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Will Smith attempts to justify himself. [View all] Frasier Balzov Mar 2022 OP
He apologized to everyone but Chris Rock. C_U_L8R Mar 2022 #1
well catsudon Mar 2022 #82
I can't blame him. MontanaFarmer Mar 2022 #2
Yeah, punching someone is exactly what anyone would do, right? BlackSkimmer Mar 2022 #5
No, not what i said. MontanaFarmer Mar 2022 #18
No, it is not understandable NoRethugFriends Mar 2022 #73
I think he overreacted. MontanaFarmer Mar 2022 #96
Act like an adult Johnny2X2X Mar 2022 #99
Technically, it was a slap, not a punch. wnylib Mar 2022 #60
+10000000000000000 Celerity Mar 2022 #86
Come on iemanja Mar 2022 #14
Eye of the beholder. MontanaFarmer Mar 2022 #19
Well, she looks fantastic bald. iemanja Mar 2022 #22
Agreed! MontanaFarmer Mar 2022 #24
Stunningly beautiful! What's this about a medical condition? Not RestoreAmerica2020 Mar 2022 #71
Alopecia. MontanaFarmer Mar 2022 #94
This isn't about Chris Rock. It's about public assault. Duncan Grant Mar 2022 #63
Thank You! NoRethugFriends Mar 2022 #74
Completely agree. sammythecat Mar 2022 #77
Eye of the beholder - if she wears a wig and Rock makes the joke Diablo del sol Mar 2022 #76
Agreed, i think he overreacted. MontanaFarmer Mar 2022 #95
Alopedia doesn't just affect the hair on your head. You loose your eyebrows and eyelashes and of Maraya1969 Mar 2022 #58
Nice try! USALiberal Mar 2022 #91
They always tease each other at the Oscars mvd Mar 2022 #3
Rock and Smith have previous beef xmas74 Mar 2022 #37
Wonder if he had one too many drinks? BlackSkimmer Mar 2022 #4
Probably has a history of being super reactive womanofthehills Mar 2022 #101
Strange, how they covered the screen w oscars title page lindysalsagal Mar 2022 #6
This broadcast seems to have lot of technical issues n/t Doc Sportello Mar 2022 #8
Here's what happened iemanja Mar 2022 #16
Right, but they covered during his acceptance speech. lindysalsagal Mar 2022 #26
Maybe they were afraid he was going to say something iemanja Mar 2022 #31
They didn't silence him, just posted the oscars logo. lindysalsagal Mar 2022 #34
We saw the whole acceptance speech Mr.Bill Mar 2022 #50
Another uncensored video: kentuck Mar 2022 #51
Smith looks unhinged to me iemanja Mar 2022 #54
Like I said in another thread - this could have been brewing Doc Sportello Mar 2022 #7
I agree 100% ChazII Mar 2022 #12
Exactly. MontanaFarmer Mar 2022 #21
Sickening speech, after his tantrum. highplainsdem Mar 2022 #9
Agree. Violent gaslighting narcissist, imho. Duncan Grant Mar 2022 #64
They should take the Oscar back until BigmanPigman Mar 2022 #67
Totally agree. Owl Mar 2022 #108
Will Smith's behavior was inexcusable. Greybnk48 Mar 2022 #10
I don't know if I would call it mild.... missingthebigdog Mar 2022 #23
With so many people shaving their heads nowdays, did Chris Rock Greybnk48 Mar 2022 #47
She publicly announced it a few years ago. Nt xmas74 Mar 2022 #57
Whether or not Chris knew about the wnylib Mar 2022 #66
It was a huge trend in the last year or so Bettie Mar 2022 #106
Agreed FreeState Mar 2022 #53
Ted Cruz would have been more understanding. NT texasfiddler Mar 2022 #11
+1 True Dough Mar 2022 #59
When's the arrest? Sympthsical Mar 2022 #13
Hollywood is overlooking bad behavior?? harumph Mar 2022 #41
And there are other threads for those other problems Sympthsical Mar 2022 #46
There are problems and there are serious problems. sammythecat Mar 2022 #78
Hollywood Elites get away with everything. BigmanPigman Mar 2022 #68
Remember this is the same Oscars... LiberatedUSA Mar 2022 #88
Rock Said He Won't Pursue Charges ProfessorGAC Mar 2022 #102
Congratulations to Will Smith for winning Best Actor. spooky3 Mar 2022 #15
