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Tue Mar 2, 2021, 10:29 AM Mar 2021

Cuomo is 63 years old. I am 75 years old. [View all]

I still find young women attractive, because they are attractive. However, I don't expect that they find me attractive, because that almost never happens.

I don't flirt with young women. I don't touch them, unless they are related to me or otherwise connected with me and offer an old man a hug. I don't try to kiss them. I might smile at them, but that's it.

It doesn't matter that I think they are attractive. That's irrelevant. I'm an old man who behaves himself.

Andrew Cuomo, perhaps, has not learned that lesson yet. He may still think he is attractive to younger women. Now, he's being accused of sexually harassing some younger women. I've read the accounts. I've seen the photos. None of those accounts appear to me to be sexual harassment. They involve flirtatious behavior that was not appreciated by the women accusing him. He shouldn't do that sort of thing.

There is nothing there that is illegal, actually. It's just poor decisions, based on incorrect assumptions on Cuomo's part. He didn't kiss the young woman. He asked if he could kiss her. He did not attempt to have sex with the other women. He just brought the subject up and it was rejected by those women.

Is he a dirty old man? Perhaps. Is he guilty of some sort of crime? No, not really. He's not that old, really. Not yet. However, he still has lessons to learn.

I cannot see any reason for him to resign from his office, though. I see reasons for him to reevaluate his behavior and stop doing that sort of thing. I suspect he will do exactly that, going forward.

Does unwanted flirtation by some old fart make some women feel uncomfortable? Yes, it can, but doesn't always. Old farts, though, should leave young women alone, regardless of their attractiveness. Flirting with them is a losing proposition, so just don't do it, Andrew. Grow up. Accept your age. Stop being creepy.

