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15. Just A Guess
Sat Jul 24, 2021, 03:34 PM
Jul 2021

There's an enzyme in bananas called pectinstearase.
This enzyme helps the reaction with the naturally occurring ethylene in the banana (it's what ripens them). That reaction breaks and terminates some of the natural polymers that make up the fruit's fibers.
If a crop of bananas were to be lower in that enzyme, those reactions would slow and the fruit would still be loaded with the longer, unsubstituted chains.
Since those chains make up polymeric fibers, just like in rubber & plastics, the rigidity & elasticity become a function of those longer, undisrupted chains.
Like I said, I'm guessing because I don't know how much enzyme content is normal and what a reduction would have to be to interfere with that polymer size reduction.
But, the chemistry I provided is accurate.

Rubbery bananas. [View all] LizBeth Jul 2021 OP
Mistook it for a... mbusby Jul 2021 #1
Nope, a Dole banana. It is only recently I have been seeing it and not often but time enough. LizBeth Jul 2021 #2
Stop grocery shopping in the decorative fruit section of housewares? Hugin Jul 2021 #3
;) LizBeth Jul 2021 #8
I too am a bananaphile. Hugin Jul 2021 #10
Gros Michel was the variety when I was a kid (this would be about 50 years ago) . . . hatrack Jul 2021 #18
Bananaphile KentuckyWoman Jul 2021 #20
Bananavore Hugin Jul 2021 #27
We grow bananas and if picked green sometimes they just don't ripen enough. LakeArenal Jul 2021 #4
Perfectly yellow showing ripe but yes, inside is like unripe and that is the taste also. LizBeth Jul 2021 #7
Meh, green bananas are supposedly better for you. CrackityJones75 Jul 2021 #13
I heard they both have different qualities and if I remember, I like what I got more with the LizBeth Jul 2021 #14
It's very hard to peel green bananas. LakeArenal Jul 2021 #26
I've noticed also Tink41 Jul 2021 #5
+1 LizBeth Jul 2021 #6
A couple of months ago I got a bad bunch Ritabert Jul 2021 #9
One of these is ripe 48656c6c6f20 Jul 2021 #11
#2 LizBeth Jul 2021 #12
#2 is OK 48656c6c6f20 Jul 2021 #22
Wow, I would use the ugly black one for banana bread or pancakes. LizBeth Jul 2021 #23
Just A Guess ProfessorGAC Jul 2021 #15
Fascinating. Awesome. Thank you. I think you are on the right track. LizBeth Jul 2021 #17
Possible ProfessorGAC Jul 2021 #19
Are you sure you didn't accidentally purchase a decorative fake? Crunchy Frog Jul 2021 #16
It may be a plantain obamanut2012 Jul 2021 #21
Not really related to your thread but... yonder Jul 2021 #24
They're all picked green for longer life while shipping, but sometimes there are ones so green... Hekate Jul 2021 #25
Oh, that is interesting about the apple. LizBeth Jul 2021 #28
The apple gives off ethylene oxide Wicked Blue Jul 2021 #29
Could they have accidentally been frozen? rurallib Jul 2021 #30
That could be and that would make sense. Thanks. LizBeth Jul 2021 #31
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