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131. Whatever criticism that comes her way is fair and deserved...
Tue Dec 22, 2020, 07:50 PM
Dec 2020

Whatever criticism that comes her way is fair and deserved, from what I've seen and offered. But I also think that by their very nature, critical remarks naturally fall short of swooning praise that so many are accustomed to. As a result, and in comparison, her fans often perceive mild and ordinary criticism to be "bashing". But I think that fair-minded people understand that's simply not the case. It serves no good purpose for anyone to engage in a hyper-defensive position that ends up being completely unfair to those who have valid opinions that deserve to be expressed. I think that there can be very little doubt that eventually, when members are not allowed to scrutinize and/or criticize our elected representatives... and when Democratic critics are being silenced or bullied, then what that means is that certain politicians are effectively receiving special treatment (by popular demand.)

Look, all I'm saying is that Democrats should be able to speak honestly about all of our Democratic elected officials. You know... "holding their feet to the fire" and all that. --- That's fair, right? I think every reasonable minded adult can agree on that, right?

You are correct in your observations and I completely understand your diffidence in expressing perfectly reasonable critiques or pointing out other inconsistencies.

I'm reminded of a simple classroom science experiment from middle school where the student submerges both hands in a bucket of water. Left-hand bucket is filled with ice water and the right-hand bucket is filled with very hot tap water. After one minute, both hands are then submerged into a third bucket filled with room temperature water. As a result of being "acclimated" the the extreme conditions of very cold and very hot... each hand now perceives the room temperature water as being very hot and very cold... simultaneously! But how can that be? In reality, the bucket in the middle is only room temperature... neither hot nor cold... but the subject of the experiments perceives it as being two different temperatures at the same time.

Let's talk about AOC. [View all] panader0 Dec 2020 OP
She's young... orwell Dec 2020 #1
Agreed. panader0 Dec 2020 #2
Much potential but she needs to distance herself from the self-avowed stance... brush Dec 2020 #32
Not a mistake at all IMO. Chakaconcarne Dec 2020 #88
We lost 12 house seats because republicans tagged their Dem opponents as... brush Dec 2020 #100
That is only because Republicans have poisoned that word. Most people don't even PatrickforO Dec 2020 #92
Completely agree birdographer Dec 2020 #96
Listen to post 120 questionseverything Dec 2020 #127
I love AOC. She can be a little brash, but I'm glad she speaks out. CrispyQ Dec 2020 #3
These days the Eisenhower platform would be considered "liberal" by Rs. panader0 Dec 2020 #8
Any criticism of the party is considered bashing by a lot of people. CrispyQ Dec 2020 #21
Exactly. Like Bernie points out, when you look at these so-called PatrickforO Dec 2020 #93
Kept quiet? treestar Dec 2020 #173
Ridiculous. Nobody is bashing anyone here. NurseJackie Dec 2020 #4
It's interesting how suddenly BannonsLiver Dec 2020 #11
You mean the guy who fought against the impact of COVID? Cuthbert Allgood Dec 2020 #18
There's really no reason to limit it to just one or two reasons to get pissed at them. BannonsLiver Dec 2020 #25
When it comes to the vaccine, why isn't anyone talking about Ilhan Omar? She has a great...... George II Dec 2020 #118
As a teacher, I appreciate her position. Cuthbert Allgood Dec 2020 #166
Why do you dislike her Nurse Jackie? panader0 Dec 2020 #14
LOL! You know perfectly well that I never said such a thing. NurseJackie Dec 2020 #30
So you do like AOC then Dem4Life1102 Dec 2020 #46
Lulz! NurseJackie Dec 2020 #48
Well if you don't dislike someone Dem4Life1102 Dec 2020 #50
I live in the real world.. not a binary, or black-and-white world. NurseJackie Dec 2020 #53