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Well written, as usual.... HUAJIAO Mar 2021 #1
Thanks so much! MineralMan Mar 2021 #2
You have a knack for the right words. secondwind Mar 2021 #3
I try. MineralMan Mar 2021 #4
Perfectly stated. PAMod Mar 2021 #5
Agree!!! n/t RKP5637 Mar 2021 #6
Also, though, some women come on to power, even to 75 . Some may come on to empedocles Mar 2021 #7
Given his position and celebrity he has probably gotten a lot of attention from younger women Maraya1969 Mar 2021 #8
Legally, "harassment" requires an unbalanced power relationship to be actionable. Laelth Mar 2021 #9
That's just not true Major Nikon Mar 2021 #12
Yes, if it's reported and management fails to rectify the situation. Laelth Mar 2021 #19
No, it's sexual harassment regardless of whether it's reported or rectified, pnwmom Mar 2021 #20
It's harrassment in equal power situations wnylib Mar 2021 #117
The third woman removed Cuomo's hand from her back, and he responded by putting both hands pnwmom Mar 2021 #118
I don't know where you are getting wnylib Mar 2021 #120
Either NPR, which didn't carry the original story, misreported it, pnwmom Mar 2021 #122
My copy of the Buffalo News, wnylib Mar 2021 #123
I have never thought Ruch had the strongest case, since she wasn't an employee. pnwmom Mar 2021 #131
Wrong wrong wrong kcr Mar 2021 #58
Unfortunately, that is a misconception that can lead to under reporting. Pacifist Patriot Mar 2021 #73
Thank you to the OP Nikki28 Mar 2021 #10
I call it the Nelson Rockefeller Fantasy Jersey Devil Mar 2021 #11
Required listening for old fools CloudWatcher Mar 2021 #13
LOL moreland01 Mar 2021 #56
Hilarious! SunSeeker Mar 2021 #95
I got in trouble a few years ago working at the Antique mall. multigraincracker Mar 2021 #14
You don't know that obamanut2012 Mar 2021 #30
Being 70+ I had no idea what it meant. multigraincracker Mar 2021 #33
Oh FFS Jilly_in_VA Mar 2021 #45
Hello Ladies (?) I give up. I really do. Captain Zero Mar 2021 #99
My dad, who is approaching 80 ADK Mar 2021 #34
Wow,am I missing something ? Since when is Hello Ladies an inappropriate greeting for women that you CentralMass Mar 2021 #65
A few years ago, multigraincracker Mar 2021 #78
Wow. I'm 60 and I still commonly say that. Usually more like good morning ladies. CentralMass Mar 2021 #82
People keep focusing on whether or not his conduct was illegal Major Nikon Mar 2021 #15
THIS momta Mar 2021 #60
Exactly. Illegal activity applies to the organization, not the individual in question Major Nikon Mar 2021 #86
I'm 66 and basically, he has apparently engaged in behaviors that were more common Texin Mar 2021 #16
What you said. Silver1 Mar 2021 #42
EXACTLY! As a woman now nearly a decade older than you are... maddiemom Mar 2021 #43
You said it! The reTrumplicans need to shut the fuck up about 'harassment' because they condone Texin Mar 2021 #88
I don't even think its about age.... Jon King Mar 2021 #17
good point stopdiggin Mar 2021 #103
This is spot on! Dream Girl Mar 2021 #18
Exactly. At least he asked. Some would take that as flattering. judesedit Mar 2021 #21
Cuomo should absolutely NOT resign! Silver1 Mar 2021 #59
Wrong. Cassidy Mar 2021 #22
I told a male friend about a boss who was a sexual harasser Beringia Mar 2021 #27
For sexual harassment, age or gender does not matter. Position of power does KatK Mar 2021 #23
As an older, supposedly mature man - 3825-87867 Mar 2021 #28
You're missing one important aspect: Power. Ocelot II Mar 2021 #24
No, I'm not missing it. MineralMan Mar 2021 #32
+1 uponit7771 Mar 2021 #48
How do you figure out if flirtation is unwanted? LisaL Mar 2021 #38
If a man you just met asks if he can kiss you, that's not flirting. Ocelot II Mar 2021 #64
If a guy is paying any real attention, he'd know if MineralMan Mar 2021 #76
That's even assuming he even cared whether the woman thought it was OK. Ocelot II Mar 2021 #90
also true stopdiggin Mar 2021 #101
That's one reason these situations can be so tricky - Ocelot II Mar 2021 #102
In the workplace, it's pretty well always a bad idea. soldierant Mar 2021 #115
And yet, when a Republican does it - 3825-87867 Mar 2021 #25
Older men with money and celebrity theneworiginal Mar 2021 #26
That does NOT make it okay to flirt with EMPLOYEES!!! TexasBushwhacker Mar 2021 #112
But you're not necessarily correct. ADK Mar 2021 #29
