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17. People finally have woken up and seeing that Mittens represents what all republicans think.
Thu Sep 27, 2012, 04:37 PM
Sep 2012

He just openned his mouth.

The republican party should look in the mirror. That is who to blame. Romney is doing southernyankeebelle Sep 2012 #1
They need an 'Obama' of their own. I don't see anyone on the horizon for them. randome Sep 2012 #2
Until the get rid of their tea party and religous right they may keep having problems. southernyankeebelle Sep 2012 #19
How about Mr. 999 ? Auntie Bush Sep 2012 #34
The republican party should look in the mirror. Flashmann Sep 2012 #4
Well the 47% will help them look at themselves. southernyankeebelle Sep 2012 #18
Yeah, Romney is a tool ProSense Sep 2012 #6
People finally have woken up and seeing that Mittens represents what all republicans think. southernyankeebelle Sep 2012 #17
Republican voters have been duped Jessy169 Sep 2012 #38
It's the Fox News Network. Listen I grew up in a dem family. We always voted our southernyankeebelle Sep 2012 #46
Mitt Romney is not the one who destroyed the Republican Party, nor can he clean it up 1-Old-Man Sep 2012 #3
AWESOME! Democrats are coming out to fight. Zalatix Sep 2012 #5
Thank you for helping lovemydog Sep 2012 #43
As long as Democrats don't take a sharp right turn, too. sadbear Sep 2012 #7
Democrats need to stay where they are now, it's a winning position. bluestate10 Sep 2012 #22
I'm holding out hope for Dr. Dean. sadbear Sep 2012 #23
I was just thinking the same thing! eom Th1onein Sep 2012 #39
Agreed. Even if he decides NOT to take another run at the White House, Volaris Sep 2012 #45
Rmoney wouldn't care either way because BumRushDaShow Sep 2012 #8
When Willard loses - and I think he will lose big hifiguy Sep 2012 #9
Excellent analysis. bluestate10 Sep 2012 #24
Quotable, all of it. Populist_Prole Sep 2012 #41
They'll react like they always do - by going further to the right kysrsoze Sep 2012 #10
If they do that they will be come as irrelevant as the Green Party in 2016 1-Old-Man Sep 2012 #11
In the long term they will become irrelevant. mick063 Sep 2012 #12
I disagree, but only in part 1-Old-Man Sep 2012 #13
We are fairly close to agreement mick063 Sep 2012 #16
Alaska has several state Republican politicians who are as you describe, Blue_In_AK Sep 2012 #44
It won't be 40% by 2016, or even 2014. bluestate10 Sep 2012 #26
There are quite a few good people who've been sucked into the RW/GOP/Xtian Vortex Mopar151 Sep 2012 #14
I know people that are lifelong republicans that are remorseful now. bluestate10 Sep 2012 #27
I don't feel sorry for them marions ghost Sep 2012 #31
Hopefully they'll start by at least just not voting. Arugula Latte Sep 2012 #32
Shit like this makes me fear over confidence. This could all turn south. Bucky Sep 2012 #15
"Most of the big ad money hasn't hit the airwaves yet. " ProSense Sep 2012 #21
I completely disagree. bluestate10 Sep 2012 #29
Its their own Fault!!!!!!! mstinamotorcity2 Sep 2012 #20
I think our President is going to peel away a good and noticeable percentage of the Republican vote bluestate10 Sep 2012 #35
Maybe the GOP should out source for their candidate! L0oniX Sep 2012 #25
Does this mean we'll never see Romney again? Permanut Sep 2012 #28
k&r... spanone Sep 2012 #30
Rubio, Daniels, Ryan, Christie, Haley, etc.. those are who they will push for 2016 davidn3600 Sep 2012 #33
I guess that republicans will go with a downstream candidate, bluestate10 Sep 2012 #36
Finger pointing is one of the republicans B Calm Sep 2012 #37
You don't threaten the social safety net when most Americans Th1onein Sep 2012 #40
I have a different theory ribrepin Sep 2012 #42
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