Indifference??? Dem4Life1102 Dec 2020 #56
example Don1 Dec 2020 #253
Example of what? Dem4Life1102 Dec 2020 #254
not indifference. n/t Don1 Dec 2020 #255
Indeed. Celerity Jan 2021 #259
That's not correct whopis01 Dec 2020 #81
Very true Dem4Life1102 Dec 2020 #101
It means no such thing. Codeine Dec 2020 #111
Logically? Dem4Life1102 Dec 2020 #117
What? There are probably millions of people in this country about whom I have NO opinion... George II Dec 2020 #123
And never heard of either Dem4Life1102 Dec 2020 #128
Post removed Post removed Dec 2020 #134
tip for you Skittles Dec 2020 #138
Very true Dem4Life1102 Dec 2020 #145
Damned if you do..........pour me another drink. George II Dec 2020 #139
Reminds me of that ol' question asked during the bush administration. If you didn't agree 100%... George II Dec 2020 #121
yup Skittles Dec 2020 #142
And that follow up question from someone else is even more typical of that era. George II Dec 2020 #122
See, that right there, Codeine Dec 2020 #109
Careful Jackie... some want a certain response... for their own reasons...we know this. Demsrule86 Dec 2020 #17
......... paleotn Dec 2020 #58
I know, right?! Absurd, isn't it? There's no bashing going on! Ridiculous! NurseJackie Dec 2020 #60
Other than the occasional bash-o-rama when it comes to various Dems... paleotn Dec 2020 #68
Yeah, to be honest I have seen some pretty negative statements about AOC PatrickforO Dec 2020 #97
Actually, I confess. world wide wally Dec 2020 #72
didn't you get the memo? Skittles Dec 2020 #137
I didn't receive the official memo... but it's not difficult to figure out. NurseJackie Dec 2020 #143
;) sheshe2 Dec 2020 #169
It's bashing not to worship AOC, yet OK for AOC treestar Dec 2020 #174
Let's not, and say we did. BannonsLiver Dec 2020 #5
You beat me to it! Peacetrain Dec 2020 #9
You beat me to saying "you beat me to it". NurseJackie Dec 2020 #35
Oh Lord Jackie.. Peacetrain Dec 2020 #36
Come on BL, let it go. Say your piece. panader0 Dec 2020 #12
Let what go? BannonsLiver Dec 2020 #38
Well, the point of my OP was to find out why so many here don't like her. panader0 Dec 2020 #40
Some would say she's pretty divisive herself. BannonsLiver Dec 2020 #43
Thank you--best reply to my question so far. panader0 Dec 2020 #63
Snort grantcart Dec 2020 #28
Well said. (nt) Paladin Dec 2020 #41
She is the progressive wing of the party. Lunabell Dec 2020 #6
I had no idea...list the bills she has passed. Wonderful...thanks in advance. Demsrule86 Dec 2020 #15
Some people actually work towards the advancement of ideals in increments Lunabell Dec 2020 #27
"Working class roots"? Her father owned an architecture firm. George II Dec 2020 #146
Some people spend more time bashing progressives, Lunabell Dec 2020 #206
AOC doesn't approve of incrementalism, same as Bernie Sanders. betsuni Dec 2020 #156
Some historians say that we only got out of the Depression because of the massive spending caused usajumpedtheshark Dec 2020 #203
Well, that was AOC, not me. betsuni Dec 2020 #204
I apologize. It was not my intention to suggest that you did not. usajumpedtheshark Dec 2020 #207
Oh, no problem. betsuni Dec 2020 #209
Some, but not all. Looking only at unemployment as a barometer, it was already way way down.... George II Dec 2020 #211
Interesting chart Dem4Life1102 Dec 2020 #213
Agreed. I meant "some" to be indicator of lack of agreement. Thanks! usajumpedtheshark Dec 2020 #251
Only the present matters treestar Dec 2020 #175
A Fabulous post malaise Dec 2020 #7
Wasn't it something like less than 20 % even voted in her district? cwydro Dec 2020 #10
yes, and Biden got more votes in her distrct than her JI7 Dec 2020 #26
Thanks. Wasn't sure of the numbers. cwydro Dec 2020 #73
Listen to post 120 questionseverything Dec 2020 #130
It was the same voters with both elections on their ballots JI7 Dec 2020 #161
Highest turnout in cd history questionseverything Dec 2020 #178
No, there were some Democrats that got more votes than Biden JI7 Dec 2020 #183
Name one questionseverything Dec 2020 #187
