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28. The public doesn't want forced vaginal probes
Mon Aug 15, 2022, 12:02 AM
Aug 2022

Nor do we want the government dictating what can and cannot happen in our uteruses. I think our only job at this point is to make sure everyone is aware of what's at stake.

Good news Tweet on GOP polling: [View all] applegrove Aug 2022 OP
This is like killing a vampire .. Jarqui Aug 2022 #1
...AND cut off the head, AND... dchill Aug 2022 #11
William Wallace Marcuse Aug 2022 #14
Throw in a gold crucifix and wild rose stalk to boot. sakabatou Aug 2022 #18
stuff garlic in its mouth, and bury the body belly-down so if it digs it will go the wrong way Midnight Writer Aug 2022 #27
AND salt the earth. dixiechiken1 Aug 2022 #36
And bury the body 20 feet deep in cement Ferrets are Cool Aug 2022 #19
I hope it holds, too, but I remember Harrison almost tied with Graham and he lost by 12+%. Lonestarblue Aug 2022 #32
I have always believed DENVERPOPS Aug 2022 #44
Nuke it from orbit... MustBeTheBooz Aug 2022 #40
Great one MBTB DENVERPOPS Aug 2022 #45
Gee, I wonder why! Butterflylady Aug 2022 #2
Well, gosh EnergizedLib Aug 2022 #3
Not to mention getting rid of SS and Medicare. applegrove Aug 2022 #5
Yep EnergizedLib Aug 2022 #12
Voting to guy?You mean gut? applegrove Aug 2022 #16
Yep EnergizedLib Aug 2022 #20
I do it all the time. applegrove Aug 2022 #21
Or not voting for affordable insulin. GoodRaisin Aug 2022 #30
And wryter2000 Aug 2022 #38
Campaigning against our government isn't a winning strategy MagickMuffin Aug 2022 #4
Or far worse MM DENVERPOPS Aug 2022 #46
Abortion and gas prices dropping Demovictory9 Aug 2022 #6
It's all part of the nefarious Democratic Party midterm strategy AZLD4Candidate Aug 2022 #7
Uh...gee...maybe tell us what the poll you're talking about Jon! progressoid Aug 2022 #8
But don't get complacent! calimary Aug 2022 #9
i smell a wave. mopinko Aug 2022 #10
Please be right! 👍👍👍 dchill Aug 2022 #13
ya know what? i saw 18 coming from at least this far away. it's the soccer moms. mopinko Aug 2022 #17
YES! That is good news... PLUS, we have more Jan 6 House Select Committee Hearings in Sept liberalla Aug 2022 #15
The Power of Christ Compels You! BidenRocks Aug 2022 #22
Links please, Mr. Cooper!! Lunabell Aug 2022 #23
They are still heavily favored in the House budkin Aug 2022 #24
Even so, no time to let up! GOTV! GOTV! Wednesdays Aug 2022 #25
I'm sure they're struggling to raise money from Russia, too. C Moon Aug 2022 #26
The public doesn't want forced vaginal probes ecstatic Aug 2022 #28
And that they want to gut social security and Medicare that will applegrove Aug 2022 #29
EVERY Republican WILL vote to take away abortion rights! EVERYONE F'N ONE! OrlandoDem2 Aug 2022 #31
✔️ live love laugh Aug 2022 #33
Hope so DownriverDem Aug 2022 #34
Big Mo. Kid Berwyn Aug 2022 #35
How did he get GOP polling? wryter2000 Aug 2022 #37
They'll cheat Quanto Magnus Aug 2022 #39
Incumbents usually get trounced mid-term, so this is GQP forced error lindysalsagal Aug 2022 #41
Be fair wryter2000 Aug 2022 #42
NYT reporting GOP slashing ad buys on 3 Senate campaigns grantcart Aug 2022 #43
Jake Sherman was hedging today Deminpenn Aug 2022 #47
Come on Elaine! Kick Jenn's butt! GreenWave Aug 2022 #48
Any idea what the actual poll is? progressoid Aug 2022 #49
Nope. I hope someone publishes the info. applegrove Aug 2022 #50
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