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Sun Dec 26, 2021, 12:30 AM Dec 2021

Should there be any restrictions at all on abortion? [View all]

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On another thread Polybius was curious about where DU'ers stood on abortion restrictions. As they couldn't post a poll I've taken the initiative and posted it with their poll options. I personally think this decision is between a women and her doctor so chose 5.


85 votes, 1 pass | Time left: Unlimited
Leave it up to the states
1 (1%)
Water it down, give states the option of banning it after 14 weeks and parental notification for minors
1 (1%)
Keep the status quo (states can ban it after 24-26 weeks)
12 (14%)
Increase it to 30 weeks
0 (0%)
No restrictions at all, no state can impose any restrictions on abortion at all
68 (80%)
3 (4%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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only restriction allowed Jerry2144 Dec 2021 #1
None. Zip. Zilch. PoindexterOglethorpe Dec 2021 #2
In simple terms: it's complicated. mwooldri Dec 2021 #3
The main restriction I favor MurrayDelph Dec 2021 #4
My best hope for this Supreme Court is... HariSeldon Dec 2021 #5
That's a private medical decision between a patient and her doctor Arazi Dec 2021 #6
I don't agree that there should be no restrictions iemanja Dec 2021 #7
Only 2% of all abortions in the US are performed after 20 weeks TexasBushwhacker Dec 2021 #16
Roe accommodates that iemanja Dec 2021 #27
The trimester system of Roe was basically abandoned after TexasBushwhacker Dec 2021 #29
Yes, I'm aware of that iemanja Dec 2021 #40
My body, my choice susanr516 Dec 2021 #8
Post removed Post removed Dec 2021 #9
At 38 weeks, it's induced labor, not an abortion. meadowlander Dec 2021 #10
You're right. Thanks for your insight. Beakybird Dec 2021 #12
I definitely don't think that I should have been able to abort my twins Crunchy Frog Dec 2021 #13
This is exactly correct. PTWB Dec 2021 #31
That's true of some pro-choice posters on DU as well, unfortunately. Crunchy Frog Dec 2021 #34
May I ask a question? It's a personal one, and slap me/don't answer if you don't want. moriah Dec 2021 #39
It wasn't formally diagnosed until after I was in labor, Crunchy Frog Dec 2021 #43
First, thank you for so deeply personal of a share. moriah Dec 2021 #48
I don't really see it getting to the point Crunchy Frog Dec 2021 #64
I totally agree with your last paragraph. moriah Dec 2021 #65
I don't care if the mother's life is in danger or not, she can induce at 38 weeks.... moriah Dec 2021 #14
Thank you TexasBushwhacker Dec 2021 #32
No Government Entity Texasgal Dec 2021 #11
The original Roe v Wade already HAS restrictions, based on the social & medical consensus then... Hekate Dec 2021 #15
No ibegurpard Dec 2021 #17
I agree MustLoveBeagles Dec 2021 #90
NO! eShirl Dec 2021 #18
i don't think requiring licensed professional and sanitary facility are too much to ask rampartc Dec 2021 #19
Agreed. lastlib Dec 2021 #28
Before viability. Though the viability window keeps getting pushed Scrivener7 Dec 2021 #20
It's currently considered to be 24 weeks, but a few babies have been saved Crunchy Frog Dec 2021 #35
I was a preemie... electric_blue68 Dec 2021 #67
Wow. That is miraculous for 1953. The little guy I knew was born after 2010. He was in Scrivener7 Dec 2021 #72
Glad things worked out for him! ... electric_blue68 Dec 2021 #86
I guess the status quo (states can ban it after 24-26 weeks) Polybius Dec 2021 #21
Her body, her decision. nt DLevine Dec 2021 #22
No. On demand, without apology, at any time. WhiskeyGrinder Dec 2021 #23
So at 36 weeks "Ya know what, I changed my mind" is fine? Polybius Dec 2021 #55