Elissa Slotkin JI7 Dec 2020 #190
I didn't figure you to be anti pelosi questionseverything Dec 2020 #193
I'm very much for Pelosi which is why I'm glad for people like Slotkin JI7 Dec 2020 #194
Slotkin campaigned on not having pelosi for speaker questionseverything Dec 2020 #195
Whatever she needs to do to win. Her keeping the seat Democratic helps Pelosi remain Speaker JI7 Dec 2020 #196
She voted against pelosi today questionseverything Jan 2021 #257
She comes from a conservative district unlike AOC JI7 Jan 2021 #258
I just find it hypocritical questionseverything Jan 2021 #260
It's not hypocritical. Some people just understand politics JI7 Jan 2021 #263
and that she didn't have to run against a Republican treestar Dec 2020 #176
Why do you keep saying she never beat a Republican? mtnsnake Dec 2020 #185
She won the first election by winning the D primary treestar Dec 2020 #235
She does? Dem4Life1102 Dec 2020 #241
You could be right treestar Dec 2020 #249
Which clearly shows that her constituents weren't motivated to get rid of her. nt. Mariana Dec 2020 #191
This is a clickbait post and some who post in it will find trouble and not the good kind... Demsrule86 Dec 2020 #13
"Let's talk about AOC" is clickbait on a discussion board? panader0 Dec 2020 #16
... NurseJackie Dec 2020 #31
She ran against and defeated a long time Centrist. For some that was sacrilege. She was jalan48 Dec 2020 #19
The 'center' has drifted to the right for quite a while. panader0 Dec 2020 #20
Absolutely, and encouraging Bush/Cheney Republicans to join our Party will push us even further to jalan48 Dec 2020 #24
Yep, that started a while ago... WinstonSmith4740 Dec 2020 #75
We need to make room for AOC and others like her. Mike 03 Dec 2020 #22
Nice day for fishing. MrsCoffee Dec 2020 #23
She supports old men like Sanders send Ed Markey but thinks Pelosi needs to go JI7 Dec 2020 #29
+1000 AmericanCanuck Dec 2020 #110
Great post, however Dem4Life1102 Dec 2020 #33
Lulz! NurseJackie Dec 2020 #47
Wait. What? If she says the party needs new leadership then OF COURSE she's talking about Vivienne235729 Dec 2020 #147
Tom Perez maybe Dem4Life1102 Dec 2020 #150
I think She is Amazing... Grey5 Dec 2020 #34
I think she is a future Leader of the Democratic Party... kentuck Dec 2020 #37
Recommended. H2O Man Dec 2020 #39
That right there is a big part of it Bettie Dec 2020 #42
Me too! burrowowl Dec 2020 #69
Agree! mountain grammy Dec 2020 #84
Yep. And that triggers Republicans and Reagan Democrats. Hassin Bin Sober Dec 2020 #87
+1, uponit7771 Dec 2020 #135
sexism. pure and simple. mopinko Dec 2020 #44
I was about to say the same thing.. mountain grammy Dec 2020 #86
i keep trying to think of an equivalent male politician to compare to. mopinko Dec 2020 #94
Maybe Bernie? mountain grammy Dec 2020 #102
nah. mopinko Dec 2020 #113
H2O Man? H2O Man Dec 2020 #125
like i said- young. gotta be young. mopinko Dec 2020 #129
How is it sexism? George II Dec 2020 #218
it just is. mopinko Dec 2020 #219
I've seen similar comments said about men. George II Dec 2020 #232
whatevs. mopinko Dec 2020 #234
Since you introduced voting numbers, Joe Crowley got a higher % of votes in the 2016 election and... George II Dec 2020 #45
That's great! Still 78% and 71% isn't too bad is it? panader0 Dec 2020 #51
Great post Don1 Dec 2020 #49
That's not happening. Nobody here is doing that. NurseJackie Dec 2020 #64
Talented, young, charismatic, and pretty naieve. Happy Hoosier Dec 2020 #52
I think that's a pretty fair analysis. nt mtnsnake Dec 2020 #165
Since you ask, she supported subverting the 2016 primary from the majority, Hortensis Dec 2020 #54
Is this in code? rgbecker Dec 2020 #116
I often have that same question. demmiblue Dec 2020 #119
Let me clarify: In 2020 Trump/Repubs lied constantly that Hortensis Dec 2020 #140
+1000000000 betsuni Dec 2020 #167
It seemed exceedingly clear to me. Codeine Dec 2020 #144
Not if you speak English. MrsCoffee Dec 2020 #214
She can handle a little criticism, and sometimes it's hilarious housecat Dec 2020 #55
