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Woo-hoo! roamer65 Nov 2021 #1
Another one bites the dust... calimary Nov 2021 #2
He's free at last! Zorro Nov 2021 #3
Good term: "antivas". Now if we could encourage them to die at home erronis Nov 2021 #21
Yet another covid suicide... Ohio Joe Nov 2021 #4
He who lives by the sword . . . You know the rest. no_hypocrisy Nov 2021 #5
He said that promoting vaccines was the devil's work. He might have got that wrong. AnotherMother4Peace Nov 2021 #6
A stupid and evil person is gone Mysterian Nov 2021 #7
Article: LeftInTX Nov 2021 #8
Yes, good article - thank you for linking. I'm sure his family will be spinning. AnotherMother4Peace Nov 2021 #12
Couldn't have happened to a more deserving person. Crunchy Frog Nov 2021 #9
We have to remember edhopper Nov 2021 #10
Called up to rest in the eternal bosum of the Lord packman Nov 2021 #11
A lamb of god who simply wasn't. NewHendoLib Nov 2021 #13
Gee, that's too bad. dem4decades Nov 2021 #14
They supposedly didn't have insurance? With all the $$$ MarcA Nov 2021 #15
adios loser samnsara Nov 2021 #16
Suits me. (nt) Paladin Nov 2021 #17
No pity. None. 634-5789 Nov 2021 #18
FRY IN HELL MARCUS! amb123 Nov 2021 #19
He got what he was begging for. Too bad it cant happen for all of them in one fell swoop. onecaliberal Nov 2021 #20
He and his wife look liked such honest people too. Botany Nov 2021 #22
Typical trump loving evangelical who cheats on his wife - 3 women whose claims just AnotherMother4Peace Nov 2021 #27
Somehow I think the good Mrs. Lamb knew all about her husband's pass times and I wouldn't be ... Botany Nov 2021 #29
Your uncle, his wife, & daughter are true spiritual healers/helpers. AnotherMother4Peace Nov 2021 #35
Joe lives his faith too. Botany Nov 2021 #37
Yes, President Biden does live his faith. Lovely story. Jimmy Carter AnotherMother4Peace Nov 2021 #40
Practiced What He Preached modrepub Nov 2021 #23
More Social Security for the rest of us! Auggie Nov 2021 #24
The "silver lining"... Hulk Nov 2021 #25
Flying to heaven John Ludi Nov 2021 #26
aww gee. what a cryin' shame Roland99 Nov 2021 #28
ones less xian grifter........more of this please Celerity Nov 2021 #30
So long, asshole BradAllison Nov 2021 #31
Come on TFG'S base bluestarone Nov 2021 #32
Good post at sorryantivaxxer.com about how much disinformation Marcus pushed via his network. tanyev Nov 2021 #33
Should have spent the PPP money on a better razor. That goatee is shite. nt JanMichael Nov 2021 #34
Just another dumb ass... IrishAfricanAmerican Nov 2021 #36
NBC News link lindysalsagal Nov 2021 #38
"Marcus put his faith in Ivermectin, and COVID considered that faith inadequate" struggle4progress Nov 2021 #39
play stupid games demtenjeep Nov 2021 #41
Gee, that's too bad.... Talitha Nov 2021 #42
Another "Prosperity Gospel" Hypocrite NowISeetheLight Dec 2021 #43
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