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20. I have no more tears to cry. My heart has turned into stone.
Sat Dec 12, 2020, 10:59 AM
Dec 2020

So... if someone is SO selfish that they can't care enough about themselves or their loved ones... then I don't care either. She knew the risks, and decided to roll-the-dice anyway. She's getting EXACTLY what she bargained for. In exchange for her "freedom" and "liberty" and a good-time-on-the-town... she receives sickness and grief. Feh! Too fucking bad. Hard lessons learned, eh?

I hope they are able to tell their sad sad stories... maybe someone else will learn from the mistakes of others.

My neighbor got it on a girls beach weekend, then infected her husband & twin sons. CottonBear Dec 2020 #1
It only happens to other people . . . RVN VET71 Dec 2020 #2
+1000 Rhiannon12866 Dec 2020 #21
A Twilight Zone episode DBoon Dec 2020 #43
Which is why I will not see my family this holiday season genxlib Dec 2020 #3
Yep, spending Christmas alone Rorey Dec 2020 #4
Same here. I'd rather spend the day alone than risk anyone getting sick. Arkansas Granny Dec 2020 #9
Same ananda Dec 2020 #12
Agree! Christmas alone for one year isn't going to kill me. lkinwi Dec 2020 #23
Yep. Better safe than dead, deadly, or permanently damaged. Hermit-The-Prog Dec 2020 #46
Maybe we can have a really special Independence Day next year csziggy Dec 2020 #27
That's what I'm hoping for Rorey Dec 2020 #29
Since they are saying some won't be able to get a vaccination for six months or more csziggy Dec 2020 #62
Yes! My official New Year's Resolution! ananda Dec 2020 #59
My family is doing no contact gift swaps this year. We'll be making front porch deliveries Arkansas Granny Dec 2020 #7
It's that post office thing Rorey Dec 2020 #14
I thought about sending cash to grandchildren, but I figured the kids Arkansas Granny Dec 2020 #16
That sounds very nice. Rorey Dec 2020 #19
I'm sending pre-paid Visa cards wo my great niece and nephews csziggy Dec 2020 #30
That's a good idea. Arkansas Granny Dec 2020 #32
My closest family homegirl Dec 2020 #54
Me too. Lonestarblue Dec 2020 #11
Hugs Rorey Dec 2020 #15
same here. Just the two of us and the 5 cats yellowdogintexas Dec 2020 #37
+1 uponit7771 Dec 2020 #42
Its hard to feel sorry for people like that. blueinredohio Dec 2020 #5
Boy, that's gotta be tough to live with. Joinfortmill Dec 2020 #6
There are other such stories at the link, too. tblue37 Dec 2020 #34
not for some people, like trump. and then there are a few hundred radio blowhards that certainot Dec 2020 #40
Great post, thanks. Roisin Ni Fiachra Dec 2020 #8
I have a friend who is a widow. This is her third Christmas since her husband died. TNNurse Dec 2020 #10
My heart goes out to her Rorey Dec 2020 #22
I told her she was doing the right thing TNNurse Dec 2020 #25
Aura hugs Rorey Dec 2020 #26
I was given "virtual hugs" from a couple of kids this summer. TNNurse Dec 2020 #33
I've been calling it "air hugs." nt soldierant Dec 2020 #44
Whoa! Maybe we didn't make them up! Rorey Dec 2020 #28
"These are the stories that need to be told" n/t handmade34 Dec 2020 #13
Really sad and infuriating. BlancheSplanchnik Dec 2020 #17
I agree, Blanche. smirkymonkey Dec 2020 #60
I don't have any family so I haven't had to worry this year. BlancheSplanchnik Dec 2020 #61
travel ban in ca . yet our stoopid r county mounty cant(read wont ) inforce mask or travel. AllaN01Bear Dec 2020 #18
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Dec 2020 #47
I have no more tears to cry. My heart has turned into stone. NurseJackie Dec 2020 #20
Also from that website. People going to Disney - Liberal In Texas Dec 2020 #24
My in laws live two houses away... EarthFirst Dec 2020 #31
Kick dalton99a Dec 2020 #35
She's probably still going to bars. Too many people suck. nt live love laugh Dec 2020 #36
Some way or another, many of these COVID Killers will blame Democrats for the deaths. Dark n Stormy Knight Dec 2020 #38
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Dec 2020 #48
I always blame RW media, thinking of Fox, Lush Slimeball, etc. But, you're right. Those damn Ruskies Dark n Stormy Knight Dec 2020 #50
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Dec 2020 #51
Such a shame, as computerism had such great positive potential. That's the problem with sharing Dark n Stormy Knight Dec 2020 #52
my husband gets so angry at the folks who let their nose and/or mouth yellowdogintexas Dec 2020 #39
My cousin is in the hospital right now, because he visited his son during Thanksgiving. Dem2theMax Dec 2020 #41
Clones of the daughter infect my entire county. Hence, hermit. Hermit-The-Prog Dec 2020 #45
All of us oldies should change our wills to disinherit any relatives who foolishly take chances Liberty Belle Dec 2020 #49
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Dec 2020 #53
I suspect you are right about some killing off parents for the inheritance. Liberty Belle Dec 2020 #57
My neighbor had relatives over for thanksgiving after she tested positive. AllyCat Dec 2020 #55
Kick....n/t Upthevibe Dec 2020 #56
A high school classmate was posting video of herself driving from TEXAS to Missouri for Thanksgiving 2Legit Dec 2020 #58
The only greater personal loss... tonedevil Dec 2020 #63
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