LOL. Are you bored today? Hekate Dec 2020 #57
My comments are my opinion here and may be risky. tiredtoo Dec 2020 #59
AOC is the future of the party and the future of America, and nothing will stop her or her cohorts. Fiendish Thingy Dec 2020 #61
Being a creature of deep left field, I want to see her remain as she is. I just ❤️ her style. Magoo48 Dec 2020 #90
I am very pro AOC. NRaleighLiberal Dec 2020 #62
Count me in as big supporter of AOC Viz Dec 2020 #65
Healthy Discussion Roy Rolling Dec 2020 #66
some seem to think she's the wrong kind of democrat, threat to the hegemony. KG Dec 2020 #67
I think some people have issues BainsBane Dec 2020 #70
Listen to post 120 and her list of first term accomplishments questionseverything Dec 2020 #133
Can you tell me BainsBane Dec 2020 #158
I was responding to your show horse insult questionseverything Dec 2020 #177
I think it's a stump speech BainsBane Dec 2020 #182
You won't find me insulting any democratic pols questionseverything Dec 2020 #188
Nor did I BainsBane Dec 2020 #189
People, and Democrats, look for accomplishments. That's all. You don't see similar comments about... George II Dec 2020 #71
"Ayanna Pressley" melman Dec 2020 #76
Yes I do remember that 1-1/2 year old OP of mine. I see you're still poring over... George II Dec 2020 #98
"What does Ayanna Pressley have to do with that ancient OP?" melman Dec 2020 #106
And you know that how? I think it's insulting that you're reading something into this.... George II Dec 2020 #115
+10,000 mtnsnake Dec 2020 #164
That is a year and a half old post. sheshe2 Dec 2020 #124
Yes. Infamous. melman Dec 2020 #149
I agreed it was the ugliest thread in DU history. sheshe2 Dec 2020 #152
You know perfectly well the context, meaning and intent of that thread melman Dec 2020 #154
I really don't, but then I am unable to read minds. sheshe2 Dec 2020 #157
Again, and you know that how? Funny how the thread was ugly but got 239 responses, 85 recs.... George II Dec 2020 #160
Don't go away mad.... MrsCoffee Dec 2020 #215
Intelligence includes an ability to temper tone-deafness bucolic_frolic Dec 2020 #74
Didn't she just lose her Energy & Commerce committee assignment?... SidDithers Dec 2020 #77
no, AOC was trying to get on it and lost to Rice (who ironically was one of the leading anti-Pelosi Celerity Dec 2020 #151
I appreciate her voice and courage. This is not a time to just "go along to get along." Evolve Dammit Dec 2020 #78
Nobody is suggesting that it is. NurseJackie Dec 2020 #217
plenty are wishing she would be quiet(er) Evolve Dammit Dec 2020 #230
Consider me a member of the Squad greblach Dec 2020 #79
I only disagree with this "even the Rs. They are essential workers after all." Escurumbele Dec 2020 #80
I think she's great. We need more like her. She tells it like it is. judesedit Dec 2020 #82
Excellent post. Agreed that AOC has some stuff to learn, but PatrickforO Dec 2020 #83
No one on DU should be bashing her...period. Chakaconcarne Dec 2020 #85
I don't bash AOC daily, but I do have mixed feelings about her Raven123 Dec 2020 #89
Yes the bashing zentrum Dec 2020 #91
I get upset by the aoc bashing sometimes too questionseverything Dec 2020 #242
Yes! You say it well. zentrum Dec 2020 #243
Agreed. The ignore feature is very useful. Tommymac Dec 2020 #244
Plus one questionseverything Dec 2020 #248
I've never bashed AOC FakeNoose Dec 2020 #95
That's true seta1950 Dec 2020 #99
Some people are liked because they make tweets liked by their followers AmericanCanuck Dec 2020 #103
. melman Dec 2020 #104
That's commendable. Good program. AmericanCanuck Dec 2020 #112
that's great BainsBane Dec 2020 #163
It was mentioned above that she has had no bills passed. panader0 Dec 2020 #105
Ok Dem4Life1102 Dec 2020 #120
"These accomplishments are not mine; they are all of ours" Post 120, TYVM! Alex4Martinez Dec 2020 #168
Bashing? Even mild critiques get a hide now. Codeine Dec 2020 #107
+1000 AmericanCanuck Dec 2020 #108
Whatever criticism that comes her way is fair and deserved... NurseJackie Dec 2020 #131
