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In reply to the discussion: Why Trump danced. [View all]
Why Trump danced. [View all] ShazzieB May 2022 OP
You are correct jcgoldie May 2022 #1
Roughly the same reason he's always applauding himself. Buns_of_Fire May 2022 #2
That was my take, too. He was just showing off. 50 Shades Of Blue May 2022 #3
Frankly, I am surprised DENVERPOPS May 2022 #34
Not to mention any woman, veteran, parent and anyone who cares about this country. Rhiannon12866 May 2022 #76
Yes, absolutely Correct DENVERPOPS May 2022 #81
... Rhiannon12866 May 2022 #82
The Opposite of Love is Not Hate, It Is Indifference. Elie Wiesel n/t barbaraann May 2022 #4
I think many of his supporters realize what an embarrassing freak he is. Diamond_Dog May 2022 #5
He is a most useful and easily-manipulated idiot. n/t Beartracks May 2022 #67
Absolutely. He was the center of attention, and he broke into his "happy dance". Midnight Writer May 2022 #6
One of the most deplorable humans alive Blue Owl May 2022 #7
If he doesn't give a shit about the million people who died PCIntern May 2022 #8
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music May 2022 #31
hear hear nt Grasswire2 May 2022 #74
I believe Mary Trump would not disagree Brother Buzz May 2022 #9
Someone near him realized how bad those COVID briefings were. No empathy. Pure self promotion underpants May 2022 #10
He was also celebrating getting through all those names. He hates reading, especially in Spanish Walleye May 2022 #11
I thought he was congratulating himself for getting through the names of Raven May 2022 #12
I think you nailed it. Ocelot II May 2022 #13
Shitler checks all of the boxes. OMGWTF May 2022 #63
I think you are spot on! StarryNite May 2022 #14
That is exactly what he was doing malaise May 2022 #15
His supporters see exactly what he is. Demobrat May 2022 #16
this. He is the epitome of privilege. unblock May 2022 #21
Excellent post and spot-on. Prof. Toru Tanaka May 2022 #50
So MUCH this. SkylineChili May 2022 #68
"They adore him for getting away with it." RevBrotherThomas May 2022 #89
This. You got it right. colorado_ufo May 2022 #17
he could not feel the horror or the grief the rest of us feel about this demigoddess May 2022 #18
He was hoping for applause from his fans jmbar2 May 2022 #19
He was doing a metaphorical dance on the graves of those brown children to show his kimbutgar May 2022 #20
Soulless': Trump Torched For Dance At NRA Event After Reading TX Shooting Victims' Names LetMyPeopleVote May 2022 #22
Sicko. calimary May 2022 #83
Yup. Exactly right. GoCubsGo May 2022 #23
I think he just got caught up in the idolatry Catherine Vincent May 2022 #24
Disgusting piece of humanity marieo1 May 2022 #25
Yes. He's "performing" himself. I don't know what he's like out of character nolabear May 2022 #26
I hope you are right - Ms. Toad May 2022 #43
Yeah, I agree. We shouldn't let our guard down. nolabear May 2022 #71
bottom line YoshidaYui May 2022 #27
Nope! 3825-87867 May 2022 #28
Has he finally jumped the infamous shark? SallyHemmings May 2022 #29
well, what do you know? 90-percent May 2022 #30
this analysis is spot on CharleyDog May 2022 #32
Psychopath. sarcasmo May 2022 #33
There was a comedian who used to mimic George W. Bush's self-satisfied smirk Aristus May 2022 #35
It was tRump's sadistic fuck you to the murdered, their families, & anyone who wants to hold AnotherMother4Peace May 2022 #36
+1 Kid Berwyn May 2022 #58
He loves the pain nini May 2022 #37
I think Trump is disndat May 2022 #38
Putting "dance" in quotation marks is correct. panader0 May 2022 #39
Don't give a fuck why. It was completely inappropriate. CrackityJones75 May 2022 #40
re: "He was celebrating himself" - he even APPLAUDS for himself. n/t thesquanderer May 2022 #41
He was dancing because he had a BIG PEP RALLY AGAIN! Warpy May 2022 #42
You're right. He read the names in the first five minutes. He then spoke for nearly an hour. onenote May 2022 #44
I think you're right - Chump danced because his public service announcement was finished FakeNoose May 2022 #45
💯 SoonerPride May 2022 #46
What if millions of people are vile and ugly just like trump and have been thoughout history. housecat May 2022 #47
That's exactly what I saw him do. Celebrate himself blm May 2022 #48
You are absolutely correct. niyad May 2022 #49
I think it was a Dog Whistle PurgedVoter May 2022 #51
Grading himself on his performance. dchill May 2022 #52
Or perhaps he just needed his diaper changed. GoneOffShore May 2022 #53
Most of the people who back him do see what a clownish dirtbag he is. gulliver May 2022 #54
So you are now calling being against racism, being for person's right to control their own Celerity May 2022 #85
Xately Cozmo May 2022 #55
He has danced every single time... And for an hour and 47 minutes at least once. Ford_Prefect May 2022 #56
This is why we suck at political combat. Voltaire2 May 2022 #57
I get it, and it says a lot about a lot of people. Sadly. Joinfortmill May 2022 #59
You get it. Maru Kitteh May 2022 #60
It would be terrific to see him stroke out on live, national TV Orrex May 2022 #62
It wouldn't be his first time Hieronymus Phact May 2022 #64
He's beyond sociopath, he's in psychopath territory. BigmanPigman May 2022 #65
Precisely Mike_in_LA May 2022 #66
I agree. He was as pleased as punch with himself. Solly Mack May 2022 #69
CORRECT Skittles May 2022 #70
Same sick fuck we have been stuck with after he lost two elections. Media can't ignore and Evolve Dammit May 2022 #72
I don't get it either. zentrum May 2022 #73
He celebrates their demise...he cares about that. live love laugh May 2022 #75
My lack of empathy for this carbon life form C OH Dem May 2022 #77
"Ascending" czarjak May 2022 #78
True, but let's continue following the KISS rule. ecstatic May 2022 #79
Good assessment. And I couldn't agree with you more completely on Dark n Stormy Knight May 2022 #80
The magic R has the power to make some people wilfully ignorant and blind! Emile May 2022 #84
I was surprised the NRA sounded a gong after TFG mangled each name. LastLiberal in PalmSprings May 2022 #86
Here's the video of Trump dancing Bucky May 2022 #87
Do you think he would care if it was his grandkids? Or do you helpisontheway May 2022 #88
Excellent, ShazzieB. brer cat May 2022 #90
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