It was all about justification RainCaster Mar 2022 #17
Chris Rock should Johnny2X2X Mar 2022 #20
This is EXACTLY what's wrong with the world. missingthebigdog Mar 2022 #28
What's not OK is for people to claim they can control what others say with violence Johnny2X2X Mar 2022 #93
It wouldn't surprise me if he did. n/t Mr.Bill Mar 2022 #30
Agreed, Dave Chappelle has done a lot worse and made bank. NT Duncan Grant Mar 2022 #65
Y'all are soft BGBD Mar 2022 #25
Um...it's not about how hard he popped him. Wingus Dingus Mar 2022 #27
He deserved it BGBD Mar 2022 #32
Will Smith could have stood up and walked out. Wingus Dingus Mar 2022 #35
A lot of hypocrisy DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2022 #38
You're entitled to your opinion, Mr.Bill Mar 2022 #40
I dont know what world you live in BGBD Mar 2022 #44
I live in a world where people work out their differences Mr.Bill Mar 2022 #45
And in the world you can't assault a guy standingtall Mar 2022 #81
I agree with you but if you are an athlete, celebrity, rich person then you Jspur Mar 2022 #84
You watch too much TV. nt RandiFan1290 Mar 2022 #87
Feel free to test the theory BGBD Mar 2022 #98
Don't do that in a state with conceal and carry. LiberatedUSA Mar 2022 #89
Well, I can think of a dozen or more times I've seen BGBD Mar 2022 #97
Lol USALiberal Mar 2022 #92
Where I come from, rude behavior directed toward anyone because of a medical Roisin Ni Fiachra Mar 2022 #100
Smith could have shamed Rock by going up to the stage and reminding highplainsdem Mar 2022 #42
Best response yer of this thread. n/t sammythecat Mar 2022 #79
+1, uponit7771 Mar 2022 #107
I'm inclined to agree with you - harumph Mar 2022 #43
Isn't that what happened on January 6th, but in reverse? tinrobot Mar 2022 #52
Bullshit BGBD Mar 2022 #109
It is when it gets multiplied by thousands. tinrobot Mar 2022 #113
Nice of you to condone violence NoRethugFriends Mar 2022 #75
Especially because he learned how to box when playing Muhammad Ali in the movies. DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2022 #29
This. Point was made, MontanaFarmer Mar 2022 #33
I didn't think he made contact at all. I thought it was a stage slap. lindysalsagal Mar 2022 #103
Any actor with any formal training Mr.Bill Mar 2022 #36
I'm sure there is no connection between this story and the one about all-time low Oscar viewership. Midnight Writer Mar 2022 #39
Next year: ymetca Mar 2022 #48
That I would watch rpannier Mar 2022 #70
Agree... Mike Nelson Mar 2022 #49
Hmm, ForgedCrank Mar 2022 #55
No police report filed LetMyPeopleVote Mar 2022 #56
Well, they're both the talk of the town... calimary Mar 2022 #61
Chris Rock just reached his Andy Dick stage. Grokenstein Mar 2022 #62
And in a moment, all that dignity, grace, art and talent is utterly eclipsed. "Elite," w no class. FreepFryer Mar 2022 #69
It is surprising to me the number of people making excuses for the blatant physical assault of a man Tom Yossarian Joad Mar 2022 #72
My feeling too. Exactly. n/t sammythecat Mar 2022 #80
This was a mindfuck for me since I grew up during the Jspur Mar 2022 #83
Thank you for your Cha Mar 2022 #85
Correct on both points MustLoveBeagles Mar 2022 #110
Aloha Beagles... Chris Rock agrees in Cha Mar 2022 #111
That was very sincere and heartfelt MustLoveBeagles Mar 2022 #112
Agreed. Rock knows that GI Jane remark wasn't even funny. His larger crime is lindysalsagal Mar 2022 #104
The wife was clearly uncomfortable being the butt of the joke. jeffreyi Mar 2022 #90
Chris Rock is tame compared to Ricky Gervais. Wonder how Ricky is even still alive. LOL nt Quixote1818 Mar 2022 #105
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