Excellent points and great advice for most. Exception: When the older man is your boss. flibbitygiblets Mar 2021 #31
So right about this FakeNoose Mar 2021 #35
I know how you feel AverageOldGuy Mar 2021 #36
I started working in a factory in the seventies. blueinredohio Mar 2021 #37
I just deleted all MSNBC shows...no taping for me. This is an attack on a powerful Democrat Demsrule86 Mar 2021 #39
I feel the same way you do. BlueLucy Mar 2021 #74
Exactly right...we need to support our people. Demsrule86 Mar 2021 #85
Totally agree with this, just to add that I would bet Cuomo gets Nixie Mar 2021 #40
Grow up. Accept your age. Stop being creepy. LetMyPeopleVote Mar 2021 #41
THIS !!!! ☝🏾☝🏾☝🏾 #MeToo shouldn't be turned into #I'mUncomfortable uponit7771 Mar 2021 #44
Well stated. nt LAS14 Mar 2021 #49
I agree with you on all points except... LAS14 Mar 2021 #46
The Corporate Media is ALWAYS going to Hang Democrats and let QOP'ers Skate. Tommymac Mar 2021 #47
There's a story Jilly_in_VA Mar 2021 #50
Look at what happened to Al Franken. BobTheSubgenius Mar 2021 #51
Agree in great part. Investigate first, then proceed with appropriate action. Joinfortmill Mar 2021 #52
I don't think he should resign. MASW Mar 2021 #53
This is a political hit job . . . Erda Mar 2021 #54
++++well said. All those you mentioned stand to gain by Nixie Mar 2021 #80
Thanks, Nixie! Erda Mar 2021 #93
Cuomo is 63, I am 80 tiredtoo Mar 2021 #55
It bothers me when my 80 yr old father does that to young women. Waitress, housekeeper, cashier. LizBeth Mar 2021 #121
Not sure what you mean when you say Does That. tiredtoo Mar 2021 #127
Do that is harrassing, not assault you are right. You want to know if she enjoys it? Don't do it for LizBeth Mar 2021 #128
Well then, thank you for your opinion. EOM tiredtoo Mar 2021 #129
+1 LizBeth Mar 2021 #130
This Thread is Horrifying Mary in S. Carolina Mar 2021 #57
Best answer to this post. /nt tonedevil Mar 2021 #77
BINGO! Cozmo Mar 2021 #96
+10000000 progressoid Mar 2021 #97
NGL, I'm not exactly known as a paragon of virtue on DU, but some of these responses are WTF-worthy. Decoy of Fenris Mar 2021 #104
+1 spooky3 Mar 2021 #107
Yes, it is horrifying! McKim Mar 2021 #111
We must protect the Patriarchy! pamela Mar 2021 #126
Yeah, Ew..... Arresting Mar 2021 #132
Creepy is not a crime. hay rick Mar 2021 #61
Pawing at much younger women is about entitlement dlk Mar 2021 #62
Agreed! Mary in S. Carolina Mar 2021 #63
Some men don't understand-it can be invisible to them dlk Mar 2021 #67
I have never told you but, I truly enjoy your posts, You are a very good writer. Escurumbele Mar 2021 #66
I'm 62. COL Mustard Mar 2021 #68
Dear MineralMan, madaboutharry Mar 2021 #69
Wasn't me. I've never been on that site. MineralMan Mar 2021 #79
Ok. madaboutharry Mar 2021 #89
How can you know if they are BGBD Mar 2021 #70
I agree to a certain extent. Caliman73 Mar 2021 #71
Indeed. calimary Mar 2021 #72
This was a wedding party? he puts his hands on her like that he's lucky he didn't get punched Shanti Shanti Shanti Mar 2021 #75
This message was self-deleted by its author ExTex Mar 2021 #81
Yep. J Oliver covered that as well. progressoid Mar 2021 #98
I think an important thing for people here on DU to think about... Silent3 Mar 2021 #83
+1,000 meadowlander Mar 2021 #91
Please Tape Sexual Harassment Mary in S. Carolina Mar 2021 #84
Whether old guys should flirt with young women is completely irrelevent jcgoldie Mar 2021 #87
They weren't all workplace though .That one of him with one of his accusers JI7 Mar 2021 #124
I get it jcgoldie Mar 2021 #125
Thank you thank you thank you! Ilsa Mar 2021 #92
Unwanted sexual harassment by a man has nothing to do with age, or romance or sex Cozmo Mar 2021 #94
the wisdom here is priceless, Mineral Man... bluboid Mar 2021 #100
Exactly. It would be pretty creepy to stare at a young girl... LanternWaste Mar 2021 #105
.. MineralMan Mar 2021 #108
When I was 30 (a very long time ago) UpInArms Mar 2021 #106
Good summary of the issue burrowowl Mar 2021 #109
My wifes'.... mbusby Mar 2021 #110
It is obvious from the number of responses, you have hit a nerve. BarbD Mar 2021 #113
He is not just some dirty old man. Blue_true Mar 2021 #114
Very well stated. niyad Mar 2021 #116
You are missing something mchill Mar 2021 #119
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