This is a forum to support Democrats. PTWB Dec 2020 #148
Yes .... and Democrats should support other Democrats instead of attacking them AmericanCanuck Dec 2020 #153
This is a forum. PTWB Dec 2020 #170
There is no anti-AOC faction AmericanCanuck Dec 2020 #256
A certain age/racial demographic seem to be the most put upon by her presence... demmiblue Dec 2020 #114
So now you're suggesting racism is at play? Seriously? "Uppity?" NOBODY SAYS THAT!! NOBODY!! NurseJackie Dec 2020 #132
This is the kind of shit that renders all conversations Codeine Dec 2020 #141
Hear hear AmericanCanuck Dec 2020 #155
I like her! Iggo Dec 2020 #126
I wish she would temper her anger and channel it better. I fully support her Vivienne235729 Dec 2020 #136
in regard to your final question: aidbo Dec 2020 #159
Fantastic post. AOC could likely be the Speaker of the House sometime in the future, although mtnsnake Dec 2020 #162
she keeps talking about leaving politics though BainsBane Dec 2020 #198
It won't be the end of the world either way, whether she stays or leaves mtnsnake Dec 2020 #224
This message was self-deleted by its author BainsBane Dec 2020 #225
No, the job has nothing to do with personal politics or "fighting." betsuni Dec 2020 #202
I like her overall MustLoveBeagles Dec 2020 #171
She's never won an election against a Republican treestar Dec 2020 #172
This is more or less how I feel BannonsLiver Dec 2020 #180
Didn't she just beat Republican challenger John Cummings? mtnsnake Dec 2020 #181
Have you ever lived in a blue city? BainsBane Dec 2020 #200
Are you suggesting that AOC deserves no credit for trouncing John Cummings? mtnsnake Dec 2020 #222
It means she doesn't have experience winning BainsBane Dec 2020 #223
I understand what you're saying, but it's not her fault that she doesn't have mtnsnake Dec 2020 #226
They likely wouldn't win in a swing district BainsBane Dec 2020 #227
That could be the case mtnsnake Dec 2020 #228
In 2018 Dem4Life1102 Dec 2020 #229
that's impressive BainsBane Dec 2020 #231
If she wasn't on the map already, that victory helped to put her on it mtnsnake Dec 2020 #233
Not much treestar Dec 2020 #237
She was primaried this year Dem4Life1102 Dec 2020 #238
Ok, forgot that treestar Dec 2020 #239
Guess that depends on your perspective Dem4Life1102 Dec 2020 #240
Maybe but she won in 2018 by winning the D primary treestar Dec 2020 #236
she has won two elections against Republicans Celerity Dec 2020 #184
She is fierce. And she is a threat. Autumn Dec 2020 #179
I would hope people would read up on the subject matter before talking. rgbecker Dec 2020 #186
+1000. Special interests pay people to troll internet sites so Im not surprised to see posts diva77 Dec 2020 #192
+1000 Celerity Dec 2020 #201
This is a fact. It takes time to learn to spot them. Tommymac Dec 2020 #245
They are not that hard to spot mtnsnake Dec 2020 #252
I can't think of anything she said that I disagree with. egduj Dec 2020 #197
Dead on Pander0 denbot Dec 2020 #199
I wish Senator Wellstone's life had not ended as quickly as it did. We have allowed the GOP to usajumpedtheshark Dec 2020 #205
Uusally if one discovers a celestial oject it gets names after them. Tommymac Dec 2020 #246
You were close. According to an article in Business Insider, it was named after her usajumpedtheshark Dec 2020 #250
Seems to me that too many here are spending time Lunabell Dec 2020 #208
Seems to me too many have been spending time bashing Democrats betsuni Dec 2020 #210
Seems to me you hit the nail on the head mtnsnake Dec 2020 #220
AOC is like the kindly grandchild who buys stuff from Amazon Roisin Ni Fiachra Dec 2020 #212
And...you're a confused but grateful octogenarian in your scenario? Hortensis Dec 2020 #221
I don't bash her publicly coolhandlulu Dec 2020 #216
'Disrespectful of elders' has been used in the past to hide a lot of nastiness. Tommymac Dec 2020 #247
+100000000 Celerity Jan 2021 #261
The "elders" in charge today have fucked us over and led to the current ruin of our country today ansible Jan 2021 #262
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