblets Oct 2020 #93
Dexamethasone makes you feel like Superman. Believe me, I know. He'll crash. HARD. catbyte Oct 2020 #46
Predisone made me feel high and like Superman obamanut2012 Oct 2020 #49
Especially someone with a Trump-level Messiah Complex! Grokenstein Oct 2020 #55
Sure, but he has the Adderall to fall back on FakeNoose Oct 2020 #114
'Roid rage Sgent Oct 2020 #115
Doesn't matter. Have you ever been on heavy streroids like dex? I have & I know what I felt catbyte Oct 2020 #128
Just breakout the popcorn and watch the horror show! Initech Oct 2020 #47
This message was self-deleted by its author DinahMoeHum Oct 2020 #50
And The Long Wait For November 3rd n/t DallasNE Oct 2020 #51
thank you for this OP Celerity Oct 2020 #53
This is the same ignorance and arrogant actions that led to his getting the virus, duforsure Oct 2020 #57
Next, he'll say he only went to Walter Reed to inspect the facility..... KY_EnviroGuy Oct 2020 #58
He'll be at much greater risk in the WH than hospital. MoonRiver Oct 2020 #59
I don't think he's scared at all. I think he truly thinks he's conquered the virus. Kablooie Oct 2020 #60
WH shut down per CNN,,,, but you know,,, benld74 Oct 2020 #62
I agree he is terrified. BeckyDem Oct 2020 #64
Little boy needs his Adderall. Mr.Bill Oct 2020 #67
He knows he's going to die. Schmice3 Oct 2020 #68
This. He's scared out of his mind budkin Oct 2020 #69
He knows, but paradoxically, he CAN'T let himself know. dchill Oct 2020 #71
If so, maybe he has a "bucket list" of ways to screw up the USA that he's eager to finish first. Towlie Oct 2020 #72
And he listens to his Gut. Old Terp Oct 2020 #73
That's what caused the two large hemorrhoids below his nose. Elwood P Dowd Oct 2020 #78
I for one, tire of the unraveling... Hugin Oct 2020 #74
I honestly think it should be ignored Mossfern Oct 2020 #81
The Spin Doctors! lagomorph777 Oct 2020 #75
Those docs are military luvtheGWN Oct 2020 #104
Body language says it all! Aussie105 Oct 2020 #129
Wonder what will happen when the 'roids wear off mcar Oct 2020 #76
He won't Rebl2 Oct 2020 #80
And he will demand more /nt localroger Oct 2020 #105
He feel s Rebl2 Oct 2020 #77
Staying makes him look weak, leaving makes him look stupid, win/win! lol Baclava Oct 2020 #79
So now SS has to drive him home, then bring him back, AGAIN ecstatic Oct 2020 #82
How soon DENVERPOPS Oct 2020 #122
I know right? Can you imagine fighting an attacker in a gown ecstatic Oct 2020 #127
If no one tells him "No" about this, who will stop him from a global rampage? NBachers Oct 2020 #89
Have the perfect solution. If he has a lizard brain, then the Reptilian must need a warmer Illumination Oct 2020 #90
Reality is going to bite him twice Warpy Oct 2020 #99
His lizard brain is running the show. PatrickforO Oct 2020 #100
I suspect he never had Covid SpankMe Oct 2020 #106
he's not scared hkp11 Oct 2020 #107
He is done Roc2020 Oct 2020 #109
"Where's my nuclear football?!" Buckeye_Democrat Oct 2020 #110
But all his minions are screaming about how string & tough he is. oldsoftie Oct 2020 #116
I absolutely agree with this assessment Skittles Oct 2020 #117
Biden will not be the 46th President ThoughtCriminal Oct 2020 #118
That's right - sit back and watch him unravel vlyons Oct 2020 #119
He was sucking wind big time Resistance1 Oct 2020 #121
He actually coughed at least once on the balcony. BootinUp Oct 2020 #125
Interesting info on CNN copperearth Oct 2020 #131
What we are watching is the coming together of, Karma and Science... Kahuna Oct 2020 #134
That Covita show last night was pathetic lanlady Oct 2020 #135
Trump has just lost his ability to sometimes Progressive dog Oct 2020 #136
Just so scary.. I feel like I am watching some strange movie about the downfall of a country.. Peacetrain Oct 2020 #138
The Day of Reckoning is coming dalton99a Oct 2020 #139
No Doubt He's Scared Out Of His Mind smb Oct 2020 #141
I just want him dead & the sooner the better. CrispyQ Oct 2020 #145
I feel like we are all captive to this madman Proud Liberal Dem Oct 2020 #147
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