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Rob Reiner ftw!! [View all] Heartstrings Dec 2021 OP
And somebody placed bombs at the Republican and Democratic applegrove Dec 2021 #1
My guess would be to distract. calimary Dec 2021 #13
Maybe. We'll probably never know for sure. applegrove Dec 2021 #14
I'm pretty sure they planned an antifa blitz on that one... Wounded Bear Dec 2021 #16
disarmed? Or were they not viable? Grasswire2 Dec 2021 #20
TBH, I'm not totally sure on that one...nt Wounded Bear Dec 2021 #27
Correction... bomb was not placed at the RNC headquarters! druidity33 Dec 2021 #22
Oh my bad. applegrove Dec 2021 #24
It says both party headquarters: applegrove Dec 2021 #26
Like i said... druidity33 Dec 2021 #28
Now! no more screwing around. Paper Roses Dec 2021 #2
Yes..past time Deuxcents Dec 2021 #3
Great Kees Kloost Dec 2021 #4
yepper !!! like me , get use to it !! ----- monkeyman1 Dec 2021 #5
From???? Ohioboy Dec 2021 #6
Extremist Republicans kept Garland from sitting on the Supreme Court DFW Dec 2021 #7
I know... me either. The pukes may come wish he was on the high court liberalla Dec 2021 #8
I so hope you are right! Hekate Dec 2021 #9
He doesn't seem like the revenge is like calamari type. JanMichael Dec 2021 #10
K&R!!! Love RR onetexan Dec 2021 #11
Mike Lee, Republican Senator from Utah, gab13by13 Dec 2021 #12
That's It: If Trump iIs Not Dead, or Incapacitated with Alzheimer's or a Massive Stroke Come 2024, panfluteman Dec 2021 #15
Voter suppression and childfreebychoice Dec 2021 #18
It's not even 2022 yet Elessar Zappa Dec 2021 #23
Absolutely! n/t Upthevibe Dec 2021 #17
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Dec 2021 #19
Agree YoshidaYui Dec 2021 #21
tfg was the ringleader. he instigated it and egged it on all the way. spanone Dec 2021 #25
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