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26. Funny they would see some have less
Tue Jan 11, 2022, 01:31 PM
Jan 2022

than vote for the party that gives them more. Tax breaks, more benefits, healthcare, SS, Medicare, minimum wage, the list goes on.

Blue collar voters are looking for people like multigraincracker Jan 2022 #1
Darn. OneBro Jan 2022 #2
I don't get it. Democratic voters are working class, have lower incomes than Republican voters. betsuni Jan 2022 #3
Republicans NJCher Jan 2022 #6
I wonder why Sanders can't see that it's emotion and hate that makes people vote for betsuni Jan 2022 #11
A good portion of them are more worried about multigraincracker Jan 2022 #21
"Democrats/Liberals give free stuff to people that don't want to work" Norbert Jan 2022 #16
So you think all the red-hat wearing people at his rallies are high income? Cuthbert Allgood Jan 2022 #25
My neighbor up the street is an orthopedic surgeon whose latest contribution to peace & tranquillity Hekate Jan 2022 #30
Didn't say all had high income, higher incomes. 54% of Trump voters had incomes of $100,000 betsuni Jan 2022 #34
I don't understand manicdem Jan 2022 #52
Hmm... Mike Nelson Jan 2022 #4
I don't think that income level is a characteristic that engenders group solidarity Klaralven Jan 2022 #5
I think you are right Hekate Jan 2022 #31
He is at best, partially correct dsc Jan 2022 #7
This country has been more pro-choice than anti-choice for years. SharonClark Jan 2022 #13
Is this a 3-part interview? Did Seth interview Bernie in separate segments that you are posting? Nixie Jan 2022 #8
People in red states don't believe the Democratic party is helping them, they kacekwl Jan 2022 #9
Divide and Conquer TheRealNorth Jan 2022 #10
Funny they would see some have less kacekwl Jan 2022 #26
My BIL is a high up Union rep. He says it's GUNS that is the real wedge issue among those voters. Tommymac Jan 2022 #49
On November 8 we will learn if the Republicans took control of the senate. Hortensis Jan 2022 #12
I wonder if it has anything to do with a constant stream of smears aimed at Democrats... NurseJackie Jan 2022 #14
On point JustAnotherGen Jan 2022 #23
Exactly.. Excellent Post.. TY! Cha Jan 2022 #27
yep to all llashram Jan 2022 #28
Right on, Nurse Jackie Hekate Jan 2022 #32
Zing! MrsCoffee Jan 2022 #35
Bazinga! sheshe2 Jan 2022 #45
Bernie, that's the *white* working class you're talking about. WhiskeyGrinder Jan 2022 #15
Right !!!! uponit7771 Jan 2022 #17
As Usual, The 'White' Is Silent... The Magistrate Jan 2022 #18
Thank you. NurseJackie Jan 2022 #20
Why is he criticizing Democrats and the Democratic Party again? George II Jan 2022 #19
Bernie, the Dem establishment embraced you like a brother, & gave you a leadership role... Hekate Jan 2022 #22
It's getting old JustAnotherGen Jan 2022 #24
all this to set-up llashram Jan 2022 #29
Oh hell no. We don't need to go through his fucking drama again. MrsCoffee Jan 2022 #36
Bernie is naive. Drunken Irishman Jan 2022 #33
Top Republicans Work To Rebrand GOP As Party Of Working Class ... Donkees Jan 2022 #37
Not sure what your post has to do with mine. Drunken Irishman Jan 2022 #39
'How Biden Won Back (Enough of) the White Working Class' Donkees Jan 2022 #41
Putting the 'Blue' Back in Blue Collar Donkees Jan 2022 #43
And this is why it's naive to think these voters can be reasoned with. Drunken Irishman Jan 2022 #47
You're making my point for me. Drunken Irishman Jan 2022 #46
Amen sheshe2 Jan 2022 #51
Never saw the movie -- but I know that song Hekate Jan 2022 #55
Watching it now. sheshe2 Jan 2022 #57
yep. nt ecstatic Jan 2022 #42
Amen. Thank you. NurseJackie Jan 2022 #44
He's still convinced that if he just explains why they vote against their own economic interest betsuni Jan 2022 #53
Exactly. Drunken Irishman Jan 2022 #54
He would know. It's the same way he gets supporters RB TexLa Jan 2022 #38
Populism needs lots of enemies. betsuni Jan 2022 #40
True. Concise. Direct. NurseJackie Jan 2022 #48
Let's demonize Bernie and let the ones who won't vote for BBB and Voting rights slide. Smart. Tommymac Jan 2022 #50
How about if BERNIE learns to not demonize DEMOCRATS? Hekate Jan 2022 #56
It's racism ismnotwasm Jan 2022 #58
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