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Wed Oct 6, 2021, 09:01 AM Oct 2021

The Truth About Those Dollar Stores [View all]


The Truth About Those Dollar Stores
Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, and others offer low prices but also raise concern in communities that feel choked by them
By Brian Vines

October 06, 2021

But a dollar store on almost every corner also raises concerns. For some people, especially those who have low incomes or live in rural areas, these stores are the only option, or one of the only options, CR’s survey found.

Food access advocates worry that the stores’ skyrocketing growth means businesses with broader offerings—more fruit and vegetables in addition to dollar store mainstays such as candy, soda, and other heavily processed packaged foods—get squeezed out. Some communities are now pressuring the big three dollar stores to better serve the areas they operate in.

What critics and fans can agree on: Dollar stores are changing the way we shop. And given that they appear to be here to stay, it pays to know how to shop there, whether they are your only option, or one of many. Our six-month investigation provides insights that can help you navigate their aisles.

Dollar stores, of course, play up their low prices. And until recently, just about everything at Dollar Tree really was a dollar or less, something that they could do by selling most items in travel or other smaller-than-usual sizes. While the company announced in late September that it “will be testing price points above $1 in select stores,” low-prices are still a major selling point for the brand. And Dollar General and Family Dollar, which have long sold many items for more than a buck, also still try to keep prices low.

(more at link above)

Here's the Consumer Reports poll question (along with the reader response percentage):

QUESTION: About how often do you shop at dollar stores?
72 votes, 1 pass | Time left: Unlimited
Never (CR Readers say: 12%)
28 (39%)
A few times a year, but less than once a month (35%)
28 (39%)
About once a month (19%)
3 (4%)
More than once a month, but less than once a week (15%)
6 (8%)
About once a week (10%)
3 (4%)
More than once a week (9%)
4 (6%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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The Truth About Those Dollar Stores [View all] NurseJackie Oct 2021 OP
Never. H2O Man Oct 2021 #1
Bottom line is no matter what, people will find something to complain about, jimfields33 Oct 2021 #12
Interesting. H2O Man Oct 2021 #37
Good response. Kingofalldems Oct 2021 #40
Thank you! H2O Man Oct 2021 #51
I'm in San Antonio and you pretty much need a car here, even to get to a dollar stores LeftInTX Oct 2021 #53
Thanks for this! H2O Man Oct 2021 #56
There is a Dollar Tree.. luvs2sing Oct 2021 #2
Dollar Tree is the star of the cheap stores, they have the best stock. lark Oct 2021 #3
That's when I go, holiday season Freddie Oct 2021 #17
I can't afford to save that much money! Mopar151 Oct 2021 #4
Until the pandemic UpInArms Oct 2021 #5
Like any other stores Sherman A1 Oct 2021 #6
Yep. They're good for cleaning supplies and hair accessories, too. GoCubsGo Oct 2021 #31
Never these days...I did in the past when I was essentially homeless... Wounded Bear Oct 2021 #7
I grew up in the 50's and early 60's - so this is for Baby Boomers FakeNoose Oct 2021 #8
The entire type of store was known as a "five and dime" from the depression forward... hlthe2b Oct 2021 #10
My mother said "5 and 10" Polybius Oct 2021 #49
Here in Huntsville, we had two Woolworths at two different malls. House of Roberts Oct 2021 #13
Yes, we called them dime stores also, never knew why. yonder Oct 2021 #20
5 and dime Crepuscular Oct 2021 #24
Thanks, I'll go with Kresge's, though it doesn't have the mental "feel" yonder Oct 2021 #27
i lived in kresge country, but yeah. mopinko Oct 2021 #23
I went in to buy some candy for Halloween last year--for the first time. hlthe2b Oct 2021 #9
You're right about that FakeNoose Oct 2021 #14
That's an important distinction! Cheaper is not always a bargain. NurseJackie Oct 2021 #16
I think the smaller sizes allows the poor to buy a lil bit to get by Demovictory9 Oct 2021 #42
I have a Family Dollar four blocks from my house. House of Roberts Oct 2021 #11
We have an alternate to the dollar stores nearby called Totally Tunsie Oct 2021 #15
Dollar Stores are the Facebook of retail Politicub Oct 2021 #18
I enjoyed reading your post. Thanks. NurseJackie Oct 2021 #19
Thank you for the feedback. Politicub Oct 2021 #26
Good to know LeftInTX Oct 2021 #55
I think a Dollar store means a town or neighborhood has failed Ron Green Oct 2021 #21
Maybe true in rural areas? Sympthsical Oct 2021 #28
That cannot be true. jimfields33 Oct 2021 #43
There are 2 issues, I believe: Ron Green Oct 2021 #46
When I was a travel nurse Jilly_in_VA Oct 2021 #22
i've only shopped there a few times. mopinko Oct 2021 #25
Funny story about this Sympthsical Oct 2021 #29
a ceramic plate? mopinko Oct 2021 #38
I have only walked through one of those stores a few times. iscooterliberally Oct 2021 #30
Awesome is actually really good. Ka-Dinh Oy Oct 2021 #39
We go frequently... radicalleft Oct 2021 #32
I like them, shop there weekly and know how to shop there as the article stresses. Kaleva Oct 2021 #33
I like Dollar Tree . pidge Oct 2021 #34
I used to go in the Dollar General store mnhtnbb Oct 2021 #35
It's a 24 mile round trip to DG. It's a 90 mile round trip to the bigger grocery stores. Kaleva Oct 2021 #36
You is out in the boonies...LOL LeftInTX Oct 2021 #62
I live north of Wisconsin in the western part of Upper Michigan Kaleva Oct 2021 #63
My parents' place was west of Minocqua and east of Park Falls in Chequamegon Natl Forest LeftInTX Oct 2021 #64
I sometimes drive through Minocqua on the way to Wausau or Rochester MN Kaleva Oct 2021 #66
I care for 2 feral kitties that survived the fire that hit our mobile home park... MerryBlooms Oct 2021 #41
I peruse the offerings more out of curiosity 48656c6c6f20 Oct 2021 #44
I try to buy cards there, and almond cookies. babylonsister Oct 2021 #45
I buy my stretch jeans, shorts and anklets from Family Dollar! Can't find these anywhere else! LeftInTX Oct 2021 #47
I read the article and didn't see why it could be bad Polybius Oct 2021 #48
They have replaced some grocery stores in some places. LeftInTX Oct 2021 #52
The Dollar General Near My Golf Course... ProfessorGAC Oct 2021 #50
I buy drinkware there jmowreader Oct 2021 #54
I love dollar stores. 🙂 👍 no Raine Oct 2021 #57
Dollar Tree is a great place to get hardcover books. Here are some other ideas cinematicdiversions Oct 2021 #58
This message was self-deleted by its author ExTex Oct 2021 #59
Dollar General is not a dollar store lame54 Oct 2021 #60
This message was self-deleted by its author ExTex Oct 2021 #61
LOL, I'm in a bougie neighborhood in a bougie city. maxsolomon Oct 2021 #65
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