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Blue collar voters are looking for people like multigraincracker Jan 2022 #1
Darn. OneBro Jan 2022 #2
I don't get it. Democratic voters are working class, have lower incomes than Republican voters. betsuni Jan 2022 #3
Republicans NJCher Jan 2022 #6
I wonder why Sanders can't see that it's emotion and hate that makes people vote for betsuni Jan 2022 #11
A good portion of them are more worried about multigraincracker Jan 2022 #21
"Democrats/Liberals give free stuff to people that don't want to work" Norbert Jan 2022 #16
So you think all the red-hat wearing people at his rallies are high income? Cuthbert Allgood Jan 2022 #25
My neighbor up the street is an orthopedic surgeon whose latest contribution to peace & tranquillity Hekate Jan 2022 #30
Didn't say all had high income, higher incomes. 54% of Trump voters had incomes of $100,000 betsuni Jan 2022 #34
I don't understand manicdem Jan 2022 #52
Hmm... Mike Nelson Jan 2022 #4
I don't think that income level is a characteristic that engenders group solidarity Klaralven Jan 2022 #5
I think you are right Hekate Jan 2022 #31
He is at best, partially correct dsc Jan 2022 #7
This country has been more pro-choice than anti-choice for years. SharonClark Jan 2022 #13
Is this a 3-part interview? Did Seth interview Bernie in separate segments that you are posting? Nixie Jan 2022 #8
People in red states don't believe the Democratic party is helping them, they kacekwl Jan 2022 #9
Divide and Conquer TheRealNorth Jan 2022 #10
Funny they would see some have less kacekwl Jan 2022 #26
My BIL is a high up Union rep. He says it's GUNS that is the real wedge issue among those voters. Tommymac Jan 2022 #49
On November 8 we will learn if the Republicans took control of the senate. Hortensis Jan 2022 #12
I wonder if it has anything to do with a constant stream of smears aimed at Democrats... NurseJackie Jan 2022 #14
On point JustAnotherGen Jan 2022 #23
Exactly.. Excellent Post.. TY! Cha Jan 2022 #27
yep to all llashram Jan 2022 #28
Right on, Nurse Jackie Hekate Jan 2022 #32
Zing! MrsCoffee Jan 2022 #35
Bazinga! sheshe2 Jan 2022 #45
Bernie, that's the *white* working class you're talking about. WhiskeyGrinder Jan 2022 #15
Right !!!! uponit7771 Jan 2022 #17
As Usual, The 'White' Is Silent... The Magistrate Jan 2022 #18
Thank you. NurseJackie Jan 2022 #20
Why is he criticizing Democrats and the Democratic Party again? George II Jan 2022 #19
Bernie, the Dem establishment embraced you like a brother, & gave you a leadership role... Hekate Jan 2022 #22
It's getting old JustAnotherGen Jan 2022 #24
all this to set-up llashram Jan 2022 #29
Oh hell no. We don't need to go through his fucking drama again. MrsCoffee Jan 2022 #36
Bernie is naive. Drunken Irishman Jan 2022 #33
Top Republicans Work To Rebrand GOP As Party Of Working Class ... Donkees Jan 2022 #37
Not sure what your post has to do with mine. Drunken Irishman Jan 2022 #39
'How Biden Won Back (Enough of) the White Working Class' Donkees Jan 2022 #41
Putting the 'Blue' Back in Blue Collar Donkees Jan 2022 #43
And this is why it's naive to think these voters can be reasoned with. Drunken Irishman Jan 2022 #47
You're making my point for me. Drunken Irishman Jan 2022 #46
Amen sheshe2 Jan 2022 #51
Never saw the movie -- but I know that song Hekate Jan 2022 #55
Watching it now. sheshe2 Jan 2022 #57
yep. nt ecstatic Jan 2022 #42
Amen. Thank you. NurseJackie Jan 2022 #44
He's still convinced that if he just explains why they vote against their own economic interest betsuni Jan 2022 #53
Exactly. Drunken Irishman Jan 2022 #54
He would know. It's the same way he gets supporters RB TexLa Jan 2022 #38
Populism needs lots of enemies. betsuni Jan 2022 #40
True. Concise. Direct. NurseJackie Jan 2022 #48
Let's demonize Bernie and let the ones who won't vote for BBB and Voting rights slide. Smart. Tommymac Jan 2022 #50
How about if BERNIE learns to not demonize DEMOCRATS? Hekate Jan 2022 #56
It's racism ismnotwasm Jan 2022 #58
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