No one advocates for that except politicians who want to ban ALL abortions from conception onward Hekate Dec 2021 #61
Yes, because it's such a rare hypothetical, it's absurd. It just does not happen without a really, WhiskeyGrinder Dec 2021 #71
I passed. The only law that should exist is that the procedure is performed by a Vinca Dec 2021 #24
Morning-after pills are OTC. WhiskeyGrinder Dec 2021 #25
How did I miss that? Good to know. Don't tell Texas Republicans. Vinca Dec 2021 #30
They know, and they're working on it... Wounded Bear Dec 2021 #33
They can't do anything until 2023 LeftInTX Dec 2021 #37
You're probably looking at Plan C, not Plan B LeftInTX Dec 2021 #36
That must be it. The one I saw was about $50. Vinca Dec 2021 #41
Plan-C also requires a consultation, even if ordering them from overseas. LeftInTX Dec 2021 #46
I added an Other option MustLoveBeagles Dec 2021 #26
The majority of people in this poll think that abortion should be legal up to the moment of birth? WhiskeyGrinder Dec 2021 #38
And that's why these kinds of polls are nothing but bait. Iggo Dec 2021 #42
I mean...I voted for no restrictions. WhiskeyGrinder Dec 2021 #44
Reluctantly, "other". Basically no restrictions - it is up to a woman and her doctor - RandomNumbers Dec 2021 #45
So are you ok with a 25 year old woman simply changing her mind at 36 weeks? Polybius Dec 2021 #57
Stop that. It is a tried and true anti-choice argument. Roe v Wade HAS RESTRICTIONS already... Hekate Dec 2021 #59
Yes, but the Roe restrictions are no longer in place iemanja Dec 2021 #60
Which is why those of us who are pro-choice need to be really clear about RW goals... Hekate Dec 2021 #62
It's what the poll says Polybius Dec 2021 #75
I think it should be stated that no one wants to have an abortion. Xolodno Dec 2021 #47
People do want abortions; that's why they get them. WhiskeyGrinder Dec 2021 #50
The only restriction should be that xmas74 Dec 2021 #49
THAT should be decided between a woman and her doctor Skittles Dec 2021 #51
No. roamer65 Dec 2021 #52
I'm okay with limited restrictions in the third trimester Silent3 Dec 2021 #53
As others have pointed out, virtually no doctors will perform an abortion at "any time" NickB79 Dec 2021 #54
I think that a lot of people who voted for "No restrictions at all..." don't understand the poll Polybius Dec 2021 #56
+1 Celerity Dec 2021 #58
That's because no woman actually ever does that, and the way you keep repeating that mantra... Hekate Dec 2021 #63
So you don't understand the poll Polybius Dec 2021 #76
I do not engage in push-polls, and that is what you have constructed. nt Hekate Dec 2021 #79
It wasn't my poll Polybius Dec 2021 #80
You are arguing the case: it might as well be yours Hekate Dec 2021 #82
Re-read the OP Polybius Dec 2021 #83
You and I crossed posts: I edited mine to reflect that while you were responding Hekate Dec 2021 #84
It's all good Polybius Dec 2021 #85
I did the poll MustLoveBeagles Dec 2021 #91
No... I understood it... Ohio Joe Dec 2021 #66
You understood it Polybius Dec 2021 #77
Because abortion decisions are flippant and casual like that? eShirl Dec 2021 #69
Just check out the replies above Polybius Dec 2021 #78
I think virtually all of them believe it's a private medical decision Arazi Dec 2021 #87
I voted no restrictions and I understood the implication. SYFROYH Dec 2021 #93
One restriction: men pay for All abortions period ! RANDYWILDMAN Dec 2021 #68
No restrictions Meowmee Dec 2021 #70
Reproduction creates TWO PEOPLE. Hortensis Dec 2021 #73
. WhiskeyGrinder Dec 2021 #74
That's a pretty shocking post, isn't it? nt Hekate Dec 2021 #81
I'm struggling to understand it MustLoveBeagles Dec 2021 #89
Of course not ismnotwasm Dec 2021 #88
Other than ensuring a safe and sanitary facility Mad_Machine76 Dec 2021 #92
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