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14. The environment is not safe.
Sun Aug 29, 2021, 02:39 PM
Aug 2021

I wouldn't presume to tell you to find another job because I don't know your circumstances.

However, I can tell you that I would not go in, and I would look for work somewhere safer.

I'm not rich, and I need money like everyone does, but if I get Covid, I could have a real problem (even though I'm double dosed) because I have a lot of the classic risk factors, including kidney disease.

Try to imagine a scale, like a justice scale, and weigh out the risks of staying vs. the risks of leaving.

You will come the the right answer for you personally.

Covid surge and a new job. [View all] LizBeth Aug 2021 OP
Get Out!! aeromanKC Aug 2021 #1
I am an old woman. Not so easy to get those jobs, even though I have the knowledge and experience. LizBeth Aug 2021 #4
Get another shot right away. My husband was in the same situation only no one was wearing masks. Demsrule86 Aug 2021 #19
Right you are. LizBeth Aug 2021 #22
That is what my husband is going to do...We are between a rock and a hard place. We need to Demsrule86 Aug 2021 #23
I wish that I had some helpful, realistic advice for you. What you described is niyad Aug 2021 #2
Friday, I kinda let it go as it stewed in my brain. Having a weekend and listening to people dying. LizBeth Aug 2021 #3
Sending vibes for the correct, SAFE situation for you. niyad Aug 2021 #5
Thank you niyad. LizBeth Aug 2021 #6
You are vaccinated I assume Farmer-Rick Aug 2021 #7
Right. I certainly hate bringing in drama first handful of days at a new job, before they know me. LizBeth Aug 2021 #8
Blood type is a myth. Ms. Toad Aug 2021 #9
That is good to hear, though not front and center in brain. Lol LizBeth Aug 2021 #12
Why has she been trying to get covid for a year and a half? LisaL Aug 2021 #10
I have heard young people say this and ya, bizarre. It is like she is saying it to a 60 yr old LizBeth Aug 2021 #11
I'm wondering the same thing. Who would try to get Covid? I'm assuming she isn't a hermit, so she liberal_mama Aug 2021 #13
They are just stupid. This young woman, low 30's is well aware of issues. She has to be rw LizBeth Aug 2021 #15
The environment is not safe. LuckyCharms Aug 2021 #14
That was my thought when it first hit me the situation I walked into. LizBeth Aug 2021 #16
LizBeth... LuckyCharms Aug 2021 #17
My own advocate. That is for sure. I tend to put that to the side, too often. Ty LizBeth Aug 2021 #20
I've been so hoping you had a new job, brer cat Aug 2021 #18
Ya, a mess and yea, I have a job that hits about all I need per se with schedule, pay and I get to LizBeth Aug 2021 #21
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