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I just saw him do that, surprised me Green Line Nov 2020 #1
Ask them. marybourg Nov 2020 #2
Or tweet him @AymanM OnDoutside Nov 2020 #8
I did. No response yet. Will update OP if I get a response. nt SunSeeker Nov 2020 #13
Post removed Post removed Nov 2020 #3
oh, ffs, it is NOT Celerity Nov 2020 #22
It is my opinion.... FarPoint Nov 2020 #23
Bollocks. Poll 1000 African-Americans and see how many say Democrat is just as bad as the N-Word Celerity Nov 2020 #26
Post removed Post removed Nov 2020 #30
Post removed Post removed Nov 2020 #32
Take a deep breathe... FarPoint Nov 2020 #34
Do you genuinely not see how offensive Codeine Nov 2020 #39
Apparently.. FarPoint Nov 2020 #40
Of course they're both demeaning. Codeine Nov 2020 #42
Okay... FarPoint Nov 2020 #43
Jesus fucking Christ. Codeine Nov 2020 #28
thank you Celerity Nov 2020 #31
I cringe with both words... FarPoint Nov 2020 #33
Your "feeling" makes no sense. Codeine Nov 2020 #37
My feeling is my personal experience... FarPoint Nov 2020 #38
You've made an openly offensive statement. Codeine Nov 2020 #41
Ohhhh FarPoint Nov 2020 #44
"2 plus 2 equals 22. It is my feeling and I own it. Not a debate issue. It is known" LanternWaste Nov 2020 #50
I'm glad I'm not the only one NotAPuppet Nov 2020 #4
Methadone to their heroin Clearly fogged in Nov 2020 #5
Good question! Spazito Nov 2020 #6
Lots of them do malaise Nov 2020 #7
People probably get the red out Nov 2020 #10
It goes back a ways. I blame Newt. crickets Nov 2020 #19
long before that Celerity Nov 2020 #29
Is there anyway to get in touch with him Cha Nov 2020 #9
I sent a message on his Twitter account. No response yet. nt SunSeeker Nov 2020 #48
It is a trend, they (M$M) have been treating the democratic party as the junior party as a whole RANDYWILDMAN Nov 2020 #11
It's deliberate, so I rub it in their faces Qutzupalotl Nov 2020 #12
Well then they're the "Republic" Party Shermann Nov 2020 #14
GOP needs to lose a syllable Zambero Nov 2020 #15
Showing true colors? Ferrets are Cool Nov 2020 #16
It speaks to the shear power of the Republican Noise Machine. Binkie The Clown Nov 2020 #17
I think as a cultural thing, we need to start calling it the "Democracy" party as opposed to the BComplex Nov 2020 #18
that term triggers me. 90-percent Nov 2020 #20
Sometimes I think he just wants to hype up the controversy? kentuck Nov 2020 #21
Write him. Liberal In Texas Nov 2020 #24
I did. No response yet. nt SunSeeker Nov 2020 #47
Perspective. How to deal with those who do this. Clearly fogged in Nov 2020 #25
I just tweeted him. octoberlib Nov 2020 #27
Morning Joe Crew TuxedoKat Nov 2020 #35
Sounds like you accept "Democrat" as a perjorative. Hortensis Nov 2020 #36
No, I don't. Not when when you are referring to an individual Democrat. SunSeeker Nov 2020 #46
I don't. That's the point. I recommend it. Hortensis Nov 2020 #49
I think we can give attention to lots of things at once - I hate it when people say Democrat Party womanofthehills Nov 2020 #52
I very seldom notice. And don't care. There's a huge clue Hortensis Nov 2020 #53
The Democratic Party is a real thing. SunSeeker Nov 2020 #54
times I say "Republic Party" to people. They catch it every time. nt Baltimike Nov 2020 #45
I sent him an email, too lillypaddle Nov 2020 #51
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